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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I was unfaithful and why I stopped

Men and Women are equal. Some cheat, and some don't and that is a fact.

I cheated over my ex-boyfriend a few times. I wasn't happy with it, but filled my few minutes craving,lol. Excitement is over once you have sex with the person then find another one who can boil your blood for another few minutes. "New is always exciting," but it doesn't last like diamond and can't make me any better, but just being an ass.

I soon realized that I need someone who could make me excited at all times without looking for new man every now and then. Someone I love with lust and desire!

Finally, I met him and he made me a faithful woman, and a few years later,I got married him. I don't have problem doing things for him and I do like doing things for someone I love. We work vice versa.

Still I dare add that there is no feeling better than that of totally surrendering to the man you love and being under his weight on a bed as he presses you down and does things I don't want to talk about just now. Why would any woman cheat after finding such a man?

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