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Thursday, April 3, 2008

She Murdered To Be With Her Lover

The Crime of passion that shook a Kenyan neighborhood

They say that women go insane several times during their lives. For example when they are pregnant and about 6 months after delivery, a woman is not really herself and should be handled with care and lots of understanding.

The other deadly time is when a woman is genuinely in love.

Today’s story seems to confirm this last point perfectly.

Barbra is now waiting for the hangman’s noose for a crime that shocked the entire neighborhood where it happened. It was an extra-ordinary crime of passion.

They also say that women were born to be loved and fussed over and cared for. Something that poor Barbra never experienced in her miserably life. Sadly Barbra was not alone, many women today never really find true love.

Her son Jose, was probably the only thing that kept her going. At least that was until the arrival of Niko. Actually it was the most unlikely match you would imagine Niko had been previously married and chased away his wife after beating her almost senseless. Niko complained that she was very rebellious.

But fascinatingly he never laid a hand on Barbra nor even came close to doing so in the one year of bliss that their passionate love affair lasted. Those who were close to the couple tell conflicting tales as to what the reason for this may have been. Some people say it was the huge age difference where they were separated by 15 years. Niko was 45 and Barbra was 30. She would never dream of disobeying a single thing that Niko ordered. In fact there are those who said that Niko took undue advantage of Barbra’s total devotion.

But age was not the only factor. Those who are experienced in these matters say that when a woman’s sex genie is somehow opened by a certain man, she becomes his slave, living a life that is totally devoted only to him. And judging by the tales in the neighborhood about the couple’s noisy love making that would literally last the whole night, it is fairly safe to assume that sex was very much at the centre of things in this amazing relationship that ended so tragically.

In the blissful year that the couple lived together, Barbra still retained her house where she lived with her 8 year old son Roy. She would leave him sleeping alone and then rush home to help him prepare for school early the next morning after Niko had also left for work.

The time reached when Niko decided that Barbra should move in permanently. At first she was delighted at the suggestion assuming that Roy was in the deal as well. After all there is an old African proverb that says you cannot love the cow and fail to love the calf. But obviously this was a proverb that Niko had never heard of. Niko simply told Barbra that he did not believe in raising children that he had not fathered, so he told her to get rid of the boy somehow.

And it seems that Barbra thought long and hard about where to take her only son, the one who had been a joy to her for so long but had suddenly become a burden. She also probably realized that her son would end up living a very miserable life. Tragically she may have figured out that Roy would be better off dead.

She took her son and locked her tiny one roomed house one late afternoon just after he had gotten back from school and then somehow dipped him inside a huge water drum inside her room. Neighbors say that they heard some splashing around and struggles inside the room and wondered what it was about. But it seems Barbra was determined and held her only son under the water until he was dead. She then changed from her wet clothes, coolly locked the house and went to Niko’s to spend the night. It was only about 3 days later when neighbours complained of some horrible smell coming from her house and the fact that Barbra had not been seen there for a number of days.

It is not clear whether Barbra wanted to convince everybody that an intruder had opened her house, murdered her son with no motive and then locked the door again. Or maybe she didn’t think that far in her plan. Whatever she had in mind, this was a very simple case that took the police a few hours to solve. Barbra was quickly picked up from Niko’s place.

This writer has confirmed that no hangings have taken place for a long time and so I owner if as she awaits her appointment with the hangman Barbra ever thinks of the son she once adored. Or does she just think of how much she misses Niko?

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