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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why did long awaited pregnancy turn into a serious problem?

For Fatuma and Ahmed it should have been a time of great joy for them. They had been married almost 10 years but had never had a child. In fact if the two had not been so much in love they would have no doubt divorced by now.

Fatuma had always been very desperate for a child and accordingly she had done everything in her power to get pregnant. She had become so familiar at Kenyatta National Hospital that many people swore that she worked there. And when that had failed (the doctors told her that her fallopian tubes were blocked and there was no way that she could conceive) she went traditional. Now here things got very complex. You see most of the witch doctors she saw whom she was told were “very effective” insisted on having sex with her as part of the ritual to “open the way.” She finally agreed and slept with one elderly one. She braced herself as the man poured himself into her consoling herself that it was all for the better good. Of course she did not tell Ahmed any of this. How could he even begin to understand?

Sadly the witchdoctor’s ritual did not work. And that made Fatuma feel even worse. She had been conned and slept with the smelly old man for nothing. So she now despaired completely having given up and even started thinking seriously about adopting a child. Meanwhile although Ahmed always reassured her that he supported the idea of them adopting a child, he suddenly started behaving strangely. He drunk too much and slept out on most Fridays returning home on Saturday morning smelling of alcohol but fairly sober.

Fatuma’s conclusion was spot on. He was having sex outside the marriage. Now she seriously started considering suicide. Then out of the blue a strange woman visited her one day. All she knew was that the woman was greatly disliked in the estate although she had a small daughter who had a mental problem. Although Fatuma was a muslim, the Christian woman approached her without fear and told her that she had been sent by God with a message for her. This was over a year after she had been conned by the witchdoctor. The message was that she was going to conceive and give birth to a baby son.

The woman hurriedly left as Fatuma was still digesting the shock information. She wondered how this was going to be possible and yet the doctors had told her her tubes were blocked. She though that maybe the mental problem the woman’s daughter had was hereditary and the mother was maybe also nuts somehow. But sure enough she missed her periods that very month. She did two tests and then went to see the doctor who had told her it was impossible for her to conceive. It was only after that doctor told her she was indeed pregnant that she believed.

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