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Friday, April 18, 2008

When Sparks Fly And Love Blossoms Into The Most Unlikely Couples Part 2

Read Part 1 of this true story

Safida found the young man waiting for her outside the supermarket. He promptly invited her for a cup of tea. Safida was now really curious. And her curiosity overcame her fears of being conned or harmed in some way.

As a precaution she insisted that she choose the place where they would have the tea. She chose a popular and usually crowded coffee house along Mama Ngina street that she had patronized for years. It wasn’t too far from the Nakumatt they had just been to. She just had to know what this young man’s racket was.

To her big surprise he was easy to talk to. But what struck Safida the most was the way he would listen. He really listened to her and seemed to hang on his every word. As most women know, most men do not listen. Some of them are good at pretending but all they do is hear what you say. They never really listen. Ben was different. They talked about everything. Safida discovered that he had a fairly good job with a well known accounting firm in Nairobi and was in the final stages of his CPA’s. But he seemed to be too knowledgeable for his age.

And that is why she never noticed the time passing. She looked at her watch and gasped already starting to get up.

“There is something very important I need to tell you.”

The way he said it, she sat down again immediately but she asked him to say it quickly because she was really running late and part of her children’s supper was still in the shopping bags that she had dumped inside the boot of her car.

But nothing had prepared her for what the young man told her next. He said that he hoped she was not married (at least he thought so because she did not have a ring on her wedding finger) although she had dodged that question asked by him in many different ways since they had sat down for their several cups of coffee. He said he really liked being with her and had liked her from the first time he had seen her.

Aiii!!! He had to be joking. Or maybe this was an elaborate con trick that was supposed to end up with her parting with a substantial amount of cash. But she decided not to let him know that she was suspicious. That way she had a chance of taking him and his conmanship gang by surprise. At least that is what she told this writer about what her thoughts were at the coffee shop along Mama Ngina street that first date.

She pretended to be highly amused. “I could be your mother you know. There are so many young girls desperately looking for somebody just like you.”

That statement seemed to hurt the young man and this surprised Safida even more. If this was a con trick, then these guys were very good. But she could see even more pain in his face after what she told him next.

“Okay you must want money from me. Let me tell you, you will get a single cent. Be honest, is this what all this is about?”

She ended up storming out of the coffee shop. She left him seated there looking like it was the end of the world… and it kind of haunted her the whole evening and for many more days.

Then she found herself behaving very funnily. She started going out of her way to visit that particular Nakumatt supermarket, but many months passed and she did not meet the young man at the supermarket again. Just as well she told herself, the guy had no idea what he was talking about. Either that or the conning they were planning to do, did not work out since she discovered early that it was about money.

After 3 long months, she did the unthinkable. She called the accounting firm he had mentioned. She lied to herself that she was just checking him out, to confirm that he was really who he said he was. Deep inside her she hoped to talk to him again. To get to the bottom of this issue.

“Mr Mbugua is auditing at a client’s office,” the male telephone receptionist told her. “Can I take a message?”

She left her name and telephone number but then regretted it as soon as she had put down the phone. He called back before the end of the day and she was surprised at how fast her heart beat and how glad she was that he had called.

They met again at the same coffee shop and talked for hours. It was rather obvious that there was a lot of chemistry between them and the sparks were flying all over the place. But it was also obvious that there were huge mountains standing in the way of this unlikely relationship.

Her children hated Ben with a passion and wondered what had gotten into their very reliable and responsible mother. People who knew Safida talked a lot about how she was keeping a young man. They had a good time discussing how sexually hungry she must be. They really laughed their heads off at the gossip.

Ben’s friends could not understand what was going on. He got a fairly good salary from his job and could not have been that desperate for money to move around with a woman who could easily have given birth to him. And again she was a little overweight. They asked me if he had failed to find a chic so that they could help him get one. They found out that he was not interested. He was in love.

As you read this Ben and Safida are very happily married. Their problems have not gone away. For starters Ben’s parents and especially his mother hate Safida with a passion. In fact although they were invited, they did not attend the simple ceremony that the couple had which was the signing at the AG’s chambers followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant.

People still gossip a lot. But the two are very happy to have found each other.

Maybe you’re even one of the people who gossip about them and after reading this you have a pretty good idea who I am talking about. But I would like to ask you to stop gossiping because the joke is on you. The two have found true love, have you?

As I keep on telling a very close friend, many people are born and die without ever experiencing true love. To others true love comes calling once in a life time. Just remember that it will often come with many obstacles standing in the way. However if it is really true love the obstacles will always be overcome.


Taabu said...

Bliss lies in being a slave to your heart and being yourself. Inviting a crowd to your life remains the known bane to full joy. Well that would be textbook, can you avoid the soiciety? Or worse still can you burry your head and be an isle unto yourself. LOVE: the most used ad abused word by living adults.

Emily said...

well i dont know, taabu is ever a pessimist, even here he just had to say something negative...why did u have to go spoil everything with the last sentence when u started so well?!

i, on the other hand think that, that was so romantic!!

Chicity said...

Good for them! Age ain't nothing but a number......let's sing along:-))))

Sunny said...

I pray that Safida and Ben do not let the naysayers of Kenya ruin their love. To have found each other is a blessing and as for Ben's parents, if they choose not to support him, that is fine. If Safida's children feel that he is not worthy, they need to look back at the sacrifice their mother made for them by not being loved for so long.I was raised by a single mother and I wished that she would have found love like Safida, even at her age of 64, I hope that finds love again. The least both family could do is leave Ben and Safida to do the same and make the mistakes they both need to make in their lives, if at all. Blessings and happiness to both of them.