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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Female Bank Manager Fired For Sleeping Around

This story and all stories published here are true and only the identities have been hidden and the locations changed slightly to protect our sources of information. Keep reading and one day you may just find your very own story here…

32 year old’s appetite for men of all ages gets her into serious trouble

A female bank manager at a Nairobi based bank branch has recently been fired for sleeping around after the wife of one of her lovers turned up at the CEO’s office and caused quite a scene at the usually quiet and serene bank environment.

This is the incident that triggered the interest of Udaku Daily in this story but on further digging this writer unearthed details that are so shocking that even now as I type this story I am blushing repeatedly. I have also been forced to leave out a lot of stuff that I cannot publish even here.

Appetite for men of all ages cost her a dream job with a Nairobi Bank Branch

We have been reliably informed that the bank manager, Millie, had an exceptionally big appetite for men in the office and dated quite a number of them. However in the end the man responsible for getting her fired was shockingly enough the manager of a rival bank. We shall call the man Tom. It is not clear whether she was mining trade secrets out of the man (described as quiet and without maneno mingi).

Sources at the bank are still puzzled about 32 year old Millie. One source puts it thus;

“She did not have anything really special to make men turn. No legs that cause men‘s eyes to pop out, no butt, plain face and all. But it seems that the minute a man slept with her the poor guy would just go crazy. Obviously I have no idea what she was giving them in the bedroom.”

The source goes on to point to the case of Tom who was in his 50s and seemingly a responsible family man until he started pushing with Millie.

Even as that passionate affair was going on, with the pair being seen together at popular social spots all over town, the bank manager was still busy buying shirts for one of her male employees (several years younger than her) at the bank branch she headed. She was also giving him some extra attention after office hours. She is said to have admitted to another female employee who helped her secure a date with the hunk, that she had a crash on him. Mercifully the young employee (in his late twenties) is not married. Udaku Daily has confirmed that the young man got a raise of almost double his salary in the annual review at the end of last year.


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But it was her affair with Tom that brought disaster. Tom’s wife soon found out that she was the laughing stock of the city in the sun and was obviously not amused. She paid Millie a visit. Sources say that she kept her cool and behaved very arrogantly towards Tom’s wife. And what is worse, she continued seeing Tom with a vengeance.

The next thing workers at the bank knew was that Tom’s wife turned up at the Bank CEO’s office in a posh office in a Nairobi high rise building. The minute the woman got to the bank CEO’s office and confirmed that he was in, she caused a scene and started shouting at the top of her voice when the secretary told her it was not possible to see the boss, just then.

The commotion caused several workers to come out of their offices in panic wondering what was going on. Her trick worked like a dream and she was hurriedly granted audience with the embarrassed CEO and went on to explain her problem in great detail. Other workers in the office could hear her loudly and repeatedly asking what kind of people the bank employed that went after other people’s husbands.

It is said that the CEO was shocked and had a heavy heart when he learnt that the woman was complaining about Millie. This is because Millie was one of his best managers.

Employees at the bank branch where Millie used to work remember her as a tough boss who could get an employee fired with a single telephone call. Because her branch performed extremely well and was said to be the best, she seem to have always had the bank managements’ ears, including that of the CEO who fired her so abruptly.

One employee at the bank prepared a detailed report for Udaku Daily;

“Whatever she requested … I mean demanded, it was given immediately. Be it need of more staff, some upgrade or modification of a certain function in the branch … it was granted … while other branch managers literally had top beg long and hard for such things. If one of her staff seemed more capable than her, he/she was quietly shut down by work overload or sheer frustrations that were not worth it at the end of it all. So powerful was she that she literally determined the kind of salary increment you would get, once you were put under her. This led to many of the staff excessively sucking up to her… especially the men. It is said that she was such a performer that she quickly rose to branch Manager without the usual papers required for such a post.

She frequently screamed at employees because hers was what had to be done and done to perfection and any slight mistake was met with plenty of venom. She was definitely one with a lot of energy… and it seems her energy did not end at the office, hence her downfall.”

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