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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vicky's strange power over men

Women have often been portrayed as the victims in most relationships that go wrong, especially in the bedroom. But this is not entirely true as our latest true story will clearly illustrate.

Victoria or Vicky (as everybody called her) was a woman who seemed to have a strange power over men that to this day has never been explained.

It was no secret that she was having passionate affairs with several men and at the same time. And to make matters worse most of them used to visit her at her bed-sitter in Eastleigh. And bear in mind that those were the days when cell phones were yet to arrive.

One day the inevitable happened. She was inside her house and on the bed with John when Ronald arrived and knocked impatiently on the door. What happened next shocked the neighborhood and was discussed for weeks and months after that.

It is said that John was ordered to dive under the bed and hide. Which he obediently did. Vicky then opened the door for Ronald who was in quite a mood for some action and did not waste any time. So you can imagine the bed squeaking and people making all the usual noises as poor John was under the very same bed. It was almost lunch time when they were done with their lovemaking and Vicky cooked some lunch and Ronald left the house with a big smile on his face. Like some cat that has just had a little too much milk to drink.

Neighbors closely monitoring the activities at the house say that when John came from under the bed he was obviously very upset. However it is said that after a few soothing words from Vicky, the bed springs were heard squeaking in protest again. And what is more, the neighbors say that John too left with a big smile on his face.

Kindly bear in mind that Vicky was NOT a prostitute (she had a very good job at the airport in those days). And that is really what makes this tale so mysterious.


David said...

Harry potter is mystry,tommorow is a mystry,but victorias obsesion is nothing simple than she loved being done-how else do u explain her jobo at tha airport+her bedsitter in isich(shows she preferd a simple life)+the many men she had..,(i love a woman who likes bieng done-it simplifies tha long process)

David said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David said...

And why do i have a feeling this vicky character is you-joan...,tha details have been carefuly selected not to give u up...,or u are one of tha guys(most likely tha one under tha bed.we neva know,)

Anonymous said...

The genitalia of a woman can withstand that - no problem.

Anonymous said...

I agree! This must be Viki whom this story is about!!!


Tina said...

Haha! Ati this is Joan??!!!! Joan is this you ur telling us about??
Twambie tuu... Dont feel shy.
-Lakini posts zimepungua exponetially why?

Kwani ulikuwa umepost nini?Until it was deleted???
Btw David women when they get past pleriminaries and start enjoying actually love it more than men.Ask jamaas who r happily maried wakuambie.

Anonymous said...

There was a time during our time at the then university of nairobi. I got a girl - and we agreed to have sex. my friend came in when we were on. We were very close and i begged this girl to accept rafiki yangu pia aonje kidogo. She accepted. Actually we did her the two of us. She enjoyed it too much. She told us she has never had any good sex in her life. You see the porn movies where peope put it in the mouth and i dont know where - that is not sex. You have the penis entering the vagina. Then do it sawa sawa. Then u finish and your friend takes over - it is super. I tell u.

David said...

tina,it was a double post thats why i deleted it...,and mayb u can ambia me some of that lady thing in pvt,anywy anon@5:31..,id rather have two chics..,

Anonymous said...

David - I dont think you have tried two guys with one chick. It is paradise I tell you. While the other guy is at it and you are waiting - you really develop heat that when your time comes - my - it is heaven.

Anonymous said...

How do I give u my story. I broke my virginity (Iam a man) by being forced to have sex. I was then in Form three - give me an email and I will send u the details.

David said...

heh! Joan and tha crew,si u take this storo and post

Anonymous said...

Please send me your email - mine is and I will give u my storo.

Anonymous said...

If the sex is good i dont mind if a guy or two also sample her as long as i get my share and we use protection.

Anonymous said...

I am the october 2 - 5:31
During the time we two guys had one chick, the only fear was syphilis and ghonorea which were all treatable and we always went for a VDRL test. These days bwana - eish! wichunge mwana - mambo ni mabaya - amakhuwa shikali amalayi tawe. Even if it is a two some or three some - use protection.

David said...

Anon@4:44..,two guyz one chic(MMF) sounds and feels gay(well it might work if am a stranger to both or just tha guy) and id rather wank than use a fucking rubber thats makes me use alot of energy to cum and at some point ill be tempted to remove!(this doesnt mean that i dont use)...,somebody please post something.

Anonymous said...

I really dont elewa why men always complain about using cds in this era of HIV.Its eitha u use or u risk ur maisha that simple really.

David wot do u mean at sum point u remove? And wot do u mean u use alot of energy?Hebu fafanua.I honestly dont c y tht shud be the case.I think u dislike of cds may be more psychological than real.I cant remember the last tym I dint use a cd.These days even married pple should use them.

David said...

Anon@11:19,ths is how.two years back when i startd usng cds,th 1st time i wore it fuckin chocked my tool(as in thea was no blood flow-these are trust cds am talking about-i usually call them emergency cds)..,
when u using a cd,u end up usin too much energy-yani u concentrate sana,and i constantly have to tell ma head am having sex coz at this point with a cd i usually feel nothing..(less stimulation from th organ)
so after a couple of rounds,ive used up six cds,myb moja iliraruka,and u are left with non for morning..wot do i do..and myb tha chic was so hot hakuna venye anaenda hivyo bila final torches(oh! I hate hot and pretty chics,they are fuckin stubbon,& ussual bad at sex)...but i use them non the less...,but they are a bloody menace,they make sex feel like an engineering exam/project.

Anonymous said...

combi niceee

vieve said...

I have laughed my head of reading the responses to this blog.
where it turned out to be an issue of threesomes or twosomes who knows?

Haiya basi wacha even me i dig in.
the best threesome would be a FFM.......true the MMF sounds gayish and who would want to have another mans balls rubbing up against his balls?
thats just nasty!