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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What does “mummy” have to do with that critical moment?

We have all had a good time analyzing men and how the react and what they do at that critical moment which my sister Kiki called a point of no return. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Now what about women? What do they do? What do they say?

An experienced colleague who has bedded over 50 women offered me some interesting insights. Apparently the most popular reaction by far is where women call their mothers. Mummieeeeeee!!!!!

Strange this one. Because it beats me what my mother would have to do with such a moment.

According to my source a vast majority of his lovers cried out; “mamie” when they reached that high point that unfortunately not too many women reach.

Those screams you hear in porn movies are apparently not very African. African women’s screams are a tad low key, according to my expert source who puts screams of delight at number two amongst the most common reactions he witnessed when bringing his lovers to that delightful place.

Third on his list is an interesting sound that is not too easy to describe. It is a sucking of breath sound, the kind that some people make when they have an open wound that is hurting. It comes out as some sort of hissing sound. My friend tells me that usually those women who emit this sound end up with a very loud aaaaaaahhhhhhh when the reach the apex of their moment.

Other common reactions including a shaking of the head as if to say “no”, of course with eyes tightly shut. He has also recaive serious scratch wounds on his back for his efforts, but that one was from some mzungu woman..

So let us hear what you other guys out there have observed. It is your turn now after the ladies had so much fun the other day laughing at men.


David said...

Heh! Finaly.thanx joan, hope thea is anything i can do for you or to you.anyway this reminds me of this kamba lady i did and was 13years older than me. I really couldnt tell if it was disbelieve or exitement or it was tha fact that she was asleep when she felt me inside her,that made her react tha way she did. Bcoz immediatley she woke-up and saw me on top,she pinchd me hard,at tha same time she kept tickling me,as she chanted something In kikamba tha was followed with..,"HAIYA..",and thats how she came..."HAIYA..HAIYA..HAIYA..HAIYA...HAIYA..HAIYA..HAIYA!!!!!!"_BUT THA TICKLING PART WAS MORE EXITING.

Anonymous said...

How could you climb somebody asleep, david? Was that rape?

Anonymous said...

devooooo nice one kama amelala