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Thursday, September 18, 2008

In praise of older men

Over-rated? Or is old truly gold?

It has always been assumed that younger women are nothing but gold diggers and chasing the Kenya shilling whenever they are seen with older men. Indeed I too have always been prejudiced about this and can hardly keep my contempt and disgust at bay for such young ladies who choose old men.

However interviews carried out with a few young ladies has gotten me thinking and I can only conclude that it is not a good idea to rush into any conclusions before one has all the facts.

Sally is in her early 20s but is married to a man in his early 50s. She says many of her previous lovers were extremely disappointing. “Majority of younger men are insensitive and inexperienced. They are cocky and just interested in themselves. Older men are a completely different cup of tea,” Sally says.

She points out that although her man is fairly rich, what she feels for him is genuine love because he is caring, patient and totally devoted to her. The truth is that it is difficult to get such devotion from younger men. She adds that the devotion shows in their lovemaking and makes it very special.

Esther is a Kenyan in her early 30s who lives in New York, US and has a boyfriend who is 59. She admits that he is fairly weakened down there which means that their love making involves the use of “toys” and “sex aids” but she describes their sex life as “explosive”. More so when it is compared with the blundering clueless younger men she dated previously. Good fulfilling sex is much more than just a solid consistent hard on, she emphasizes.

What do you readers out there think?


David said...

Thats gay

Tina said...

Generalizations are not good my dear.Just like saying jangos or lunjes are gud lovers while kiyuks arent.It depends on the individual.Wot meks s1 a gud lover is simply confidence,good communication,tenderness,attentiveness and finally but most important open mindedness.

However I can say having had bfs my own age,younger and a few years older that it aint a guarantee that just coz a guy is older he is a better lover however the best lover I have ever had who I would kill someone if they ever said anything negative about his sexual performance coz he is a god compared to the others Ive been with is a gud sixteen years older than I am and am totally satiated.Plus I get the bonus of 'fatherly'tenderness which I neva got from my own dad who was way too harsh and obviously cant get from younger lovers who r kids themselves.

Some qualities come with age such as being confident and a relaxed sense of self without being narcisitic or conceited.Also tenderness and being loving coz they have held babies and parented kids they know how to be gentle,patient and considerate.

Its true wot she says about fulfilling sex not being about hardons hiyo n bonus tuu.Most erogenous zones are all over the body away from the genitals and the magic button the Clit can be worked by a man who doesnt even have a penis.Toys are the in thing these days and wale wamebaki numa like David can afford to talk about pple who use them as being gay.

Chris said...

Hi Tina,

I have a message for you. Kindly get in touch with Kumekucha using the email address


David said... now now..mimi niko mbele sana, infact am almost overlapping u,thats why u see me beeing to tha matter at hand ,i think tha reson why young women go out with older men is tha same reason young men go out with older women....,about toys,_thea is a reason why most men dont go buying toys-thats coz we have hands,and once it lubricated thats wot i dont get is, why do women go buying toys yet they have fingers?(unless, thea fingers are too small and need something bigger)...alafu u guys go a head and say that size desnt matter...,wewe tina.

Kiki said...

Maybe because fingers don't vibrate David?

You have hands alright but you can also use toys. kwani? what's wrong with using hands today and toys tomorrow? i believe they're different kinds of fun. just like you can have a lady either use her hands on you or her mouth or her mji mkuu, or her boobs etc etc

From the previous post surely Joan nobody calls their mother!! that experienced colleague who does he bed?? pre-teens? hahahaha.

Most ladies chew sugarcane at that moment. si you jua that sound of when you're eating sugarcane and you want to suck all the juice? the sugarcane juice that is.

Even on that previous post there are several that could befit ladies. The positive orgasm, the negative orgasm, the church orgasm, and the nehii nehii orgasm is definitely a lady. hahahahaha.

Kiki said...

