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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Very desirable woman with a very smelly problem

Many women have the habit of envying other women who seem to have everything. One woman who is still envied by many is Sandra.

Sandra turns heads because of her stunning looks. She has the face of a model and the body of a goddess. And she knows it.

But at 32, she’s still not married and neither is marriage anywhere in the horizon it seems.

Don’t ask me why because it is difficult to put a finger on the exact problem.

However there is one little dark secret that really upsets Sandra. To some it may look petty but to her it is a very big deal that has caused her lots of distress and even sleepless nights.

Sandra has a lot of gas in the stomach and mostly she cannot control it and the result is that she farts at the most inconvenient of times.

Like when she is in an extremely romantic situation with heavy passionate kissing going on and when all indications are that the situation will smoothly flow into other “more serious” things. All of a sudden you will hear a loud farting sound and even as she turns purple with embarrassment, a nasty smell will start to suffocate the atmosphere. Believe me a very nasty smell.

Men who are ready for “action” are like a military tank in that there is nothing that will stop them short of being shot dead on the spot. Least of all some fart from the source of their desire. But once this guy was going down on her and Sandra liked it very much except that she was very nervous that something would go wrong. And it did. The guy moved from down there in a hurry. That is one of the reasons why Sandra likes that kind of attention from a man but also does NOT like it at all. That’s female-speak and impossible to explain to a man.

The problem is even worse if she happens to have had a few drinks. It becomes totally uncontrollable and she will end up farting loudly several times at the most inconvenient of times.

To make matters even more tragic, Sandra has never had the luxury of enjoying an orgasm like other women because if she relaxes enough to start feeling close enough to one, the inevitable will always happens and that will promptly spoil the mood for her as she tenses in embarrassment.

That is how serious the problem is.

Sandra is grateful for this interesting blog and the fact that people can ask questions here and even get help while remaining anonymous. She hopes she will get some useful suggestions from some of the very intelligent and very experienced folks who visit this blog frequently.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today’s story will be told by a man. Nice change to have a man’s point of view here.

Zipo, oh Zipo. I smile when I remember that huge woman and how she made the most of what she had in the late 90s just before HIV-Aids had become such a serious thing.

Zipo is short for Zipporah. And she was some big woman. And what I admired most about her was that she did not have the looks and neither did she have the figure, but she made something out of what she did not have. Actually to be honest, she was built like a barrel. But amazingly, she could really dance, moving and shaking that huge body of hers on the dance floor at a club that used to be called Bombax along Ngong Road in Nairobi (ooposite the Kenya Science Teachers College) which used to feature exclusively African music especially from the sensational Tanzanian band, Les Wanyika.

I was a regular at the place in those days when I could not get enough of hits like Afro, Sina Makosa, and Nimaru to name a few.

I must admit that it took me a long time to figure out Zipo’s racket. I always used to be amazed at the fact that she would be seated with other very beautiful women some of whom would be left at the table drinking alone as Zipo got all the attention from men. Kwani she was using charms or what, I wondered for a long time.

Admittedly she was very intelligent, had a nice smile, laughed a lot and was actually very entertaining to be with. But even that did not quite explain why on several occasions I watched as some very good-looking men who could certainly have done better started to behave like horny schoolboys with her, being in such a terrible hurry to leave the place with Zipo for some frenzied activity elsewhere. I just couldn’t figure it out.

Then one day I happened to see a little red lace sticking out of a man’s dark jacket. Slowly by slowly I was able to piece everything together over a period of time to finally get to the bottom of the whole shocking thing.

Zipo may not have had the looks, but she had certainly figured out men.

She would arrive early for the evening smartly dressed as usual, mostly in her long flowing expensive outfits which were almost always cut low at the top to show off as much of her bulging breasts as possible. She would sit at the bar sipping a whisky pretending to be very bored. What she would actually be doing would be carefully observing the incoming traffic seizing them up, “recording” their faces to know who had come in alone and who was accompanied. She must have been good at “reading” people because she was a senior marketing person at multi-national company based in Industrial area.

By the way, the bar inside that Bombax place (which used to be where Nakumatt Junction is today) was at a strategic place where one could easily observe everybody coming in.

The band would then begin warming up with some nice cool instrumental numbers and Zipo would remain seated at the high stool right at a corner of the bar looking lost in the music, but she missed absolutely nothing as her potential “prey” continued to slowly stream in. By the time Les Wanyika started belting out their numbers, she had already known her target for the evening. It was then easy to zero in because she was easy to talk to and striking up a conversation was a breeze for her (remember she earned a living out of striking up conversations in her marketing job).

Sometimes she would hit the dance floor with her intended “victim” of the evening. Make no mistake about it, the lady could dance and was a joy to watch dancing. Many times the Les Wanyika band leader would nod in her direction and smile at her and whisper into the microphone what a good dancer she was.

The signal that she was making her move would be when she headed for the ladies. I discovered much later that the crazy girl would remove her panties in the ladies and come back to place them inside the pocket of her target. She would then whisper something to the effect that there was a message for them in their pockets and they had better be careful that nobody else in the place noticed what it was. That would have quite an effect on any man. Most would take a long swig at their drink to try and recover.

Oh and I forgot to tell you; the other asset Zipo had were her eyes. They were very romantic and could instantly change to express desire for a man. That was the other “weapon” she used on her men. Her “victims” would look at her after discovering what was in their pockets and she would give them “that look.” That was a message that no man could miss, no matter how “slow” they were.

Occasionally she would go a little further to prove that the lacy thing placed inside the man’s pockets was not somebody else’s or her spare ones carried in the handbag. A lot can happen undetected in a dimly lit place, especially under the table. She would dare the man to prove that what was in his pockets was missing from where it should be. Most would take up the challenge and that would be the killer blow that would cause most men to want to leave the place in a terrible hurry.

Other women hated Zipo, naturally. But that crazy lady was quite something making the most out of what she did not have.

I wonder what became of her.

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Panty stories

Did you know that this very personal woman’s item can and has been often used as a weapon of sorts with quite often devastating results?

I bet you didn’t know that, if you are a man reading this.

Very early in the life of this very popular blog we featured the very shocking story of a woman who left this piece of clothing in the dashboard of her lover’s car knowing very well that it would be discovered by the wife of the man. And to make it even more effective she added one final touch. She wiped herself in the critical areas after lovemaking to make sure that the wife would not miss the intended message. And oh my did the wifey get the message? You can read that story using one of the links at the end of this post. That is if you have not already read it.

Then there was the other case of Tina. Tina loved Tom but Tom was engaged to get married to Diana. Tina knew Diana very well and she was sure that she was no good for Tom at least not as good as she herself would be.

Now the problem with knowing your rival is that you can very easily put a spanner in the works. And besides men are totally blind when it comes to these things. Tina knew that Diana loved to cook for Tom. And she also knew that Tom hated to cook so much that when Diana was not around he would end up buying something at the kiosk or even worse some terribly oily chips at a so-called chips place in the estate. He would rather have been caught dead than in the kitchen cooking for himself. Luckily he could afford it too.

