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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Serious "size" problems that led to marriage

Jello was a nice looking man who always turned heads wherever the ladies were. He was not too tall and neither was he too short. Actually just the perfect size. In fact the perfect guy for any woman to wish for.

He had the looks and he had the body. In fact there are those who said that when most women met him they could only think of one thing—having sex with him.

But Jello had a terrible secret which most women discovered soon enough. And that is he was big down there. Very big. The kind of size that you only saw in porn movies. Then to make matters worse, when he was fully erect his penis bent towards the left. It was no turn on, rather it was a very scary thing.

And soon Jello got very frustrated as the same situation kept on repeating itself in his life.

He would meet this nice lady and they would hit it off big time. The moment of truth would arrive and the sheering pain that would follow penetration would end the romance right there in tears and sometimes blood.

One sympathetic lady friend came back to advice him to use a ring which would limit his penetration in ladies and remove pain. Jello knew it would not work for him. For a man the real joy of sex was going in the whole way. What was the point when part of you remained behind.

Soon rumours spread rapidly all over Eastlands about Jello and his massive tool. Some girls still came after him for curiosity sake while others avoided him like the plague. Those rumours soon reached a lady called Fatuma.

Fatuma had never been lucky in romance. Men mostly found her too big, too fat and unattractive. Few of them bothered to really get to know her because she had a heart of gold. While girls laughed and shuddered at Jello’s story, Fatuma was sympathetic and really felt for Jello.

To cut a long story short, they finally got together and were soon deeply in love.

Most people wondered why such a handsome man as Jello would end up with such an “ugly woman” as they put it. But quite a number knew why.

By some strange twist of fate, she was the only woman who could take Jello and also understand him. Men had always found Fatuma too big “Indian Ocean” they used to say.

The story of Jello and Fatuma encourages those who are still looking that there is always somebody out there who is perfect for you, but you may need to look much closer to recognize them.


Anonymous said...

so does size really matter coz i would think then that jello would be a star with chicks??

vieve said...

Had missed Udaku's posts like crazy!!!!

Size does matter ,........however I have never met one the size of Jello but then again, I dont think I want to bleed instead of enjoying sex do I?

At times maybe a short one is good coz the guy will graze the Grafenberg spot,......and we ALL know what that does to a girl now, don't we? he he he

Anonymous said...

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