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Thursday, April 17, 2008

When Sparks Fly And Love Blossoms Into The Most Unlikely Couples

It happens all the time in this world. A man and a woman meet who on the outside would seem to be the most unlikely of couples and the sparks fly and they are drawn to each other like magnets. Sometimes tragedy results, other times years of marital bliss and a very special relationship results.

Ben And Safida were the most unlikely couple anyone would ever have imagined coming together. Safida was 42, the age where most women have given up ever getting married. Ben was barely 25 and just starting out in life, a handsome man who would have married any beautiful Nairobi woman.

Safida was the very opposite. She was a little overweight although she was always careful to look good. But it was always an uphill task for her having given birth to two teenage children of her own from different men. Safida’s social life consisted of going to church on Sundays and spending quality time with her two teenage children on week days. She had resigned herself to a life of taking care of her children and had given up hope of ever getting married. But little did she know that destiny and fate had other ideas for her.

One other social event that Safida never missed to attend were weddings. She would always carry her gift and would ensure that she shook the bride and bridegrooms hand. Safidah had a fairly good job working for a well known NGO organization based in Kenya and mercifully money was not a major struggle for her.

Somehow word spread that she usually gave very impressive gifts at whatever weddings she attended. So the wedding invitations flowed and for a reason this writer does not quite understand Safida dutifully attended virtually every wedding she was invited to. Amazingly when pressure at work or a trip would not allow her to attend she would still always ensure that she had sent her gift.

I will be honest to tell you that here I can only speculate as to what drove Safida to do what she did. Was she somehow still secretly hoping that one day somebody would approach her for marriage, even as she progressed into her fourties? My source who gave me this story claims that she was investing in her own future wedding. He assures me that nothing a person “plants” repeatedly on this earth will fail to grow and yield fruits.

So one day she attended this wedding of a very young couple. The man was only 25 and his bride was about 22. As usual after the church service, she proceeded to the reception carrying this huge parcel of a gift for the newly weds.

She hardly paid any attention to a smartly dressed man who sat about 3 seats away on the same front row where she took her seat. As is usually the case at such a function people come and go and as the afternoon progressed the two people sitting between Safida and the young man left and as other people arrived, she suddenly found herself seated right next to the smartly dressed young man.

To her he seemed barely 5 years older than her own 17 year old first born son.

“Hello, my name is Mbugua, Ben Mbugua,” the young man introduced himself. Safida politely said hello to him and wondered what he wanted from her. Could he be a conman, she asked herself and decided to be extra careful with him.

“Do you know the bride or the bridegroom?” the young man kept pressing. Safida rudely answered that she knew neither and kept quiet. She started looking around for another seat to move to. This man was surely behaving weirdly. But the place was packed and so she was forced to stay put. But the moment she handed over her gift she fled.

She was sure that is the last she would see of the weirdo of a young man.

About 3 weeks later while shopping at one of the Nakumatts a smiling young man approached her with his hand extended.

“Remember me?” he asked a broad smile on his face that reminded her of her son.

At first she could not place him. Then she remembered. She accepted his hand and shook it wondering what the game here really was.

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