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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Petite married woman falls for huge guy at the office

Lily was a petite Kikuyu beauty married to a well known newsman with a leading TV station in town.

After she gave birth to her first-born daughter she decided she needed a job although her hard working husband was able to easily provide for her to be a housewife. She dusted her Bcom papers from the University of Nairobi and hit the streets.

As luck would have it, she landed an interview with a regional news organization pretty quickly. They required trainee-writers with some kind of economics background. Just like most job opportunities that come up, the position was very competitive. After she finished her interview with the man who was carrying them out and obviously the sole decision maker on who was going to be hired, Lydia sat there and let the tears flow. She knew they always worked with men.

The man was embarrassed and asked her what the problem was. She told him that she really needed this job at all costs and was prepared to do anything to get it. She emphasized the ANYTHING as suggestively as she could.

Lily got hired and her boss did not even take her up on her offer of “anything” in return for the job. And that was just as well because Lily soon spotted Oyugi. A big handsome man from Luo Nyanza she found irresistible. He had worked at the organization for about 2 years. It seemed to matter little that Lily was married and to somebody her workmates saw on TV fairly frequently.

The crazy thing is that Lily did not hide her admiration for the guy and everybody in the office knew about it. She even told her colleagues that she could not wait for the day that she would end up under that hunk of a man on some bed.

And that opportunity came sooner than anybody had thought possible. A trip out of town that Lily was supposed to take with a female colleague came up. Lily talked to her colleagues and the lady she was supposed to go with switched places with Oyugi. They were to fly down to Kisumu for the day to cover some small story and then fly back in the evening.

Excitement mounted at the office as the day of the trip drew nearer because almost everybody knew what was going to happen.

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Mcheku said...

Oh come on!!! Suspense is not working for me Udaku editors please finish your stories!

Sayra said...

Alaa, Joan even you ... ati suspense. Wacha matharau ... maliza story.

David said...

Hahaha mcheku and sayra,...,on tha otha hand suspense is good,keeps u guesing.....,this is one vote out of two......,any i bet, that luo guy aint goin 2 screw that chic.