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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What men do at that critical moment

Guest post by woman who has been around

So you think that men are very tough?

Well your are welcome to your opinion because I have seen men at their weakest and that is really how I judge a man. What I do is I observed carefully how they react and what they do at that critical moment in love making. Some people call it the climax others the big O. Well, at least you know what I mean and what I am talking about.

You know people accuse women of all sorts of things and how they do things unconsciously, but in my view men can even be worse in this department as I have noted from my lovers of the past.

Most men grunt. Did you know that? Almost like pigs. I find that really funny.

But then there was this guy who would open his mouth so wide and with his eyes so tightly shut. In fact he opened his mouth so wide one time that I sincerely feared that it would be stuck there and he would not be able to shut it again.

Then there are those who cry out. Oh yes. Men DO cry out.

And oh what about this other guy who had a scowl on his face when he reached his big O. Almost like he was disgusted at it all. I found that one rather amusing.

Last but not least is the stiff emotionless type. No emotion no reaction, no grunt. Just silence like a tomb and like nothing is happening.

So ladies where does your man fall?

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David said...

I wount post anyting coz this is for tha ladies.

Kiki said...

I once knew this guy who used to speak in tongues. For real. aaashalabasha aaashalabashalalalalala babie I'm coming!. And no he was not saved.

Anonymous said...

Kiki, you are back? How was the wedding, the first night and the honeymoon?

Mcheku said...

Hehehehehehehe Kiki, ashalabaaasha? That's funny.

Mcheku said...

Yes, how was the wedding?

David said...

Kiki should post her honey-moon storo.

Kiki said...

Hi guys wedding was fun fun fun. small time affair but nice.

Anon the first night there was nothing new. It's a guy I've known for some time and we had not waited for the proverbial first night. Who still does? So unfortunately nothing new on first night just a continuation. Honeymoon was Wow!

David let me first settle down then maybe I can do that. Or maybe not! hehehe. first let me see if he'll agree to that.

Anonymous said...

Kiki now that you're married will you still be writing those storos of yours

Kiki said...

Anon why not? I'm still Kiki. I only got married. These storos charge me up for him actually. Is there a jamaa who does not want a charged up woman?

prettykenyan said...

i know a man who kept asking "unataka nikukojolee?" then answers himself "sawa nakukojolea!" lol!