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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Terrible secret caused woman to lose every man who ever loved her

Diana is a very beautiful woman by any standards. She is the kind that oozes sex (if you get what I mean) and attracts men who are soon eating out of her hands.

But each new day is a gift to Diana because she has come very close to taking her own life so many times. The truth is that she has a terrible secret that makes her lose men as quickly as (if not faster) than she gets them. No man will stay with her for more than a few weeks. These disruptions in her life have meant that she has never managed to get a steady stream of income to support her two children from the very first man she ever got married to. It is just totally amazing that such a beautiful desirable woman would end up in life so miserable.

It is believed that the same thing happens to Diana every time she moves in with a new man, to the point where she has more or less given up these days.

There have been all sorts of whispers from the superstitious village folks as to what may be the reason behind Diana’s bizarre problem. The reality is that the condition defies all scientific explanation.

It is said that every time Diana starts staying with a man the first days and sometimes even week or two are very quiet. Then suddenly it starts. When she is in bed with her man at night and unseen and powerful force invades the room and hurls her man off the bed and onto the floor and then violently rapes Diana. The “force” even ejaculates and the whole episode is exactly like real sex except that the evil force cannot be seen by humans.

Naturally all the men she ever gets to live with are usually in a big hurry to leave her after such strange incidences.

Diana’s friends say that she often confuses them. In sharing this strange out of this world tale, she has admitted to several of them that sex with the unseen force is better than sex with humans even despite the fact that it usually takes hr by force, but she is desperate that it stops. To many of them this is a contradiction that they cannot understand.

The other thing you will notice immediately about Diana is that she always walks around with a nice flowery handkerchief wrapped around her right hand. The reason for this is that she has six fingers in her right hand instead of the usual five that everybody else has. Some suspicious villagers have claimed that there is a relation between the six fingers and her weird episodes.

Spiritual experts interviewed by Udaku Daily say that the episode has been brought about by some strong link with demons and the spiritual realm and they say it can be exorcised by prayer from a man of spiritual authority like a pastor.

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Taabu said...

Joan tell Diana not to dare expose her vulrenability to PREYING pastors. They simply make her another spiritual prey. She needs counselling to exorcice her double identity. We all have both the pasive and active self and usually the passive is banished to the back banner. diana's bopth persona are active and in competition to outdo each other making her body a shelf holding the competing forces.

Anonymous said...

This is a small problem that can be treated in a week or so. Men and all powerful spirits whatever you call them shetani or rohani were all craeted to worship allah . they live and enjoy life like the human beings , they also marry and be get offsprings, they love , and are also jealous like the way human beings are . in the case of Diana , it seems for a long time a rohani fell in love with her and wants to keep her .Any man who falls in love with her will get similar treatment or even worse, but there are EXPERTS IN THIS FIELD who can remove the evil force from her with easy. she should visit MOMBASA , more specifically south coast from likoni or LAMU.She will get assistance at a cost of less than five thousands.

Anonymous said...

This is a serious matter and Diana needs healing through prayers and exorcism. Spiritual therapy will reveal that she is just a sacrificial subject of demonic convenant that might have taken place within her family membrs. If she is a christian, then prayers and exorcism could break that curse which has nothing to do with her per se. You should know that no invisble demonic spirit can possess a human being unless the person so desires or has been put as sacrificial price without his/her consent. Let Diana seek spiritual healing in Jesus Christ.

Gideon said...

Joan should not dare go to these Christian pastors sown all over. If she really wants to get rid of that eerie ghost I advice her to see a real ghost buster like me. I kick ass, demon ass for you!