So Tina came to visit Tom and of course nothing happened. But she had carried with her her lacy, most sexy panties which she promptly left buried in the vegetables in the fridge. And sure enough the next time Diana was around she fetched the vegetables to cook and screamed audibly when she saw the lacy stuff. It had the desired effect and the wedding was called off. And Tina tried to hang around to console Tom when Diana was gone. But mercifully it did not work. Tom got back together with Diana and today the couple are very married with 3 children.

Omimo is what the young people call “a serious player.” For the sake of those who have no clue what this means it is a man who treats women and especially bedding them as sport. And to prove his “conquests” the man collects women’s panties. Naturally he does not wash them so as to retain what he calls “the scent.” And to prove just how sick this chap is, let me conclude his story with one minor detail. Omino is married but this piece of his wife’s garment is not included in his collection which he keeps at the office.


Zipo is a big woman who always made the most of what she had in the days before HIV-Aids came a calling. She did no have the looks and she certainly did not have the body either. One of her specialties when she fancied a man was to go to the ladies and remove that item. She would then come back and put it in the pocket of the man she had “chosen” and then whisper in his ear that there was a “message” for him inside his pocket and he should be careful that nobody else on the table sees it. And there were other things Zipo did to make sure the message was clear. You see men are not very good at capturing messages from women you know. But then Zipo’s story is for tomorrow, shall we (me and you) make a hot date for then now?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bedroom drama that was Mateso bila chuki

Mutiso met Fayne in a bar in Eastleigh with a very strange name. It was called Mateso Bila Chuki (Suffering without hatred). The weird thing is that the name of the bar describes the events of that evening perfectly.

It was one of those foursome dates, only that it happened very accidentally. John was meeting his girlfriend of many years, Naomi and met his friend Mutiso as he was hurrying to the rendezvous. Naomi was accompanied by Fayne who was supposed to have a quick drink and be on her way after seeing Naomi’s guy. But as fate would have it Fayne and Mutiso took to each other and so both stayed for what turned out to be a very enjoyable evening.

The drinks kept on flowing and the night wore on. Mutiso and Fayne found each other very engrossing and they chatted away comfortably. None of them had a car and before long they realized that there was no way that they were going to get home. So they would have to spend the night at Naomi’s tiny single room nearby in the sprawling Eastleigh.

Mutiso and John had been friends for over 10 years. They were almost like brothers. Fayne and Naomi were very good friends too although they had known each other for only a year or so.

The four arrived at Naomi’s single room when all were fairly drunk from an evening none of them wanted to end. One of the men had brought along a bottle of whisky and they all decided to have a night cap. By the time they went to bed they were all fairly drunk. And that was the excuse that was used (by some of them) to explain away what happened next.

A small argument started by John (who was really drunk), ensued over the sleeping arrangements. Naomi had a tiny bed that could take only 2 and maybe 3 at the most. Then there was the couch. What ensued was a “friendly” fight over which couple would sleep on the bed. There was plenty of giggling from the girls so it is clear that nobody took the squabble seriously.

Mutiso’s argument was that the Luhya spirit should rule. Our brothers from the Luhya community are known to revere visitors so much so that a couple will leave their marital bed for visitors and sleep on the couch or on the floor (and Luhya visitors usually stay for a minimum of 2 weeks). Naomi was of the view that the girls should share her bed and since men were tough and women were the weaker sex, they should sleep on the couch and floor and wherever. To emphasize her point she called Naomi who promptly got into bed with her clothes still on.

John insisted that he was the man of the house and definitely not Luhya and so there was no way he was going to sleep anywhere else other than his “marital bed.” He too made his way there and fell heavily on the bed. Mutiso made his way to the couch, still complaining bitterly that he was too tall to sleep on the couch and would therefore sit up until morning.

Naomi switched off the lights and made her way to her bed (or so everybody thought) which could take three people as long as one person slept facing the other way.

Sometime during the night, John who was extremely drunk called out to Naomi several times asking her to come to bed.

The answer came from Naomi who breathlessly answered from the direction of the couch several times; “I am coming , I am coming. Oooohh I am coming,” She whispered.

“Okay hurry up, nimekusubiri sana” John said in a voice that clearly told you he was extremely drunk and had no idea what was going on.

What John did not realize was that Naomi was on the couch having sex with Mutiso and she was on the verge of a shattering climax when she cried out the words that John so innocently retorted to.

Naomi left John for Mutiso after that night’s events. John and Mutiso are still bitter enemies and not many people know exactly why. Even though this incident happened almost 23 years ago. John and Mutiso are both married now to other people and “hot” Naomi is still a freelancer although she has one daughter who was about 2 years old on that fateful night. Fayne too is married and although she’s doing well working as a middle level manager at this NGO, she has a passion for writing and so you can guess the source of the “leak” that has made this story public today.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do men ever fall in love? Part 2

Read Part 1 of this true story

Beth sat there looking terrified and wondering what Donald would do next. Was this the end of their precious friendship? That was what scared Beth most, what would she possibly do without Donald in her life?

“Now this is what I want you to do.” Donald said so calmly that a chill went up Beth’s spine. “I want you to get up from the bed and wrap yourself with the blanket and go and sit in the couch there.”

Beth got up still feeling very scared and as she obeyed Donald looked the other way as she wrapped herself with the blanket.

“Would you like to take a shower first or eat breakfast?” Donald asked.

“”Shower..” she blurted out knowing in her heart that this was the last shower she was ever going to have in this nice cosy bed-sitter that had been her refuge from Simon for so long.

When she had showered and put on Donald’s dressing gown which he had given her. She settled for breakfast as Donald went into the bathroom. He soaked the sheets in Omo and Jik and as he was in the bathroom Beth could see that the mattress too was stained. How had this happened, she asked herself again for the umpteenth time?

Donald came and wiped the mattress with a wet cloth and then turned it over to hide the big stain.

Finally he came and settled into a chair opposite the couch.

“You haven’t touched your breakfast…”

“I’m sorry Donald.”

“For what?”

“I-I really..”

“Don’t even think about it. You did nothing. It was an accident. It’s taken care of.”

Donald did his best to cheer her up, but Beth was inconsolable that day. She felt guilty, ashamed and terrible over what had happened.

She sneaked into her place to fetch a few clothes the next day. The reason why she always fled to Donald’s place was because Simon naturally knew where she lived and she did not want to see the brute just yet.

He also knew where she worked. But that could be controlled more effectively because she would just refuse to take his calls or see him when he came calling personally.

She always enjoyed her stay at Donald’s place. He was the perfect gentleman and knew exactly when to stay out of her way and when to strike up a conversation. Beth often thought that if a woman needed a perfect husband, then it would have to be Donald. But she felt absolutely nothing more for him than warm friendship. How long was this going to continue she often wondered?

On Wednesday evening Beth made a decision. This man was too good to her. She asked Donald to join her in bed. He was shocked.

“I’m feeling scared,” she lied. “You’ll go back to the couch when I fall asleep.”

