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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Angry husband allows wife to keep boyfriend -Part 2

Continued from yesterday...Read Part 1 of this story

Then the unthinkable happened. Margaret fell pregnant.

She was pretty sure the young DJ was responsible but she could not tell the Mzungu that. Maybe she was just trying to buy time. She looked at the life she was living and could not bear the thought of loosing it all. She considered abortion but that was out of the question. She wanted a child. To make matters worse, the mzungu knowing that the child was his opted for them to go to Switzerland so she could give birth there. She accepted hoping and praying that the baby would look just like her and not the father. I’ve never known how she hoped to pull that one off because half caste babies at least have some features from the white side too.

When the baby came she was not in luck. He looked exactly like his father. He was a very dark baby and Margaret was light skinned. Everything pointed to the baby not being the Mzungu’s. Exhausted by months of worry and anxiety she could not maintain the charade any longer. She confessed. Far away from home, with a brand new baby and a very angry husband, she was only too glad when after 3 months of giving birth, the mzungu kicked her out of the house and flew her back to Kenya. At least he was considerate enough to give her time to heal. She came back to her palatial home in Mombasa and invited the DJ to stay with her and the baby. With her huge savings, she opened a top of the range hair salon and life started settling back to normal. Or so she thought.

Back in Switzerland, the old mzungu was starting to get lonely. He started missing his days with Margaret. Incidentally back here in Kenya life was not too rosy any more. Her business was not doing well and she was beginning to have some real worries about money. The DJ had since left work and was living entirely off her. Considering that she only wanted him for sex in the first place, she started to get tired of him. When the mzungu called and asked her to go back to him, she could not believe her luck. She and her baby hopped onto the first available flight and went back to Switzerland. Love is indeed blind. He forgave her and took her in, African baby and all. After some time they came back to Mombasa, revived the salon and started another even bigger business together. Both these businesses are doing very well. What’s more, (believe it or not) the mzungu allowed Margaret to continue seeing the DJ as a side kick. That is the arrangement to this day.


Anonymous said...

The marriage is now divorced.

Anonymous said...

hehehehehe anonymous...the marriage is now divorced? that one is funny!!