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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Childless Riruta Housewife Entertains Man Who Said He Would “Open The Way”

Martha knew that her husband loved her very much and all should have been well in this marriage. But alas, there was one major problem and although her husband constantly reassured her, Martha could not get any peace.

Martha had gotten married to Fred when her daughter (from another man) Zip was about 3 years old. Zip and Fred had become friends immediately and had taken to each other big time. In fact Zip grew up knowing that Fred was her biological father. Not until some jealous relatives of her mother had told her the truth. But that is a story for another day.

Martha moved from specialist to specialist in town only to be told the same thing. That there was some blockage on her fallopian tubes and this was why chances of her ever conceiving again were close to nil until this situation could be corrected. And to make matters worse there was some complication that doctors said made every solution they could think of “tricky”.

Fred reassured Martha that he loved her and her child and that one daughter was enough for them. Martha had her doubts. In fact even her friends advised her that one day, the man would turn to another woman to produce “his own blood.” They even went ahead and gave her many cases she knew about to prove their point. They even told her that women who produced daughters for their husbands were still abandoned in the end. Now what about her situation where her daughter was not even Fred’s blood, even though she called him Daddy?

Martha pretended that it was no big deal but the truth was that when Fred went to work and left her alone in the house she could think of nothing else. She knew that her friends envied her because of Fred’s commitment to her and the fact that he was such a loving man. She was well aware that they were capable of doing anything to mess her marriage. But she also knew that what they said rung true.

So she was constantly hopping from doctor to doctor desperate to birth Fred’s child.

One day a friend suggested that she visit a Korino man who usually prayed for people to get children in neighboring Kawangware which was not very far from Riruta where she lived. On visiting the man he told her that he would have to say his prayers in her house. What gave Martha much confidence that the guy was a real “man of God” was the fact that he told her he never accepted any payment for his work. It was free. After paying a small fortune so far in fruitless visits to doctors Martha was relieved to hear this and very hopeful that she may have finally found the right solution. If the guy did not ask for money then there was no way he could be a conman, she reassured herself.

And so Martha brought him into their home. It was during the April school holidays and Zip was home from school and of course the little girl who served as a maid in the house. Martha sent them to the kitchen while the man “prayed” in the sitting room.

After a while he told Martha that his “prayers” had led him to a solution to her problem. She would have to trust him on this one, he said. He told her that he had been ordered to “open the way” for her pregnancy. Martha was puzzled and wondered how he was going to do this. The man told her that he would have to have sexual intercourse with her and then the way would be open and he would get pregnant the next time she was with her husband.

Martha’s first reaction was to kick the man out of her house.

The man continued even as her mind raced. He said that she would also have to give him one of her husband’s shirts so that when he went away, he would continue “praying” so that in case the man was “shooting blanks” there would be a change and he would start firing “real live ammunition” capable of getting her pregnant. Martha remembered that her husband had not gone for any tests. Not that he had refused but it had always been assumed because of what doctors said the problem was with Martha and not Fred. But what if the doctors were wrong and the problem was with Fred? After all she had already conceived a child and given birth before. Fred hadn’t.

Martha was desperate for a solution and so she accepted the man’s proposal. She called Zip and her 12 year old maid and sent them to a shop which was at least 30 minutes away.

“And buy yourselves a soda when you get there,” she told them as the happily skipped away and left the man and Martha alone in the house. It was about 11 am and Fred was at work. Martha went to the children’s bedroom and removed the mattress the maid and her daughter usually slept on and put it down on the floor.

The man was well endowed and it was a little painful for Martha, but within 15 minutes or so “the man of prayer” had emptied himself inside her. He quickly dressed and said another loud prayer.

Martha brought him one of her husbands’ shirts (she later told her husband that the shirt had been stolen off the clothes line).

Fred came home in the evening as usual and he was in the mood and Martha hoped that she had conceived that night. She waited and the weeks quickly turned into months and yet nothing happened.

Martha was very upset. Especially one day when she went to the market at Kwangware and spotted the man wearing her husband’s shirt. She cursed silently realizing that she had been conned big time. But there was absolutely nothing she could do. She could not even dare tell Fred what had happened.

She later learnt that the man who was a Luhya was in the business of cheating housewives in that way. He usually took shirts and other “gifts” from the encounters but his charge for the prayers appeared to be only sex from people’s wives. Martha was disgusted with herself and the conman.

However this story has a happy ending.

About two years after this incident, a real woman of prayer came to Martha and told her that she was going to get pregnant with a son. Martha, after her earlier experience was a little skeptical, but sure enough about 3 months later she missed her periods for the first time in a long time. She now has Fred’s son.

Oh and she waited almost 10 years later to tell Fred about the incident. In one of those silly and dangerous games couples play of making confessions to one another. Luckily Fred is a strange one. He was very hurt hearing about what Martha had done to him. But she reminded him that he too had strayed and she had forgiven him.

Both are staunch church going Christians these days.


Taabu said...

What we do get emotional by products? Speak of living for the world and being a statistics. Well, it is painful but the truth. This world is not fair and was never meant to be. Leaves you wondering, all matters intricate involves being athletic around the waist? Mhhhhh, poor and happy eunuchs must be having both bliss and misery combined.

Mluyia said...

Wha people go through to keep their marriages intact, only God knows ...

Markus said...

Good JoB! :)