The minute he joined her on his bed, Donald discovered that Beth was completely naked under the still slightly stained sheets (although he had done a good job with plenty of Jik.) Usually her periods were very heavy but took only 3 days so by Wednesday she was fine for the passionate love-making that followed. Donald cried out several times in ecstasy that night but Beth felt nothing like what she usually felt with Simon. She just lay there and put on a potentially Oscar award winning performance even managing a smile when Donald asked her how it was. Not that he was un-skilled in his love-making. In fact he did all the right things. But he just did not light up any sparks in her. She was puzzled and totally blamed herself. There had to be something terribly wrong with her.

Beth returned to her place after about a week. She broke up with Simon and is today happily married. But not to Donald. She got married to this nice tall accountant called Fred and they have two children. She recently met Donald in town and they said hi and laughed on the streets of Nairobi briefly about the good old days. She hears that he’s now married but could not bring herself to ask about his wife. The reason why she gave Udaku this story is that a friend advised her that it is good therapy to talk about such things, even if it is to thousands of strangers while remaining anonymous, as she has done here. Beth still feels very guilty about the whole affair more so because the man she ended up marrying is nothing like Simon was in bed. Yet Donald invested so much and got so little in return.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Do men ever fall in love?

Men are basically heartless beasts who are mostly cruel to women. They are insensitive and at best will only pretend to care for a woman. They are easy to read because their big mission in life is to get into a woman’s pants, everything else does not matter. And true to form, after they have gotten what they want, they are ready for the next woman.

This is a fairly accurate description of most men. However generalization has never been fair and you will always find exceptions to even the most accurate general rule.

Take the sad story of Donald and Beth. Beth was in love with Simon. A brute of a man who had even put permanent scars on her face. Now the problem is that Donald was hopelessly in love with Beth. So the fascinating love triangle was that Donald was head over heels in love with Beth who was in love with Simon who did not care less.

To make matters worse there were many times when Beth had taken refuge in Donald’s tiny bed-sitter in South B. She would arrive in a taxi usually at some crazy hour like 2 or 3 am and usually bleeding or with an eye that could not open. Donald would pay for the taxi, and even take her to a nearby hospital for stitches if the injuries were very serious (like had happened on at least 2 occasions). Beth would then rest on Donald’s bed and he would sleep in the couch.

In the morning Donald would call in sick at work and stay in to nurse Beth. He always told her that he was happiest at these moments when he was fussing over her. Beth enjoyed the attention, but she had no feelings whatsoever for Donald although he was her best friend. And in the end Beth would go back to Simon. Simon knew that Donald was Beth’s first cousin although the two had never met. Naturally he got all his information from Beth who knew that he would never believe that she always ran to a man’s house and although that man loved her to bits, he had never had sex with her.

One day something really weird happened.

Beth had as usual come running from her “war zone.” Luckily her wounds were not so serious and Donald had cleaned them up with some spirit and patched her up as best as he could. He had then happily headed for the couch as Beth settled in his already warm bed and fell asleep.

The next morning was a Saturday so mercifully Donald did not need to call in sick. He woke up earlier than Beth as usual and run to the kiosks and came back to prepare a breakfast for her that was fit for a queen.

But when he finally brought it to her, she looked more frightened that he had ever seen her before. When you love somebody you tend to know them fairly well and even sense things. So Beth did not need to say anything for Donald to know that there was something terribly wrong. And to make matters worse Beth did not want to talk about it and neither did she want to eat breakfast although she admitted she was hungry.

Finally she blurted out the words; “I have missed your…”

At first Donald did not know what she meant but then he lifted his sheets a little and the unmistakable odor hit him like a sledge hammer.

Beth now looked really terrified and stared at Donald with real fear in her eyes. Perhaps more fear than she usually had when she knew she was about to receive a thorough beating from Simon.

As Donald was making breakfast Beth had discovered to her horror that her periods had unexpectedly come and that Donald’s previously white sheets were not only blood-red but there was even the brownish stuff that comes out with it right at the centre of the place where the most blood was.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Super Size Men

We saw the unfortunate case of Nick here recently. The guy who is so small downstairs he’s afraid to even date women. That’s a very unfortunate predicament to be in and I don’t envy Nick or the women he happens to go out with if at all!

Now there’s the opposite side of the spectrum. Guys so big it’s a curse to them and the women they make love to. For these ones the worry is not that the woman will laugh at their size but that they will be scared away. We’re talking about jamaas so huge even when they’re flaccid they look like they have a little tail. Women are known to panic at the sight of them when they stand at attention. I’ve heard stories of some of them having to put a ring at a certain position so that when making love the guy cannot penetrate beyond there. But surely the fun of having sex sometimes is for the guy to plunge in all the way?!

For huge guys, sex is not a straight forward affair. They’re constantly wondering whether they’re hurting the woman. And by the way it’s also said that they usually don’t get rock hard and they cannot maintain an erecting for long. I’m sure most women would prefer rock hard and a considerable duration other than a huge guy who cannot deliver. And don’t even think of going oral on such a guy. He’ll leave your jaws aching for days on end.

Buying condoms is not as easy as it is for regular sized guys. These guys have to use extra large condoms which are not common in the shops. So no rushing to the nearby chemist for emergency condoms. The next time your girlfriend pops at your place for a surprise visit, you have to either do without or go to the nearest big supermarket for condoms. And they must be really really big because the regular condoms seem to stretch forever and yet they cant fit in them?! What a life!

Then there’s the issue of having an accidental hardon – like in the office or something. Ok it’s difficult to hide any hardon but for super size john it a whooooole lot more difficult. The phrase ‘a third leg’ takes a whole new meaning.

So the tiny guy is a no no and the huge one is an even bigger no. That means that all you average guys are luckier than you think.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shortest Story Ever

Write a short story from what you see above. (20 Marks).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Teacher Flies To South Africa Abandoning His Family - Continuation

But never underestimate the strength of a woman.

The little money she had saved ran out rather fast. She spent it knowing that her husband would soon be sending money home. And that the sale of the college was still in the cards. Little did she know that the college was long sold and her husband had indeed abandoned her and her little boys and was not going to send any money home.

She fell behind on mortgage payments and she had to pull her son out of the high cost school where he was doing the British Curriculum and enroll him in a normal 8-4-4 school. Things got so bad that she and her children eventually had to live with relatives. She was living on handouts from friends.

She did fall into depression for close to 2 years. All the changed style of living and above all the realization began to dawn on her that she had been abandoned. Donald did not as much as even give her a call – in these days of mobile phones he had no excuse. She still loved him and that is what made her even more depressed. The betrayal was too much for her to bear. But all the while she remained very close and loving to her children and did the best for them.

Then one day something snapped and she made a complete turn around. With money borrowed from well wishers, she started buying and selling secondhand clothes. Then she graduated into first hand clothes but still small time. After just 3 years of nurturing her business, during which her husband was still quiet, she was able to afford her own clothes shop in the heart of town. She was a blessed lady and soon she had a second shop in a different side of town. Now she’s a rich lady and back to her usual radiance.

For Donald things were not looking too good. He had squandered all the money he had made from the sale of the college and job wise things were not working out as he had hoped in SA. By the time he decided to come back to Kenya, he was a broken man with lots of regrets for what he did to his family. But the wife could not take him back. He’s now a far cry from the rich man he used to be. No money no family. He got a job as a teacher though.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Teacher Flies To South Africa Abandoning His Family.

