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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Angry husband allows wife to keep boyfriend

Life was never easy for Margaret when she was growing up. After completing her forth form exams, she left her village for the City with just a small paper bag of clothes to her name and was employed as a house help. She was always a bright girl but her parents could not afford to educate her any further. She got a job in a rich family and had a servant’s quarters all to herself. She was a very faithful worker and the whole family liked and supported her. Her employer’s husband was a very straight family man and did not try to play any games with her. But someone else did.

The owner of the neighboring house, a man in his 50s was eyeing her longingly every time she stepped out of the house on her errands or whenever he visited her employer. They soon got talking and after some time he convinced her to go for a date with him in town on her day off. They had passionate sex on the very first date and the guy gave her 2,000 bob as a gift. She could not believe it. Kshs.2000/-?! For just a few hours?! That was not even what she earned in a month! She and her new found friend continued having weekly sex on her day off and she made more and more money. She was able to save some money and buy herself lotions, perfumes, nice clothes and other nice things like other women she knew. That’s when the idea started growing on her. She was not going to wait around for a meager 1,500/- bob a month when she could make much more with her body. She quit employment and became a full time call girl.

Soon Nairobi was not appealing enough for her any more and she moved to Mombasa. Margaret by the way was a very striking beauty with a figure to die for and it did not take her long to catch the eye of an old Mzungu who was in the country for a one month tour. Mzungu is a hot catch for any call girl and even though he weighed over 150Kgs, she readily accepted to offer her services to him. He was very pleased with what she did to him and for the very first night, he paid her over Kshs.10,000/! Margaret was hooked. And so was the mzungu. For her the money was good and for him the sex was good. You see being so overweight, he could not do much in bed and many women kept off him. But Margaret was different. She went out of her way to pleasure him. She took the time to be creative and work around the guy’s weight – something other call girls had never bothered to do for him. He flew back home at the end of his tour and came back after a short time to be with her.

The mzungu was a very rich divorced pensioner and his kids were all grown up and leading their own lives. As soon as he got back, he bought a palatial house in the leafy suburbs of town and put it in her name. Together they furnished it lavishly with mostly imported stuff and moved in together. He also maintained his home in Switzerland so they’d spend time in whichever house they wanted whenever they wanted. Having been forced into prostitution by circumstances and not out of free will, she did not find it difficult to stop it and dedicate herself to him. After all now she had more money than she ever imagined having, a dream house and a dream car – a dream life in short. She even began to fall in love with him.

But it was not all bliss. She was doing her best to satisfy him sexually but due to his weight limitations, he could not give her much. Sex for them was strictly Margaret on top. She craved some more movement. She tried using sex toys but it was not the same. She needed a man in the flesh. One night when she was out dancing alone, the 25 year old club DJ caught her drooling over him. Actually she was drooling over all the good looking men but more so the DJ. She bought him a few drinks and he immediately got the message without having to be told much. As much as she wanted a man there and then, he was working for the night and they arranged to meet the next day which was on a Sunday. She picked him from his small house and drove him to an exclusive well kept secret location out of town.

There were no preliminaries. No drinks, no small talk, nothing. As soon as they were in the hotel room it was action right away. They undressed like their clothes were on fire. Or full of crawling insects. Driven by pure lust and pent up sexual energies, they had the most passionate sex Margaret had had in a long time. And it was like that every other Sunday after that. The sex was so good that they found themselves meeting more and more until it became a habit. Every Sunday Margaret would make some excuses to her mzungu and she’d go and meet the DJ. They even stopped going out of town and she’d just go to his place. Whenever the mzungu was away in his country and he left her here, she’d spend all the time at the DJ’s house or invite him to hers.

Then the unthinkable happened. Margaret fell pregnant.

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Anonymous said...

aki seriously, is this the kind of story to make us wait for? i dont mind reading long stories in udaku, joan!!

i am not very happy, please post the remaining part of the story in good time....i cannot wait!!!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Mrembo Lol. Yeah the wait is killing!

Anonymous said...

joan, joan u love sex that i know, how wud u feel if u had sex with out finishing as in bila climax coz thas what exactly uve done 2 us