Ok I wouldn't judge anyone by age as long as we wont spend hours bembelezaing their limp thingy or have to use viagra. or god forbid he goes limp in the middle of things or in my hour of need.

But mlingoti lazima. we can play all the games and use all the toys but in the end i want a rod in there. in, out, around, in my hand, mouth - but it has to be there somewhere. and it has to be hard. so if i met an old jamaa and he gets rock hard i'm game. years don't matter.

David said...

Heh ! Kiki...,umeongea kama african women.,anyway, talking about ass....,are u for or against it? Just curious..,and last weekend i was unfortunate coz ma gal came with those "SEX GUIDES"...,this is a warning to all men out thea, WATCH THOSE THING AT YOUR OWN RISK., NO WOUNDER THEY ARE NOT POPULAR.

Kiki said...

Sema David. I'm so very african woman. nataka vitu as they're supposed to be. What's with the sex guides your gal brought?

Ass? if you mean channel O I'm not for it. I find gay guys such wasted sexuality. I believe the mlingoti has it's place and that's in a woman - front, mouth, hands, boobs, thighs, anywhere but not in the behind. but it's a free world

Dick said...


Kuishi kwingi ni kuona mengi....I swear for real I got hold of this Meru chic (was in a cole in town) and during the critical moment...the aahh....mmmmhh and chewing sugarcane sounds turned to some monologue in her native Meru dialect...I swear I clearly heard her say MAMA a dozen times!.

Either she was in so much pain...or pleasure that she was sub-consciously instructing her Mum in meru to set aside for me 2 acres of their miraa farm!

On the issue of toys, it may spice your sex life but can create some unhealthy fetish dependacies..yaani bila hiyo hufiki!. We have wat it takes to enjoy sex naturally, lets eat well, exercise mzuri and guyz/gals ensure u look gud....energies will build inside u deadly. Now, communicate with ur partner, reduce anxiety that inhibits performance...etc..mechi itakuwa kali!

Kiki said...

Lol Dick. so they do call their mamas after all. hahaha. I'm sure it was not pain though.

Thanks for the tips for mechi kali!

David said...

Hehehehe, mirraa farm...,a thats killer.

Anonymous said...

guyz try this it works when fucking just place your finger on the ass hole and u will find out the more u penetrate the more the ass hole becomes bigger and the finger just slides in automatically..i swear guyz the gal will not last 2 minutes she will cum hard.. The ladies say they get a confused feeling, when the finger is in the ass while ur fucking them but I guess they like that’s why they cum...madem pls conferm

Dick said...

Anon 6.16...Are you talking from experience or you want to confirm this theory.

I've seen this in porn movies but haven't tried me smelly fingers can be a turn off...yak!

Anonymous said...

dick sex is always nasty

David said...

Heh! Now that finger thing is tricky fo guys who have gal.friend and intending to marry them...,naweza fanya hivyo akue addicted to ANAL...,i wouldnt want to marry a wife who uses a cork to block her ass....,but if its a random chic...,ill be more than glad to finger/bang that ass....,any gal intrested....,NO GAY MEN PLIZ. I hate gay.....,

Blake said...

Interesting stuff!
For guys here who can't stomach gay people,
here's a Kenyan discussion forum for you.

vieve said...

This David guy seriously needs a head check .........LOL! You crack me up wacha tu!

Sasa, about the older men,....apart from the wisdom they profess to have and the experience beyond all years,....why the heck would you want to sleep with someone as old as your father? thats just nasty! rarely!

Regarding the ass issue,........girls out there, have u ever tried to finger your man's ass as in just insert the tip of the finger is his ass when giving him a BJ or when screwing him? well?..........some men love it! you arouse their A spot where their prostrate gland is and if u manage to insert the finger abit deeper, he will cum explosively!!! Trust me!

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?


Anonymous said...

I am 26 and married to this 50 year old man (he is NOT rich) that I love with all my heart. He won my heart by being charming and funny and then kwa kitada took me to places I have never ever been to. Older men are special if you find the right one.