In the eyes of the ordinary man, Donald was a successful guy by all standards. He had a beautiful wife and two very handsome and bright kids. Just what lots of people wish for. They lived in a nice house in the leafy suburbs of town which they had got through a mortgage and were still paying monthly premiums. The first born boy was in a top of the range school where the fees was quite high. In short they were living quite the good life.

Donald was a teacher by profession and some time back he quit teaching and opened a very successful college in town that never at any one time lacked students. Big corporations would send their staff members for refresher courses in that college and pay big bucks. His wife operated a kiosk within the college compound and that too gave them quite some good income. They seemed so perfect whenever they were together. Whenever Donald was not in class teaching, he would be at the kiosk helping his wife to sell. They were always looking close and they talked a lot. They were always chit chatting. The first time you saw them, the first impression you got was that now that’s a peaceful couple.

Then Donald decided to look for greener pastures in South Africa. His wife was to stay behind and take care of their young sons and the house and property as a whole while he would be sending money every month. But the college they agreed they’d sell and he was to leave some cash with the wife to cushion her before he got their finances in order in SA.

But after successfully selling the college for a very large amount of money, Donald got greedy. He did not give his wife a single penny from the sale and kept lying to her that he had not yet been paid. Eventually he left for South Africa with all the money. Luckily his wife had some little money of her own that kept her going for some time. Her husband cut all communication with her. In short he had left her and her two boys to fend for themselves. The kiosk that the wife operated was sold along with the college so she had no business to generate more cash. There was a mortgage and a child in a high cost school. Her savings ran out very fast.

But never underestimate the strength of a woman.

To be continued tomorrow.

Petite married woman falls for huge guy at the office Part 2

When Lily and Oyugi got back to the office late in the evening, there were one or two members of staff who had hung around deliberately to hear exactly what had happened. They were disappointed.

Lily looked tired and was in no mood to talk. This made people even more curious. Had something gone wrong? Of course nobody expected Oyugi to say anything and he didn’t.

The wait was killing but over the next few days details of what had transpired in Kisumu emerged slowly by slowly until folks were able to form some sort of picture of what had trasnpired.

One clue that was very evident in the office is that the two people were a little more shy of each other. A sure sign that they had had sex.

Apparently the two married people had been very excited and when they landed in Kisumu they had worked well as a team to quickly dispense of the work that they had been sent there to do and finished everything in record time. They had then had an early lunch together at about 11 am.

Kisumu was Oyugi’s home town and he had therefore been able to find a clean lodging room fairly quickly.

Initially there had been the problem of nervousness. A crazy anti-climax after all the waiting and anticipation. Was it the guilt that both married people felt? Or was it the fact that too much anticipation of something sometimes spoilt the actual event when it finally arrived? It was difficult to tell because lust is a strange thing and this is what this was all about.

So much so that Oyugi had been forced to fetch some hot drinks. The drinks worked magic and saved the day and the action soon began. Lily told her colleagues that the sex was the best she had ever had. Initially she had been a little concerned because Oyugi had ended up being fairly big down there and she had been overwhelmed with fear at the condom moment at the sight of the huge bulging veins tool. She had been sure that she would not be able to take him and would probably end up injured. What would she have told her husband had happened? As it tuned out her fears were unfounded and what she found amazing was that she reached her first climax as he was slowly penetrating. Oyugi was skillful and knew exactly what to do.

The big problem was that time flew so fast and they had hardly had enough of each other when it was time to catch the evening flight back to Nairobi.

One of the workmates really found it disgusting that Lily went back to her home and her husband that night so innocently after the events of Kisumu and shamelessly giving herself to somebody else. He even imagined her telling her husband that she had a headache when he requested for what was rightfully his and NOT Oyugi’s. I laughed at this thinking and asked them why they did not want to think of the man in the same way.

In the coming weeks I will reveal other equally strange stories of how married people behave so badly in Nairobi and Mombasa offices.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Petite married woman falls for huge guy at the office

Lily was a petite Kikuyu beauty married to a well known newsman with a leading TV station in town.

After she gave birth to her first-born daughter she decided she needed a job although her hard working husband was able to easily provide for her to be a housewife. She dusted her Bcom papers from the University of Nairobi and hit the streets.

As luck would have it, she landed an interview with a regional news organization pretty quickly. They required trainee-writers with some kind of economics background. Just like most job opportunities that come up, the position was very competitive. After she finished her interview with the man who was carrying them out and obviously the sole decision maker on who was going to be hired, Lydia sat there and let the tears flow. She knew they always worked with men.

The man was embarrassed and asked her what the problem was. She told him that she really needed this job at all costs and was prepared to do anything to get it. She emphasized the ANYTHING as suggestively as she could.

Lily got hired and her boss did not even take her up on her offer of “anything” in return for the job. And that was just as well because Lily soon spotted Oyugi. A big handsome man from Luo Nyanza she found irresistible. He had worked at the organization for about 2 years. It seemed to matter little that Lily was married and to somebody her workmates saw on TV fairly frequently.

The crazy thing is that Lily did not hide her admiration for the guy and everybody in the office knew about it. She even told her colleagues that she could not wait for the day that she would end up under that hunk of a man on some bed.

And that opportunity came sooner than anybody had thought possible. A trip out of town that Lily was supposed to take with a female colleague came up. Lily talked to her colleagues and the lady she was supposed to go with switched places with Oyugi. They were to fly down to Kisumu for the day to cover some small story and then fly back in the evening.

Excitement mounted at the office as the day of the trip drew nearer because almost everybody knew what was going to happen.

Read continuation

Friday, June 13, 2008

Strange sex object that woman carried in her handbag

What grown men and women do in privacy is their own business and this crazy blog has no business revealing or even discussing it.

Whilst this is true. There are some excesses that need to be highlighted so that the rest of us can be a bit wearier.

It is common for men in offices to rush to the washroom when they see some hot girl in a micro mini gliding in front of them in the office. Or even some chic with a low-cut top that reveals a little too much of the breasts. Indeed there are those who believe that the deliberate strategy used by ladies who are short of assets that would turn heads is to reveal as much of their thighs as possible in all their glory. It matters little if the knees knock into each other as they walk because the men’s eyes will hardly travel downwards in that direction but will almost always race in the opposite direction.

But in recent times men seem to have become immune even to the most juicy and enticing thighs. The reason is the World Wide Web.

The Internet has made men’s washrooms extra busy for suspect activities. As work continues to pile up in the “in” tray, there are many overgrown boys who will still not be able to resist visiting a porn site or two. This can be quite funny when you see some fifty-something grandpa of a guy with their specs growing steamy and their eyes literally popping out as they visit some porn site with video clips complete with sound (personal earphones have often been purchased for this sole purpose). And all this is happening in some serious executive offices in the city in the sun or at some air-conditioned one in Mombasa. In fact you never know what is happening when that loans officer you are waiting to see tells you to give them a few minutes to finish off some other “urgent business.” If only you knew what that urgent business was, you may not be so enthusiastic to shake their hands (straight after the activity they have just been involved in) and flirt with them like so many ladies like to do to increase their chances of getting a loan approval.

