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Monday, April 14, 2008

How Snake Was Used In Attempt To Make Barren Woman Give Birth

The kind of things childless women go through to have children!!........aii!

If you have not been through such an experience I can assure you that you have no idea. Even if somebody were to explain it to you there is no way you would understand.

For example there is this lady who visited a witchdoctor and went through something that is akin to the worst, most scary horror movie you can think of. She had been referred to this witchdoctor in Kitui and was told that the man was expensive but he never failed. She rushed there not knowing what awaited her.

She was ushered into a very dark room and after brief consultations she was asked to remove her skirt and sit on a pot with her private parts exposed to the inside of the pot. She could not believe her ears. Remove her clothes? In front of this stranger? Then she remembered that she was childless and desperate for a child and she quickly stripped.

The man made some incantations and she felt a strange tickling sensation down there. Like a feather was touching her. She froze and a chill went down her spine. After what appeared to be hours of this (although it could not have lasted more than a minute), she was asked to get up and dress.

She asked what was inside the pot and the man just laughed and asked her to place the money on the floor. She obeyed and what she saw next almost made her pass out. The withdoctor reached into the pot and removed a giant snake and proceeded to wrapi it around his neck. The woman would have easily fainted, was she not too scared to pass out in this dark nightmare of a room. The horror of knowing that her private parts had been “licked” by a snake haunted her for a long time.

She left the place feeling very stupid and cheated. She was sure that she had wasted her hard-earned money.

However the very next month she missed her periods.

The woman gave birth alright but to a retarded child that is now a bigger burden than when she was childless.


Enchanted One said...

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Anonymous said...

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Abass said...

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