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Monday, June 2, 2008

Young Girl Pushed Into Prostitution By Her Own Mother

Kanini is a stunning beauty. The kind that men and women alike turn to take a second look at when she passes by. She grew up as an only child and lived with her mother in a small two bedroom house on the outskirts of Nairobi. She never knew her father but whoever he was he must have been very good looking. Her mother was a prostitute and brought different men to the house every other day.

Her mother’s lifestyle was a constant bother to the young girl but it did not deter her from her dreams for the future. From a very young age, she always knew she wanted to work hard in school to become a lawyer and have a life completely different from the one her mother was leading. Thankfully her mother always managed to scrape enough to keep her in school. Every day the little girl went home and diligently did her homework and studied trying as best as she could to ignore the visitors who were always coming to her mother’s room.

Then one day when she was only 12 her mother, by then a spent force in the business did the unthinkable. She passed the young girl on to a client. A large man who was reeking of beer. Kanini cried throughout the painful experience and cried some more the whole night. She felt dirty and used but she did not tell anyone. Her mum was nowhere to comfort her. She had already left in search for other clients for the night. The very strong girl gathered herself up the next day and went to school despite everything. She still held on to her dream of completing her studies and becoming a lawyer.

But from then on selling her body albeit unwillingly became her lifestyle. With time she began getting regular clients. Every day after school she would do her homework and if there was a client her mother brought home she’d entertain him before going to bed herself. She was very ashamed and somehow she found a way of blaming herself. Other times she tried to justify what she was doing by telling herself that she was helping her mother to pay her fees. She was an extremely bright girl and a darling of most of her teachers but with what her mother was putting her through, her school grades dropped drastically and the teachers began to worry. One female teacher in particular got very close to her and at last the girl had someone to pour out her heart to.

When Kanini was 14, her mother fell sick and died. Sad but this turned out to be a blessing for the teenager. Dare I say such mothers are better off dead? She stopped the trade immediately. Her teacher friend who knew what was happening all along presented her very sad case to a charity home and they took her under their wing. She underwent intensive guiding and counseling to erase her dirty past and at the same time continued with her studies. By good grace she did not contract HIV during her days as a prostitute. If it’s any credit at all, her mother had always ensured that clients used condoms on her daughter by keeping a constant supply in her room. With the help of the teachers and the charity home, her grades started picking and she was soon in her usual first position in her class.

That was many years ago. Kanini is now a young lawyer who was recently admitted to the bar. Nothing about her looks or demeanor betrays the things she went through in the hands of her own mother. Other than professional counseling, she also has a very strong mind. She met and fell in love with a fellow lawyer and her life is looking up.


Mcheku said...

What a sad story with a nice ending. I am very happy for Kanini.

I am also so happy Udaku imekuja mapema leo, no waiting! Please Kiki endelea hivyo hivyo. Udaku is the first thing I read when I wake up.

David said...

Heh! This is lately such cases have croping all over.and such girls end up getting used 2 tha sex life or tha trade,such that even though they attempted 2 stop,most of them find it hard 2 stick 2 one partner.......,and i must say most sex workers are really fly an hot....wah!

Anonymous said...

David kwani you've tried them?

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Haki some of these mothers as much as we cant wish anybody to die. This one is better dead. if she stuck around Kanini could not have finished her schooling for sure and would have ended up just like the mother. And she'd also have either got pregnant or contracted HIV with time. Huyo wacha akufe tu.

And congratulations to Kanini for finding her life again.

David said...

Anon@12:55, infact ive just cin them around,esp hapo near club what ive realizd is that most of them ar thea willingly,circumstanses force them 2.(its like this,due 2 unemployment,young men end up mugging,nd young women end up...............................)