After the porn sites these shameless men will then visit the company washrooms and come out some time later looking a little more relieved. Some will have a smile on their faces (the one’s whose conscience is long dead) while others will have a guilty look. Just be observant next to a washroom and the guy who comes out with a frown and looking like they are in deep though about something is most probably a culprit.

Women too will get turned on usually by talk or some lewd story by a colleague in the office of what they did (or was done to them) the night before. Occasionally some “hot” new guy in the office will prove to be too much and the nice polite lady will rush to the ladies for some relief. I know a lady who got extremely turned on by the way a certain man looked at her. The guy looked like he had not had sex for 20 years and was going to have her right there and then on the office carpet. She of course pretended to be angry but rushed to the washrooms soon after.

But in one extreme case this lady used to carry a carrot into the office with her for some serious action in the company washroom closet when things got a bit “hot” in the office. To make this case even more bizarre the woman in her early 30s was married. Women unlike men tend to talk to each other about everything. And the impression she gave to colleagues was that her man was extremely good at the game. So why carry the carrot to the office in her handbag? Did she not get enough of it at home. That one is a puzzle.

And carrots are hard and rough, wasn’t there a real danger that she would have injured herself badly?

It just goes to show you that nosy men who like looking inside women’s handbags should stop because chances are they will one day find stuff that will make them regret their actions sana.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Puzzle of the woman who loves to fear her violent boyfriend

Judy is a puzzle to her mother and many other people who know her story.

She had fallen in love with an AP (Administration Policeman) based at Embakassi in Nairobi, called Zuberi who regularly uses her as a punching bag. Judy has run away from the violent man many times, only to secretly return to him and their come-we-stay arrangement.

Had she been a wife who had already had several children with the man, it would probably have been understandable. But this is not the case with Judy who has a single child, a girl from a previous liaison who lives with her mother in Waithaka, Nairobi.

And nobody would accuse Judy for being with the man because of his money. The salary structure for AP corporals is well known and many times Judy has given Zuberi the little cash that she earns from doing odd jobs here and there.

So what is it about this Zuberi man? What hold does this man have over Judy that is so strong? Some people have been quick to suggest that the man is using witchcraft on her and indeed many people who know this saga have settled on that as the only plausible explanation for Judy’s behaviour.

However the answer is much more complex than that and is to be found in their sex life.

According to what Judy confided to a close friend. Many times after a quarrel that leads to her to being beaten up seriously, they then usually make up with some wild sex that Judy always finds very fulfilling.

Judy told her friend that Zuberi was a real man, the “most real man” she has ever met.

The sick answer to this puzzle includes the fact that Judy seems to derive some sort of sexual pleasure from receiving a beating just like some women like to be whipped thoroughly with some whip for sexual fulfillment.

There is also evidence that the fear she has for Zuberi greatly adds to her sexual excitement. Especially when he orders her around to do sexual things, like to get into bed immediately and wait for him there for some wild sex.

The whole thing is extremely sickening and probably stranger than fiction.

Some people have told this writer that it is hardly surprising in our world of today which is full of wimps and weaklings walking around in trousers and pretending to be men.

From this passionate but dangerous love affair, Judy has ended up so far with a seriously sprained ankle, a seriously sprained wrist and scars all over her body. It is a miracle that she has not fractured anything yet. Interestingly the trained policeman even in his moments of greatest anger never hits her on the face, only in all other parts of her body.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Terrible Doctor's revenge

Not far from Nairobi is a small town full of history called Limuru. If you take the time to talk to locals and ask them about the story of the doctor's revenge, they will tell you this bizzare tale I am about to repeat here.

It all centers around this young Kenyan surgeon who married this beautiful young Kenyan lady whose exact birthplace or origin I cannot quite remember, but she was Kikuyu like the good doctor.

Their life seemed to be happy enough. The doctor, like most surgeons in Kenya was making a good regular income and his young wife lacked for nothing. The only problem was that her husband usually worked late and so she inevitably started getting a little bored and lonely, like many housewives usually do.

There was this young local chief in the area who was a family friend and a regular visitor to the house. Many times when he would visit, the good doctor would be at work. One thing led to another and soon the chief was more than just a family friend to the surgeon's wife.

The rumours finally reached the doctor who was furious, naturally. What really hurt him most must have been the betrayal by the chief, whom he considered a very close friend. Still he held his peace and quietly made his plans.

He faked a long trip out of town but returned in the wee hours, parking his car very far from the house. Now those who have been to Limuru know that it is a very quiet place that can get very cold sometimes. When it gets chilly people tend to sleep so soundly that it would take something close to a bomb to wake them up.

The doctor's wife and the honorable chief were in this kind of sleep. It is said that the doctor walked into his bedroom with all his surgical equipment. When he was done, the chief's status had been changed such that he would never again in his life be able to come anywhere near a woman. Surgery complete and stitched up by the expert hands of the surgeon so that no scar would ever be left, the good doctor made his exit leaving his dear wife and castrated local chief still in deep sleep on his marital bed. He drove back to his "long out of town trip".

Innocently, the doctor returned the next day to be warmly welcomed by his wife. Life continued as it always had for the picture perfect couple. What changed for the doctor was this amused look folks in town always gave him whenever they met him. Some could not hold back a snigger or two. Many women openly giggled while others would burst into loud laughter the moment the doctor and his wife were out of ear shot.

The chief? He disappeared. Nobody knows exactly where he went because he was never heard of again.

That's what I call a permanent surgical solution to a chronic ailment.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

The man who no woman could resist

Jeremy was a weed-smoking African American who used to frequent the Carnivore in Nairobi and would never fail to leave with a girl of his choice although he always arrived alone.

In those crazy late 80s the man had some very strict principles and one of them was to never, ever use a condom.

If truth be told, Jeremy was good-looking and always carefully combed his graying beards. The man was in his late forties and even had a daughter who was married back in the States where he came from.

Men used to envy Jeremy and would always wonder what it was about him that seemed to give him so much power over women. Stories of how he picked up women were legend.

To make matters more complex he preferred mzungus or “white game” as he liked to call them. He would arrive in his military-green jalopy that looked like a larger version of the American Jeep but was in fact a car make I can’t remember and one which is rare in these parts. As always the hood would be turned down and he would have a white scarf around his neck fattering in the wind as he drove in at the usual break-neck speed.

He would march into the Carnivore always wearing those worn out boots he never removed and quietly take his seat. Those who knew him say that if you met him at that time and tried to strike up a conversation he would get rude and tell you to take your backside somewhere else, in that eloquent way that our African American brothers are world famous for.

He would sip his drink (usually a soft drink) and carefully observe “the game” streaming in without appearing to be doing so. To the casual observer he seemed to be very bored killing time and most probably waiting for somebody. In fact many times he would tell people that the seat next to him was occupied and that he was waiting for somebody. He would stick to that story and would even tell his catch for the night; “Let’s get out of here before my date shows up.” Although by that time a line was not required as the woman would have jumped off a high building if Jeremy asked her.

