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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shocking Nairobi Parties

The three men had had quite a bit to drink and now they found that they were completely surrounded by giggling girls and to make matters worse all of them were completely naked. Their breasts bobbed up and down as they clamored around them, their pubic hair clearly visible.

With boldness that shocked, the naked girls approached the men and did everything they could to turn them on.

This is NOT some porn movie or a scene from some sinful western capital. Actually Charles, Richard and Mwangi were at a stag party recently in a private room at a Nairobi hotel. Mwangi was getting married the very next day and his friends felt that there was no better way for him to kiss bachelorhood goodbye than to have the kind of party that he would never forget.

It was all too much for Richard. He grabbed one of the girls and right there on the carpet of the hired hotel room he started doing what is usually only done in the privacy of bedrooms. Mwangi, the bridegroom was next to succumb and he went off to do his thing privately in the bathroom.

Richard stared in shock. Not believing that his friends had succumbed so easily and so quickly. He looked around at the remaining 3 girls all eager and willing and looking up to him. In his mind he wondered where Njeri got all these attractive, decent looking chics from. While it was true that money could buy anything and indeed he had paid her a very hefty sum, he marveled at how she was able to pull this one off.

Well he had to get his money’s worth, he thought to himself as he settled for a blow job from one of the eager naked girls. She was terrible at it and he teeth were all over the place.

An hour later it was all over and the girls were dressed and lining up to receive their cash from Njeri for a job well done.

The next day at the wedding reception Mwangi’s beautiful bride asked him what they had gotten up to at their party. She had a wicked smile on her face as she asked but there was no way she could have guessed what really went on. Maybe of she would have, she would not have taken her vows earlier that day.

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David said...


Mcheku said...

Why not just tell the wife he didnt want to have sex rather than burning everything down? Hasira hasara!

Mcheku said...

Why not just tell the wife he didnt want to have sex rather than burning everything down? Hasira hasara!

Mcheku said...

Sorry I double clicked the publish comments thingy!!

Anonymous said...

We should just stop pretending that we are a nice homely, conservative, ethical & "pure" society.

Pretence doesn't help anything...