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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Woman’s "Lacy" Revenge On Her Rival

Cover story/Front Page Splash

This story and all stories published here are true and only the identities have been hidden and the locations changed slightly to protect our sources of information. Keep reading this site and one day you may just find your very own story here…

Co-workers insist that she left “smelly” evidence for wife to find

While many Kenyans are preoccupied with politics and the battle of wits between ODM and PNU, little do they realize that there are other battles being fought in some homes and workplaces in the country with the kind of venom that would make our political battles look like very cheap stuff indeed.

A case in point is a young woman who recently received a cell phone call from the enraged wife of the married man she is moving around with but decided to teach her rival a lesson that she will not quickly forget.

Elizabeth (ODM) received a serious beating when she confronted her husband

Sources at the woman’s workplace told Udaku Daily that the woman who is strikingly beautiful and still in her twenties placed her panties in the glove compartment of a car belonging to the man she was moving around with knowing very well that his wife would find them. Apart from being her lover, the man is also her boss at the school where the woman works.

But let me start the story from the beginning.

Benson Mwoki (not his real name) has been married to his wife Elizabeth for over 15 years now and despite their ups and downs, financially the marriage was not doing too badly. Both the man and his wife voted Kalonzo Musyoka in the last general elections.

Trouble however started when the NGO Mwoki had launched about 2 years ago suddenly started taking off like the proverbial rocket. The NGO is supposed to educate disadvantaged children living in slum areas and its’ main project is a school. However it is packed with children from middle class families who pay school fees. In other words Mwoki receives money from donors but also charges school fees at his school. He then takes many photographs which he sends to his donors to show what transformation the project has brought about to poor needy children.

Nzisa (PNU) is in her 20s and strikingly beautiful: She decided to teach ODM a lesson

Mercifully he admits only a handful of genuinely needy children to the school to keep his costs down and his profits up. Rumour has it that he usually tells his donors that he puts more cash into the school from his own pocket than what he receives from his sponsors, a blatant lie of course. That must impress the hell out of those mzungus who keep on sending money every month which goes directly into his pocket and is channeled mostly in the direction of his new found sweetheart, Nzisa while his wife of many years and his two daughters continue to eat sukuma wiki daily.

Employees at the school have told this writer that they have no doubt how Nzisa got the job in the school. They say she offered “her assets” which confused Mwoki and enabled her to start on a very high salary. The employees add that she then made a trip to Kitui and came back with a powerful love portion or Kamotee, which mesmerized the previously responsible family man Mwoki into setting up a home with her and her four year old daughter from another liaison. What saddens employees of Mwoki’s school is that Mwoki does not even have proper sofa sets at the house of his first and genuine wife Elizabeth and yet the two sets of sofas at Nzisa’a house look like they are from State House, Nairobi

So let us call Nzisa PNU since hers is an illegal government because Mwoki elected Elizabeth (ODM) long time ago by a land slide that was more than the ODM win in 6 provinces.

So when PNU received a call from ODM demanding that she return the “stolen government,” she was caught unawares. But when she had recovered she told ODM a thing or two warning her to never call the number again. She got carried away so that she was shouting at the top of her voice. When the call was abruptly ended on the other side, she realized that all the staff members in the school were staring at her. PNU, her co-workers told Udaku Daily, does not like losing face. She hates it with a capital “H” and so she decided to teach ODM a lesson that she would quickly not forget.

She secretly took one of her own panties and put them in the glove compartment on the front seat of Muoki’s car. But not before wiping herself in the critical area after one of her regular passionate liaisons with Mwoki. ODM of course found them because that is the very seat she used to seat on every morning as her husband dropped her to work and the children to school. Incidentally these days she sits at the back seat of the car on the few occasions that she is carried in the vehicle and never opens the glove compartment.

On discovering the rather “smelly” evidence, ODM of course angrily confronted her husband who had been denying everything up to this point, with the “evidence” and for her efforts received a thorough beating from Mwoki. ODM ran away back to her parents for about 2 weeks but decided to come back for the sake of her children,

Our sources tell us that ODM has been heard telling her friends that she has completely ruled out any possibility of their ever being a grand coalition with PNU and would rather die first. Some Kenyan men have been known to form grand coalitions where all their wives are accommodated under the same roof.

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