Oh and I forgot to tell you, Jeremy would always choose his table very carefully and would opt for one that was not too close to the dance floor but gave him a very good view of it.

Let me describe one episode of Jeremy’s hunt at the Carnivore for you to get an idea of why many folks were just amazed at the man.

It was a weekday night and there were not so many people around. As usual he left it late to identify his “target.” But as usual he was extremely choosy. Today it was a stunning blonde who was seated on a table with another mzungu friend. Jeremy approached their table obviously to ask for a dance. His opening line was a classic;

“I have definitely lost my way but I’m sure glad that I did,” he would say in his heavy American accent. The way he delivered the line and his look always had the desired effect, both ladies giggled. The next thing you knew is that he was on the dance floor with his “catch.” The truth is that Jeremy hated dancing especially to what he called “music that did not have a soul.” For this reason he would only dance one or two songs before he would sit down with his catch. Now here is where “the drama” would begin.

They would be seated like for 10 mins at the most and then Jeremy would leave with the woman. Like in this case the woman’s colleague was clearly alarmed over what had happened and even followed Jeremy and “his catch” out to the car park. But that did nit stop Jeremy driving off with his stunning blonde.

The rest of the guys out hunting would usually dance most of the night before they even got anywhere with a woman, let alone left together.

Many men tried to get Jeremy’s “secrets” but he was always so vague. Once he told a very eager young man who was hanging on his every word to discover “the secret” that he could “smell” women who were ready to be picked up for mind blowing sex. So the young man asked him to describe the “smell.” Jeremy of course just laughed it off.

Sadly many of them never discovered his disgusting secret. Jeremy did not understand women and neither did he love them. In fact he hated them and always scrounged cash from the mzungu women he picked up at the Carnivore. His relationships had nothing to do with love. It was all a cash business.

Jeremy used a white substance which in one especially wild bhang-smoking session revealed had been given to him by a Nigerian friend. He still regularly imported the stuff from Nigeria. He called it a love portion but “sex portion” would probably be a more appropriate way to describe it.

Many people never noticed that Jeremy always did the same thing when he sat down at the table after the short dance. He would say a special “thank you” to his dance partner and the way he would do it would be to reach across the table for their hand which he would hold and then kiss with his lips. Everything would change after that. When he held the hand he would have the “substance” already in his hands and the contact was enough to drive the poor woman crazy for him.

It was really sick and the truth is that although he was admired, Jeremy was a really sick person in the head.

By the way this story has a very sad ending. Jeremy died of HIV AIDs.

My advice to my sisters out there. Be very careful about shaking hands with men. You could easily end up following some man (you’ve already rejected) around like his poodle.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bizarre Sleeping Arrangements For Man With Four Wives

Hezekiah (or simply Hez to his friends) is married to four women. That is hardly surprising but what is really fascinating is the fact that Hez lives in a 3 roomed mabati house in Kawangware, Nairobi. And to make matters even more interesting is currently staying with 5 of his children in the same house.

So the big quiz here is what are the sleeping arrangements in the house?

The truth is often stranger than fiction and this case is no exception and will leave you numb with shock.

And before I reveal it to you, maybe I should add the fact that if you see Hez, you will not believe that he is the man of the exploits you are about to read. He is a fairly small man with a balding head. Yet his four wives fear him and know him as a no-nonsense disciplinarian.

What happens is that out of the four wives, one wife is always upcountry in his Western Kenya home (yes Hez is a Luhya like his 4 wives, what did you expect?). Usually wives are sent upcountry for “discipline” reasons where they will work long hours on the shamba and take back a detailed report to Hez when they are finally called out of exile. That means when another wife inevitably commits some “crime” in the house or displeases “King” Hez in some way.

The children sleep in one crowded room with one of the wives while the other wife sleeps in the sitting room on the couch and the other in the bedroom with Hez. Quite often at night Hez will “finish with one wife” and order her to switch places with the other wife in the sitting room. This information is from neighbours who have overheard things at night (those who have lived in mabati houses know that there are very few secrets between neighbors who live in such structures because even a small sigh of pleasure during lovemaking will be clearly audible to your neighbor if they are awake. This means that more noisy lovemaking has to wait for the dead of the night when the neighbors are in deep sleep and maybe snoring).

Usually the other wife is woken up and told unaitwa (meaning they are being summoned).

On some Fridays when Hez has had a few beers at the local bar nearest his house (where rumour has it that he is also pushing with one of the bar maids with an extremely generous backside) he will end up sleeping with all three wives on one night.

Life is not easy for the wives because they have to try very hard to please Hez in bed and poor performers of the week are consigned to the children’s bedroom which has a heavy smell of urine and will be last in line to “appear before the king.” The best performers will of course end up operating between the bedroom and sitting room.

The wife who persists in poor performances in bed will quickly find herself traveling upcountry to relieve the wife there who will arrive back in the city “hungry” and eager to make amends for the poor showing that caused her to be exiled to the rural area.

There is one particular wife of Hez’s a brown beauty who is said to be wife number two who has never been known to travel upcountry. She is said to hold a special place in Hez’s heart and is the only one who will be slapped in the morning over some mistake she made, like serving tea that is not the correct temperature, but will still amazingly end up in pole position in Hez’s bed on the very same night. For all the other wives a slap means the children’s bedroom and very high chances of being on the bus to Western Kenya before the week is out.

All sorts or rumours are circulating about this favourite wife, whose name is Emma. It is said that she uses witchcraft and this is the reason why Hez finds her irresistible and must therefore sample her every night, even when she is going through that wrong time of the month for women.

Incidentally Hez at the time our informant was his neighbour was in his early 40s but was comfortably having sex every night with his wives.

So what is it that keeps these four women in such an inhuman environment sharing a brutal man who regularly slaps them around? That is a puzzle that I cannot solve because the man is by no means rich. He works in some electrical firm in Nairobi and how he supports all the women in his house and their children is another mystery.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Continuation - Hot Romace From Uganda

Read Part 1 of this tale

Soon the floor was not good enough and we shifted to bed. This sudden change in him made me even crazier for him. Given a choice, I’d have wanted him to get to work immediately. If he didn’t get to it that day I swear I was going to rape him. At a point when I thought I could not take it any more, I positioned myself in a perfect position for him to get to work and even tagged at his tool desperately wanting him to hop on. But not Mo. Even with the obvious level of arousal and the way I was a quivering mess, he was still quite the gentleman. He wanted to find out first whether I did not mind having sex with him. Duuh! Of course I did not mind! The guy even proceeded to give me a little lecture! At that time! About how we were about to make love and that he wanted me to relax. The way was going to be very gentle so I need not worry. And that he had waited for that moment for so long and that I was in very safe hands. Was this guy serious??! I just wanted to be ravaged! With immediate effect!

At first when he started his little matter of factly lecture I panicked even though we had good quality condoms. I thought maybe he was going to tell me something nasty. Like he has syphilis or something. I mean why else would a guy switch from throaty breathing to a matter of factly lecture just at the brink of mind blowing sex?

