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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Briefly Told: Unique Dress Plus Kenyans Are Smarter That This

Uniquely Designed Dress

The editor came across this very unique dress. It obviously sin't for women who've had any sort of operation. What do you guys think?

Kenyans Are Smarter That This

If you thought that Kenyans are not very bright, you may just change your mind after reading this story.

A third of Brits don't know Shakespeare wrote plays - and many of them think he was King of England.

A new survey also reveals 25% didn't realise John Keats was a poet, with some saying his famous Odes were written by Robbie Williams.

The Brits ignorance about famous authors was revealed in a poll of 3,000 people.
Interestingly some 70% have never written a poem to a loved one though two thirds would like to receive one.

Poet laureate Andrew Motion, 55, said: "Although most people accept that poetry has a vital role in personal as well as national life, these findings show a depressing level of ignorance.

"The good news is that 61% said they would like to have poetry play a role in their lives - in which case we hope they might also want to write one."

A cruise firm is offering a seven-night holiday to the writer of the best poem, chosen by Andrew. The framed work will be displayed on board.

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Anonymous said...

ai...........that dress!! it needs prayers!!