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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why Don’t Rich men In Kiambu Eat At Home?

A casual visit to the plush residential areas in Kiambu. Not far from Nairobi where the stinking rich live, will shock any first-time visitor.

In fact you may not believe that you are within the borders of the republic of Kenya. You will see luxurious homes complete with swimming pools (in one magnificent case the main sitting room has a view through thick but clear glass of the swimming pool so that anybody swimming under water can be clearly seen in the comfort of expensive velvet cushions.

But the reality is that money is not everything and the “Rich also cry” as some popular Mexican soap seen in Kenya years ago used to be so appropriately titled.

The first thing you will notice is that there is an extraordinarily high number of widows amongst the stinking rich in Kiambu and there are all sorts of whispers as to what may have happened to those rich husbands. These whispers seem to be supported by the extremely strange behaviour of many of the surviving wealthy men in the area.

The whispers claim that most of the husbands were poisoned by their wives. Now the reality is that most of these very wealthy men do not eat food in their own homes. Many of them patronize restaurants and arrive home when they have already eaten.

Then the other really strange thing you will quickly be told by servants is that husbands mostly do NOT share beds with their wives. Separate bedrooms seem to be the norm. But don’t think for one minute that the women are nuns. A visit to a popular small hotel not far from the Globe Cinema roundabout will shock you to your bones. You will meet the young men who crowd this joint fighting over the rich women who desire attention from them which some of them claim their husbands are too busy to give.

But ironically the same rich husbands who are said not to have the time to fulfill their conjugal responsibilities to their wives are busy carrying out vigorous activity around the waist of their own on girls young enough to be their own daughters. Indeed some of these men are frequent clients of Nairobi’s infamous red district of Koinange street.

So man and wife live under one roof and have never slept on the same bed for the last 10 years or more. And in the same period of time the only time the man of the house has dared to eat at home was during some Christmas party they hosted in the house.

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