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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Did Kenyan Man Disappear In Tanzania Part II

Read Part 1 Of This True story

Mrs Kamua could not understand why her husband had behaved the way he had when he had seen her. Now she was very worried. What had these Tanzanians done to him? She was also confused and very hurt. She was sure he had seen him and yet the he had quickly rushed back into his office.

Over the next few days Mrs Kamau was to find out many things that hurt her very deeply. Many times she felt like boarding the next bus out of Tanzania but she remained and she persevered for the sake of their children.

This is what had happened to Mr Kamau.

Mr Kamau had gotten involved with a young 23 tear old Tanzanian girl who worked at the hotel. Tanzanian women generally believe that Kenyans have a lot of money and in a way this is true because they are often employed on much higher salaries than locals in Tanzania and this has also brought a lot of animosity against Kenyans within locals.

One problem is that Mr Kamau had never been to Tanzania before and therefore did not know the country at all and neither did he know the women.

The young girl, we shall call her Sophia decided that she had come across a gold mine and she was going to “milk it” to the maximum, using the considerable skills she had for her tender age. Actually all she did was turn on her Tanzanian charm and use the knowledge her aunties had taught her about how to please a man. It was fairly easy to trap the conservative Kikuyu man from Kenya in her snare.

Before long the young lady was living in his house and that is where he was completely won over to the extent that he forgot all about his family who had stuck with him and suffered with him all those long months that turned into years when he was unemployed.

Tanzanian women know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So while Mrs Kamau for example preferred to cook her rice mixed with potatoes meat and cabbages and everything stuffed into the sufuria and stirred together to save time, Sophia would take time to cook a meal fit for a king every time without fail. The rice would be cooked separately, the meat separately and a stew or sauce separately. Then she would cook a vegetable that tastes almost like meat that was not found in Kenya called matebele separately. By the time she served the food, the aroma alone was enough to make any man’s mouth start watering.

She would then bring him warm water to wash his hands and then she would sit next to him and then take a lot of pleasure from the way he ate hungrily as if there was no tomorrow.

“Kula mpenzi wangu ndio mimi pia chakula kiweze kuteremka.” (Eat my love so that my food will be able to pass my throat). She would say this to him in a soft woman’s voice that would penetrate deep into his heart and of course the other place as well.

He remembered Mrs Kamau who was very rude and could not even take water into the bathroom for him and things started happening to him. It did not matter that he was in his late 40s and this girl was only 23.

Sophia would then go into the bathroom and bathe before joining Kamau in bed. Now this was the knock out blow that caused poor Mr Kamau to bring his entire salary of Kshs 150,000 to Sophia and surrender it all to her at the end of the month.

Sophia would apply some special oil her aunties told her about that would make even a man long dead rise to the occasion if you know what I mean. The special training that she had received had taught her the scent was very important in sex. Kamau remembered that his wife often smelled of urine. Sophia's deadly skills here were coupled with the special beaded necklaces that she wore around her waste always and especially during the act.

Kamau could not even begin to compare this with his wife who always came to bed exhausted and would start snoring before her head hit the pillow. Mrs Kamau would only remain alert if there was something to complain about. She would then nag him until Kamau got a headache just listening to her and her endless complaints.

Sophia was well trained. If there was something to be discussed the bed was the last place to discuss it. Beds were places for rest relaxation and sex for couples. Her aunties had told her again and again that to get a favorable answer to our request, you had to do a good job in bed and then when you would not even need to ask, the man would be eating out of your hand in no time. If the man was very mean and push came to shove you just pretended to be very upset. The man would miss the usual "sunshine" and would cave in immediately. That is exactly what Sophia did. By the time Mrs Kamau was traveling to Dar-es-salaam, Kamau would have sworn that he did not have any family in Nairobi, let alone a wife other than Sophia.

Back to that reception at the hotel where Mrs Kamau had noticed her husband’s very strange behaviour. She sat at the reception for almost 30 minutes not knowing what to do next. Finally the receptionist announced in that complex Kiswahili that Mr Kamau was ready to see her. She led him up the stairs and Mrs Kamau could not help noticing how she walked in an exaggerated way, swinging her hips excessively. Why was she doing that, she was not a man, she thought to herself. It annoyed her now that she was faced with such a serious problem with her husband of many years. Mrs Kamau would not have known that she had been trained to walk when she was barely 4 years and now it was the natural way she walked. Actually she glided u the stairs.

Mr Kamau did not even stand up when she walked in. The receptionist closed the door and left them alone. According to Mrs Kamau’s testimony of the events of that day, the conversation went something like this;

“Why have you wasted money coming here?”

Mrs Kamau was deeply hurt by this question: “Did you completely forget about your children? Tell me what is going on here?”

“I am very busy. You will have to go back to Nairobi today.”

“What have they done to you here that you forget your family completely.”

To cut a long story short, it took a lot of prayer and at least three trips to Tanzania for Mrs Kamau to free her husband from the clutches of the Tanzanian girl.

In fact he was forced to leave Tanzania and his lucrative job when relatives intervened and organized another job for him in Kenya to save the marriage. To this day Mrs Kamau hasn't the slightest idea what hit her.

Some people say Sophia used witchcraft, others including this writer say that she did not need to because she knew the exact buttons to touch in a man--literally.

My advice is that if your husband goes to work in Tanzania without you at his side and your are a typical Kenyan woman..... sahau.


Anonymous said...

Ukweli mtupu.Kwanza kama umeoa mwanamke mkikuyu

Anonymous said...

Am tanzanian n find kenyan ladies attractive n fun to be with,mrs kamau must be a rural wowan n its not fair to compare her to n urban lady

Anonymous said...

Another one of those Upuzi comparisons. Kila nchi iko na wazuri na wabaya. Whatever is wrong with Kenyan men and these comparisons day in day out. Si muhame tu Kenya after all we have seen how Kenyan men are leading the country as we speak. Perhaps Ghananian Men are better than Kenyan (Read Kofi Annan)

Anonymous said...

Yah Im a Kenyan woman about to disappear in TZ manze these guys have skills and they know how to talk nicely.they are real wangwana wachana na this rough Kenyans who dunno anything abt being a gentleman or satisfying a woman sexually.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Jamani this is very unfair to us kikuyu ladies... and this Mrs. Kamau also ati she smells urine. Kai aregire gwithamba acoka aruga mitukanio. Ikai guthire atia? am married to a Tz man, a loving husband, good in bed, loves the kids bla bla bla but there is on thing I miss in our country men... the aggresiveness in what they do.