Ok so he started the lecture and I thought ok maybe he does not have some disease but he surely has a problem he wanted to disclose before we started. Maybe he can’t keep it up long enough or maybe he keeps it up too long. Something had to be the matter. But as it turned out, nothing was the matter with him. He just wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and ready for him. That must be courtesy of the highest order. I was blazing and of course I was ready for him and surely he could see that!

Just when I was beginning to get pissed at all the talk, he plunged in and I forgot everything. Just like that. He was everything I’d ever wanted and more. He was just the right size. Not too big and definitely not small – just the perfect fit. True to his word he was gentle. Not the boring kind of gentle but the firm and very sensual kind of gentle. The strokes were the best I had ever felt in my life. To be honest I had never been handled like that before. He listened to my reactions and knew just when to turn into a demon. And he did turn into one. When I got to heaven, he knew just what to do. He delivered me not just a climax but a series of knee tremblers like I had never ever thought possible. And he climaxed very beautifully too when his time came. His sound tracks were just perfect. Not too much theatrics just a groan here and a grunt there. This guy was definitely worth the wait. He proved me wrong in my suspicions. There was nothing wrong with him at all at all at all.

After that day things were much more straight forward. We just had great sex at every opportunity. Thankfully he did not give me any lectures again. I got to ask him much later what the teasing was all about and his answer was that he does not like to hurt a woman in any way. Oh ok.

Ours was a very great relationship but ended after some time. And then I met someone else.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

For Great Romance Head To Uganda

I read a post here about how great our Luhya brothers are in bed and why some ladies are falling over themselves to hook one of them. I agree totally these guys are good. But our neighbors across the border in Uganda are the bomb.

First of all the Ugandan guys are great kissers. He’ll take your face into his hands and deliver the cleanest most perfect kiss. Very sensual and just wet enough. These brothers will not make it their business to empty gallons of their saliva into your mouth like some clueless kissers do. He’ll hold you just firm enough – not those guys who squash your chest until you can’t breath, ati in the name of a hug. He knows what to do with boobs. He’s not the kind of guy who squashes or sucks your beautiful mounds until it’s pain you feel not pleasure. He will love and revere the boobs like a piece of delicate art and treat them with the pleasure they deserve. Nice and soft kisses and caresses. These brothers from across the border are well schooled in the art of romance. It’s their women who have been more talked about as far as serving their men is concerned but the men too are just as good. After all the women who are said to be trained in this field from childhood also need men who have a clue.

I had a boyfriend once from UG. Mo was a great guy and courteous to a fault. The relationship I had with him was easy, loving and patient. Maybe a little bit too patient until I was the one getting inpatient. He was just not in a hurry to land in bed. We saw a lot of each other for close to 4 months and other than great kisses and romance, he never attempted to go any further. I on the other hand had fallen so deeply for him in that time and whenever we got down to romancing I was left with a longing ache for him and I desperately wanted him to make love to me. I was naive then and I thought if you ask a guy for sex then you’re cheap so I dared not ask for it. That perception has since changed. I used to feel his hardon when we were kissing and romancing but all the same I had begun to suspect there was something wrong with him. Why else was he teasing me like that? I’d tried hinting slightly by wearing the sexiest clothes and even sexier panties but wapi?

Then one day he surprised me and proved me wrong. We were at my small place where the sitting room was pretty much the bedroom and although there were seats, I had thrown around many pillows on the floor where I did almost everything – reading eating relaxing and of course sometimes romance. So that day I didn’t think it was a big deal when he joined me on the floor where I was reading some book. But I noticed he was not his usual cool calm self. His kisses were firmer and hungrier and his breathing harder. I knew the day had come and I was more than ready. I’d been ready for months and as such I needed no further prompting to get wildly aroused. God I wanted this guy!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mother-In-Law From Hell

We have all heard of horror stories about mothers-in-law. Susan’s mother-in-law Wamuthoni as she’s known in the village is so cruel it’s difficult for Susan to even describe her to friends because they don’t believe her. She’s the kind of woman who still hides food under the bed when she hears there are some visitors coming. Her husband passed away years back probably out of all the stress. She’s a village drunkard and every one knows that she offers herself even to young men when she’s drunk. It’s also common knowledge that her last born son who is Susan’s husband was fathered by a neighbor. Susan too got to hear of that but she decided to ignore it since it was not really her problem.

When Susan and her husband went to meet Wamuthoni the first time, the older lady scanned her with such an evil look that she felt like a piece of dirt. And yet at that time she was expecting her first child. She shuddered at the thought of having a baby girl who according to tradition she would have to name after this evil woman. But as fate would have it, she later gave birth to a baby girl therefore gave her the exact name she was dreading.

She usually avoided going to the rural home but at some point when her daughter was around 3 years old, she felt duty bound to take her daughter to spend some time with her grandmother and namesake. They had been there for a week when one day she left her little daughter asleep in the house and rushed to a nearby posho mill. She knew her mother-in-law was not necessarily warm but she thought her little girl would be safe with her. She could not imagine that she could direct her cruelty towards a child.

She found a long queue at the posho mill and stayed more then expected. Meanwhile back home her daughter woke up and wandered around the compound. In typical kid style, she found some soil and set to eating it only for her grandma to find her. First of all she beat up the girl. Then as if that was not enough, she took a bowl, filled it with soil, added some fresh chopped hot chilies from the garden and ordered the child to eat it! She even stood by with a stick so the little girl could not dare to pour the deadly mixture.

Filled with dread, the little girl scooped her first spoon and ate it. Immediately she started wailing so hard which made the burning even worse. In her innocence, she even made the mistake of rubbing her eyes with her hands. This made things even worse as the pepper stung her eyes, nose and mouth. By the time her mother got back home, first of all she could hear the wails from very far away. She rushed home only to find to her shock her only child holding a bowl of soil and pepper, crying so hard her face looked like a red ball. Her grandma was standing over her forcing her to eat it. She could not believe it!

The sight made Susan’s heart bleed. It was late evening and transport in the rural areas was not so reliable but she did not care. There was no way she was going to spend the night in that house. She picked her daughter and without even packing or preparing anything, she went to the road and hiked a lift from a lorry that was going to the nearest town. From there she boarded a matatu to the city where her husband was. She and her daughter never ever went to see that woman again. Her husband always goes alone if he wanted to see his mother.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Exactly Happens On Hen Nights?

Koli is a 32 year old happily married woman living in the city. She has never had any questions or doubts about her sexual orientation and although she had always had some curiosity for women, she did not think it was anything strong enough to awaken sexual feelings. Often times she caught herself staring at and appreciating other women’s looks especially the figure and boobs. But she always brushed it off as a harmless habit.

Then one day she and her friends went on a girl’s night out and ended up in an exclusive club in Nairobi City. Whereas she used to see women decently and not so decently clothed in the streets, this time she came face to face with them dancing on tables with hardly any clothing at all. The sight of them gyrating inches away from her face awakened in her feelings so strong she was shocked.

