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Monday, December 6, 2010

How to Really Please A Woman In Bed By A Woman

By Carol Nyege
I often overhear men complain endlessly about how the women they are with are lousy in bed. It seems that this is the favourite topic when it comes to men talk. What a brilliant excuse. What sissies men have become over the centuries. So who is supposed to make things happen? The man or the woman?

The truth is that mostly a woman will be as hot in bed as you make her. If you bore her with your groping hurting hands and then land all the weight on her so that she can hardly breathe, what do you expect? The tigress in her to excite you? How will that happen when she can hardly breathe? Or when she is so bored that it requires a big effort just to stay awake?

Why not try touching the right “magic” buttons so that she climbs the wall and see what that will do for you as a man? Which man can resist a genuinely excited woman screaming in ecstasy as he does his thing? I honestly don’t know. Research has shown that one of the greatest turn-on for most men is a sexually excited woman. And it hardly needs any research to realize that one of the greatest turn-offs for a man is a woman who is sexually bored during the actual act. No wonder so many women are forced to fake orgasms, what else do you expect them to do?

Exciting a woman and ultimately yourself (so that you quit the bar talk corners discussing lousy lays) is much easier than you thought. It can all be done so easily once you know how.

It starts with an understanding of the basic golden rules. Like the fact that the woman takes much longer to really get warmed up while for the man it is faster than instant coffee. Or the fact that a vast majority of women can never reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation of sorts and yet most men don’t have a clue on how exactly to do that and end up making a woman very uncomfortable or worse still leaving her badly bruised down there.

And it really doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have or even what you are not. The size of the male organ has come up in discussions many times. The truth is that it hardly matters if you know what to do with it and other “assets” at your disposal. Age is also hardly a factor in this era of Viagra and other performance enhancing technological breakthroughs. The reality is that young people have the energy and the stamina but lack the vital experience while older lovers may lack stamina but have valuable experience on their side. Like everything else in life, you have to use what you have to get ahead.

Sadly I have seen a lot of wonderful theories on this subject o the web. Theories do not always work. I prefer practical advice from somebody with the experience. And I am also convinced that a woman is bound to know best about the subject of pleasing women in bed than a so-called male expert.

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