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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The sweet music man

We are told that love and marriages have to be spiced up to remain interesting.

Well this reminded me of this man who loved his Congolese music and used it accordingly to add lost of flavour to his love life. We shall call him the “Sweet music man.”

To start with the Kenyan man used to dress exactly the way Congolese musicians dress. Can you picture those long trousers where the belt is fastened above the stomach?

Those who are familiar with the evergreen popular music of our not too distant neighbours in the Democratic Republic of Congo will know that the songs are very long. Long enough for a woman to reach that point Kiki likes to call “a point of no return.”

And according to very reliable sources the “sweet music man” became very famous and his reputation spread far and wide for being able to make love at the exact pace of the music he chose to play before the start of the action. Which means that he starts very slowly and tenderly and then reaches a point where the pace picks up considerably.

The excitement for the ladies was anticipating of the change of pace, more so if they were familiar with the song.

I have also learnt that many lovers use music to great effect to improve the quality of their lovemaking. That is apart from the multitudes of poor Kenyans who live in such poor housing conditions that they are forced to use loud music to mask the inevitable noises that come from lovemaking.


Anonymous said...

This I must try.

Only problem is that she does not like Lingala.

...we'll see.

Anonymous said...


Where are you?

Am in love with u.

-sweet chic-

David said...

Hey sweet chic.....,ok.."in love" is so strong.....,but we can ongea thru' chat....,