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Friday, August 8, 2008

Can you love a lousy lover?

This is a question that worries many who are in love and it causes great anxiety because people worry that those they love will somehow fall out of love after they have been disappointed in bed.

Interestingly a brief survey conducted by this writer seems to suggest that women are much more worried about their relationships after sex than men are. And incidentally it is also a much larger percentage of women who end up very disappointed after the first sex encounter. One of the reasons is of course the very high expectations women usually have based on the feelings they have for their man.

However it is the view of many experts that true love can never be affected by bad sex. If anything true love enhances and improves sex and the longer such a couple waits to sleep together, the better.

After all genuine love for one another, in sharp contrast to lust, does not look to sex as a means to satisfaction, rather it is supposed to enhance the relationship by highlighting and emphasizing the need for one other. Sex is union which makes two people one in thought and emotions.

Sadly all this truth has been lost in the commercialization of sex, especially in movies where it is a cool thing to jump into bed as soon as possible. Our media widely promotes lust.


Anonymous said...

If you have exhausted your stories, Mr. Kumekucha, please close shop & wait for 2012!


David said...

Hahaha, thats a good one anon