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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crime Of Passion That Shocked Africa And The World

She fell passionately in love with her best friend’s husband, what else could she have done?

Of all crimes of passion ever committed, the case in Botswana a few years ago still stands out as the craziest. Today in Udaku Daily we recreate the tale here for you.

Priska was in love with her best friend’s husband. Priska a white South African and Janet had met when both were in school at a girl’s boarding school in Pretoria.

She still regretted the day that she had made a decision to visit her best friend in Gaberone, Botswana. The two women had not seen each other for many years and although Janet did not have any children yet, she had been married to her husband for quite sometime. We shall call her husband Josiah.

She still remembered the day that Janet had introduced her husband. Priska’s eyes had locked with his for only a split second but she had known then that she was in big trouble. It wasn’t that the man was an exceptionally good looker, but she just felt drawn to him like a magnet. She felt totally out of control. It was difficult to describe the feeling.

Poor Janet never for one minute suspected that anything was going on, even as the sparks flew and temperatures rose considerably on the many occasions when the three were seated together somewhere.

What made things worse was Janet’s insistence that Priska should stay with them instead of a nearby hotel. The poor woman really trusted her husband because she usually worked very late on some nights.

It was during one of those nights that Priska had made passionate love to Josiah for the first time. It was the kind of lovemaking she had never thought was possible. Even now she shivered and started getting hot just thinking about it. There was something very animalish in the way Josiah had just devoured her. It was almost rape only that she had wanted it so badly that she had torn off his shirt herself.

The crazy thing is that even when it was over she still wanted more of him.

Afterwards she had laid in bed in her best friend’s house wondering what had come over her. She felt no remorse or regret at all over what she had done. That is the thing that she really found bizarre. Yet she had just slept with her best friend’s husband. She was supposed to be feeling as guilty as hell.

Janet did not get suspicious when Priska extended her stay. The passionate affair continued now in hotel rooms and other secret hideouts and love nests. It was soon very clear that Priska could not do without Josiah. And now they had a very serious problem. Priska and Josiah wanted to be together but the big hindrance was Janet. She was married to the man and legally had the man that Priska wanted all to herself and needed like oxygen itself.

It is not clear exactly when the evil thought first crossed her mind, but there is no doubt that she entertained it and it grew and was nurtured. Finally it became an obsession.

The horrified crowds in the court room later were to be told how Priska crossed the border back into South Africa and purchased a revolver which she brought back with her to her friend’s house in Botswana. Indeed the friend who had shown her nothing but kindness and who had generously hosted her in her own house. One fateful night, Priska waited for Janet somewhere and shot her dead in cold blood. She got rid of the gun. Police were naturally puzzled at the crime and started to make their enquires.

But one mistake Priska made was that she could not stay away from Josiah at least until things cooled off. That was one of the reasons why the suspicions of the police were raised.

Priska did not have too long a time with Josiah all to herself. The two were arrested for the murder of Janet. Priska was convicted while the lover for whom she had done it for was released. Priska was sentenced to hang for the crime. Under the law in Botswana a death row inmate can receive a presidential pardon and for a time Priska’s hopes hang on that happening. But the president of Botswana declined to pardon her and she was hanged.

What is it that can push a woman to behave in such a murderous fashion, what kind of love and passion was it that happened between Priska and Josiah to warrant such behaviour? We can only speculate because that was a secret carried to the grave by love-crazy Priska.

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