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Friday, August 15, 2008

Why did long awaited pregnancy turn into a serious problem? Part 2

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Fatuma was overjoyed and although Ahmed did not stop his promiscuous behaviour right away he too was happy.

So things in the house should have been perfect, right? Wrong.

Something very strange started happening. Fatuma suddenly could not stand Ahmed. At one point she even said that just the sight of him made her want to throw up. Ahmed was furious that she could say such a thing.

In fact whenever Ahmed forced himself on her after weeks without sex, she would cry right through the ordeal and when it was over she would always throw up and fill a whole basin in the bathroom with her vomit. This was really odd for a woman who had enjoyed sex immensely with her husband previously.

Being a young couple, they of course had no idea what was happening. Why was it that Fatuma was all of a sudden so disgusted and repelled against a man she had always loved so much despite his faults? A man who had stood by her for 10 years even as relatives put pressure on him to get another wife for himself who could conceive.

The couple was advised that what was happening was pretty normal. Pregnancies usually either rejected or embraced the man with abnormal love. They were told of cases where a pregnant wife could not stand seeing her husband going off to work and would cry bitterly. Usually in this kind of case he child being carried would more often than not be a girl. And in cases where the pregnant woman felt repelled by the man, it would usually be a boy.

But that was not the only problem. This being the first pregnancy that Fatuma was carrying, she felt very embarrassed about it. She imagined that everybody who saw her knew exactly what she had done to get pregnant and were in fact imagining her in the act. She often felt so ashamed.

So a time that would have been of great joy was filled with much anxiety, repulsion and shame. It was a very long 9 months but finally Fatuma delivered a healthy bouncing baby boy and her joy knew no bounds.

Oh and she never again conceived any other child despite trying everything and going back to the same doctor. So the mystery remains to this day. How was that child conceived? Well, it depends on what you want to believe. There are those who firmly believe that the maker is the one who gives children and if you don’t have one but want it badly enough… well miracles can happen.

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Anonymous said...

This was a miraculous baby? Well so what happened to fatuma and her husband? did the husband stop drinking, were there any complication with the kid?