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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Panty stories

Did you know that this very personal woman’s item can and has been often used as a weapon of sorts with quite often devastating results?

I bet you didn’t know that, if you are a man reading this.

Very early in the life of this very popular blog we featured the very shocking story of a woman who left this piece of clothing in the dashboard of her lover’s car knowing very well that it would be discovered by the wife of the man. And to make it even more effective she added one final touch. She wiped herself in the critical areas after lovemaking to make sure that the wife would not miss the intended message. And oh my did the wifey get the message? You can read that story using one of the links at the end of this post. That is if you have not already read it.

Then there was the other case of Tina. Tina loved Tom but Tom was engaged to get married to Diana. Tina knew Diana very well and she was sure that she was no good for Tom at least not as good as she herself would be.

Now the problem with knowing your rival is that you can very easily put a spanner in the works. And besides men are totally blind when it comes to these things. Tina knew that Diana loved to cook for Tom. And she also knew that Tom hated to cook so much that when Diana was not around he would end up buying something at the kiosk or even worse some terribly oily chips at a so-called chips place in the estate. He would rather have been caught dead than in the kitchen cooking for himself. Luckily he could afford it too.

So Tina came to visit Tom and of course nothing happened. But she had carried with her her lacy, most sexy panties which she promptly left buried in the vegetables in the fridge. And sure enough the next time Diana was around she fetched the vegetables to cook and screamed audibly when she saw the lacy stuff. It had the desired effect and the wedding was called off. And Tina tried to hang around to console Tom when Diana was gone. But mercifully it did not work. Tom got back together with Diana and today the couple are very married with 3 children.

Omimo is what the young people call “a serious player.” For the sake of those who have no clue what this means it is a man who treats women and especially bedding them as sport. And to prove his “conquests” the man collects women’s panties. Naturally he does not wash them so as to retain what he calls “the scent.” And to prove just how sick this chap is, let me conclude his story with one minor detail. Omino is married but this piece of his wife’s garment is not included in his collection which he keeps at the office.


Zipo is a big woman who always made the most of what she had in the days before HIV-Aids came a calling. She did no have the looks and she certainly did not have the body either. One of her specialties when she fancied a man was to go to the ladies and remove that item. She would then come back and put it in the pocket of the man she had “chosen” and then whisper in his ear that there was a “message” for him inside his pocket and he should be careful that nobody else on the table sees it. And there were other things Zipo did to make sure the message was clear. You see men are not very good at capturing messages from women you know. But then Zipo’s story is for tomorrow, shall we (me and you) make a hot date for then now?

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David said...

This is to all udaku readers, dont read this blog at night.or if u do, have ua wife or gal in stand-by mobe.otherwise, some people have extra ordinary imaginations....