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Friday, June 6, 2008

Continuation - Hot Romace From Uganda

Read Part 1 of this tale

Soon the floor was not good enough and we shifted to bed. This sudden change in him made me even crazier for him. Given a choice, I’d have wanted him to get to work immediately. If he didn’t get to it that day I swear I was going to rape him. At a point when I thought I could not take it any more, I positioned myself in a perfect position for him to get to work and even tagged at his tool desperately wanting him to hop on. But not Mo. Even with the obvious level of arousal and the way I was a quivering mess, he was still quite the gentleman. He wanted to find out first whether I did not mind having sex with him. Duuh! Of course I did not mind! The guy even proceeded to give me a little lecture! At that time! About how we were about to make love and that he wanted me to relax. The way was going to be very gentle so I need not worry. And that he had waited for that moment for so long and that I was in very safe hands. Was this guy serious??! I just wanted to be ravaged! With immediate effect!

At first when he started his little matter of factly lecture I panicked even though we had good quality condoms. I thought maybe he was going to tell me something nasty. Like he has syphilis or something. I mean why else would a guy switch from throaty breathing to a matter of factly lecture just at the brink of mind blowing sex?

Ok so he started the lecture and I thought ok maybe he does not have some disease but he surely has a problem he wanted to disclose before we started. Maybe he can’t keep it up long enough or maybe he keeps it up too long. Something had to be the matter. But as it turned out, nothing was the matter with him. He just wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and ready for him. That must be courtesy of the highest order. I was blazing and of course I was ready for him and surely he could see that!

Just when I was beginning to get pissed at all the talk, he plunged in and I forgot everything. Just like that. He was everything I’d ever wanted and more. He was just the right size. Not too big and definitely not small – just the perfect fit. True to his word he was gentle. Not the boring kind of gentle but the firm and very sensual kind of gentle. The strokes were the best I had ever felt in my life. To be honest I had never been handled like that before. He listened to my reactions and knew just when to turn into a demon. And he did turn into one. When I got to heaven, he knew just what to do. He delivered me not just a climax but a series of knee tremblers like I had never ever thought possible. And he climaxed very beautifully too when his time came. His sound tracks were just perfect. Not too much theatrics just a groan here and a grunt there. This guy was definitely worth the wait. He proved me wrong in my suspicions. There was nothing wrong with him at all at all at all.

After that day things were much more straight forward. We just had great sex at every opportunity. Thankfully he did not give me any lectures again. I got to ask him much later what the teasing was all about and his answer was that he does not like to hurt a woman in any way. Oh ok.

Ours was a very great relationship but ended after some time. And then I met someone else.


Kiki said...
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Mcheku said...

Hehehehehehehe! The story has ended, definitely worth the wait. And Mo was definitely, definitely, worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

please think of the children, won't someone think of the children!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.12 keep your children away from the internet. not just udaku. the internet is littered with worse pictures and a child need only type the word sex. Mind your kids bwana wacha tujienjoy.

David said...

Now, this ugandan guy is just 2 much..,bt how on earth do u wait for four mounths 2 lay a chic & again,how do u start talking just b4 sex,after having waitd 4 over 4 months....................................,either this guy had like 2 other extra chics,who used 2 siphon him,or he used 2 use his hands or rather his hand+vaseline.........................,CAN ANY SANE KENYAN MAN STAY WITHOUT SEX IN A RELATIONSHIP 4 MORE THAN THREE MONTHS? (hey KIKI?)

David said...

Eh! Mcheku is usualy tha 1st 2 post a comment.

Kiki said...

David 2 extra chics i dont think so. but if so i would mind very much. hand+vaseline i dont mind at all. I mean it's your hand its your vaseline its your body au?

David said...

Kiki, enyewe i just find it strange.....,is that tha only kind of LOVING that u prefer?,-(coz if am sex starved for over 3 months,& all over sudden its offerd.lets just say id make rabbits turn green in envy.)-i think most kenyan men ar in trouble....,THANK GOD I CAN ADOPT....HEHEHE..

Anonymous said...

What was not vulgar about Kiki's post?