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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Licentious game of the rich that ended up in tragedy

Rich folks are crazy. The things they do would hardly make sense to the vast majority of ordinary folk.

There is this game that is very regularly played in those leafy estates of Nairobi like Westlands, Runda, Lavington and Spring Valley. In Mombasa it happens in places like Nyali and in Dar-es-salaam you will find the game being played in areas like Masaki and Mikocheni amongst other places.

This is what people refer to as swinging.

For those still in the dark this is the situation where people exchange wives and husbands for sexual pleasure. They say that eating even chapatis and chicken every day tends to get boring at some stage. So the idea is to change diet once ion a while and to do it without hiding the fact from your spouse.

There are even special clubs for swinging that exist in East Africa where you go with your spouse and you switch them and end up going home with somebody else for a night of passionate love making. In other cases, two or three couples meet and then switch partners for a night of fun.

All this looks like it may be a lot of fun. However the truth is that in this day and age many things can go wrong. There are STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) that are incurable and I am not talking about HIV-Aids. And these kind of sexual diseases are on the increase. Not to mention unwanted pregnancies and all sorts of complications that could easily turn one night of fun into a terrible nightmare that could last for many years, even fpr the rest of your life on this planet.

Or what happened to Janet could happen to you.

Janet had been married for about 18 years and when the idea was proposed to her, she got very excited. Her husband had gotten a new job and had done a few corrupt deals that had greatly uplifted the financial status of the family. It had all looked like a dream to Janet. In a very short time the couple had moved from Kayole to Karen. And of course this meant that they obtained new family friends. They no longer had anything to do with their dear old Kayole friends.

Janet had been having fantasies of her own as to how pleasurable it would be to get hungrily devoured by somebody else other than Baba Jimmy who these days required lots of “encouragement” to rise to the occasion and even when he did it was a little half mast. You really couldn’t blame him, the years were advancing.

She was very excited about the whole thing and the first experience did not disappoint her. It had excited her immensely that even after all these years a man would get so excited seeing her naked that she thought his eyes would pop out.

Janet’s view was that rich folk were very clever because this was the solution against things like divorce and marital problems. In the weeks after the encounter she found that she was extra caring to Baba Jimmy.

It was the third encounter that brought problems big time. And it was not some incurable disease or anything. Something very simple happen. Janet just went crazy over this man. She had never experienced sex like this in her life. In fact she had not realize that it was [possible for sexual pleasure to reach those kind of heights.

Before she knew what was happening, she was secretly meeting the man without Baba Jimmy’s knowledge. Shortly after she moved in with him and they started living together in a hotel room at the Silver Springs Hotel. Janet completely abandoned her husband and children.

The man was married and so on one or two nights he would go back home to see his wife and family. Janet would be left all alone in the hotel room crying the whole night. It was just crazy.

Today Baba Jimmy has re-married and Janet sees her children only once in a while. Her lover soon got tired of the whole thing. It seemed that it was a big turn on that he was banging somebody else’s wife but that quickly wore off when Janet left her husband and Baba Jimmy got himself a much younger wife.

There are rumours yet to be confirmed that the once respectable Mama Jimmy is a very loose woman these days and people say she is seen with very young penniless boys.

Yeah, swinging is not the fun and games it is made out to be, ask Janet.

Why not just spice up your sex life with your mama Jimmy or Baba Jimmy?


Anonymous said...

Are you going on vacation to Kenya of you are tired of your wife?

Lilac said...

Why not just spice up your sex life with your mama Jimmy or Baba Jimmy???

Hey, leave people's sexual fantasies alone. Well managed, swinging can be a very exciting spice to a boring sex life. Rule Number 1: Just don't go falling in love.

Janet is just a basket case using swinging as a scapegoat. She'd have gotten laid anyway sooner or later with or without swinging.

Anonymous said...

& yes!! we forget God's commandments..lust, adultery..Am not as holy as i read BUT shouldn't marriage be more respected than getting simple ways of spicing up our lives? Ooh how dissapointing it is to think the day i walk down with "supu" it'll be to that dark sorry but y'all swingers & those who are for it...mshindwe katika jina!!