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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adult Sex Toys Mombasa

Adult Sex Toys Mombasa
Pleasure in the privacy of your home / office, no complications
Delivery all over  Kenya and East Africa

FREE consultation and delivery
Wanainchi Paradise Stalls, Behind Blue Room Stall No 39
Hotlines:- 0726-441135 / 0736-645494 / 0721-893610 / 0772-894052 / 0754-197942


sex toys philippines said...

I think color black is not a good idea for a vibrator or a dildo!

Anonymous said...

Its Great and Nice artificial dick comes in different size and color now women get extra pleasure during intercourse nice adult product

Anonymous said...

Are you guys still located there. Would like to pay you a visit and see what's in store.