She was so turned on she could not think rationally any more. Looking around at her friends and other patrons, she also noticed that a few of them were toying around with other ladies in the club. She spotted one of her friends in a dark corner kissing one of the dancers. She told herself that a little experiment was no harm. All she wanted was to know what it felt like to play around with another woman’s boobs and no more.

She never drank much. She was only slightly tipsy so she could not blame any of the actions that followed on alcohol. But being her first time, she did not want to do much in the club where her friends could see her. She gathered all her guts and drew one woman aside and asked her whether she could leave with her. They agreed on a price and left to a nearby hotel where Koli paid 3,000 for a single room.

Once in the room Koli realized that she was dealing with a pro. Before she could protest the woman was teaching her things she had never dreamed she could do. She realized she was having a lot of fun actually. She decided to let herself go and learn everything there was to be learnt. She went into the room to simply explore her curiosity further and ended up going all the way with a woman she hardly knew. She does not regret the experience or the money she paid for it. It was well worth it and every once in a while, she and her friends visit the club for a repeat of that night. Her husband has never suspected a thing since whenever she’s out she’s in the company of her girlfriends.

After they were done they chatted a little bit and the woman told her that although she served male clients if they came by, she preferred woman much more than men. Koli was shocked to learn that a lady can pick another lady for paid sex. This takes the idea of unfaithfulness to a whole new level. If as a husband you found your wife sitting sipping coffee with a lady friend, can you start accusing her of being unfaithful? Ladies are always going for coffee together these days and you can’t tell which ones are just friends and which ones are more.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Young Girl Pushed Into Prostitution By Her Own Mother

Kanini is a stunning beauty. The kind that men and women alike turn to take a second look at when she passes by. She grew up as an only child and lived with her mother in a small two bedroom house on the outskirts of Nairobi. She never knew her father but whoever he was he must have been very good looking. Her mother was a prostitute and brought different men to the house every other day.

Her mother’s lifestyle was a constant bother to the young girl but it did not deter her from her dreams for the future. From a very young age, she always knew she wanted to work hard in school to become a lawyer and have a life completely different from the one her mother was leading. Thankfully her mother always managed to scrape enough to keep her in school. Every day the little girl went home and diligently did her homework and studied trying as best as she could to ignore the visitors who were always coming to her mother’s room.

Then one day when she was only 12 her mother, by then a spent force in the business did the unthinkable. She passed the young girl on to a client. A large man who was reeking of beer. Kanini cried throughout the painful experience and cried some more the whole night. She felt dirty and used but she did not tell anyone. Her mum was nowhere to comfort her. She had already left in search for other clients for the night. The very strong girl gathered herself up the next day and went to school despite everything. She still held on to her dream of completing her studies and becoming a lawyer.

But from then on selling her body albeit unwillingly became her lifestyle. With time she began getting regular clients. Every day after school she would do her homework and if there was a client her mother brought home she’d entertain him before going to bed herself. She was very ashamed and somehow she found a way of blaming herself. Other times she tried to justify what she was doing by telling herself that she was helping her mother to pay her fees. She was an extremely bright girl and a darling of most of her teachers but with what her mother was putting her through, her school grades dropped drastically and the teachers began to worry. One female teacher in particular got very close to her and at last the girl had someone to pour out her heart to.

When Kanini was 14, her mother fell sick and died. Sad but this turned out to be a blessing for the teenager. Dare I say such mothers are better off dead? She stopped the trade immediately. Her teacher friend who knew what was happening all along presented her very sad case to a charity home and they took her under their wing. She underwent intensive guiding and counseling to erase her dirty past and at the same time continued with her studies. By good grace she did not contract HIV during her days as a prostitute. If it’s any credit at all, her mother had always ensured that clients used condoms on her daughter by keeping a constant supply in her room. With the help of the teachers and the charity home, her grades started picking and she was soon in her usual first position in her class.

That was many years ago. Kanini is now a young lawyer who was recently admitted to the bar. Nothing about her looks or demeanor betrays the things she went through in the hands of her own mother. Other than professional counseling, she also has a very strong mind. She met and fell in love with a fellow lawyer and her life is looking up.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The High Price For Being A Drunkard

Like many other marriages, Kim and Lilly’s started out well. They both had well paying jobs and life was looking good. They tied the knot in a lavish ceremony and later took a cruise trip for their honeymoon. They were the envy of all their friends and acquaintances.

Two years and one kid down the line, the cracks began to appear in their idyllic relationship. For Kim who always had a wandering eye, that had been the longest he had stuck to one woman. He soon started straying. Lilly on the other hand immersed herself in her work in an attempt to mask the problems that were developing in what she thought was a perfect marriage.

She was getting used to the routine of being alone with her young one and the house girl as her husband went out with the boys every night. Then one Friday night or is it Saturday morning at around 4.00 am, she woke up with a start and felt an overwhelming urge to call Kim. And call she did. The phone was picked by someone else who informed her that Kim had had an accident with his buddies and was unconscious in hospital. She called a taxi immediately and rushed to hospital. Luckily, other than a few hard knocks here and there, he did not have any serious injuries and was discharged in just three days. One of his friends who was with him in the car was not so lucky. He passed away while undergoing treatment.

The accident rocked Kim back to his senses and he realized that he was hurting his family. He was spending too much money and missing his daughter’s development - all in the name of alcohol. They had a very emotional reunion of sorts when he came back home from hospital. They promised each other to go back to the days when they first started out.

Unfortunately his resolve did no last and it was only a matter of months before he went back to his old lifestyle. By this time Lilly was expecting their second baby. During pregnancy when she needed him most, he got even worse and sometimes came home in the morning. When time came for her to give birth, she was taken to hospital by a neighbor at night. She could not trace her husband on phone. When he learnt of his new baby the next day, he brought a contingent of drunken friends straight from the bar to see her. Despite all what he had put her through over the years, Lilly had never felt so betrayed in her life like this time. She felt this time it was too much. He had stooped too low.

When the baby was just 4 months old, and in circumstances eerily similar to those of the previous accident, she got a call from Kim’s friend at around 3.00 am in the night. He had been involved in another accident. This time it was much more serious and he had been rushed to ICU with severe head, neck and chest injuries. Worse still, as Lilly was to learn later in the day, this time he was with a woman in the car. They were heading to her place outside town when they smashed into an oncoming lorry. The other woman was admitted in the female wing of the same hospital but her condition was not bad. She was out of hospital after just one day.

In light of all what was happening, something snapped in Lilly. She left hospital with one mission. To go home and pack. She was done. She was leaving Kim and the fact that he was in hospital was not going to stop her. After all there was another woman who could take care of him when he left hospital. It did not take her long to find herself and her daughter a place to stay.

Kim left hospital two months after the accident to go to an empty house. The woman he had had the accident with was nowhere to be seen and Lilly could hear nothing of getting back together with him. Even she was surprised at herself for being so hard hearted but she stuck her guns. Kim had to get relatives to come and stay with him during recovery. He never recovered completely and is confined to a wheelchair to this day. Needless to say, his drinking buddies were nowhere to be seen. He relocated to his rural home where he operates a small kiosk in the compound. His life is a far cry from what it used to be in the City.