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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Exactly Happens On Hen Nights?

Koli is a 32 year old happily married woman living in the city. She has never had any questions or doubts about her sexual orientation and although she had always had some curiosity for women, she did not think it was anything strong enough to awaken sexual feelings. Often times she caught herself staring at and appreciating other women’s looks especially the figure and boobs. But she always brushed it off as a harmless habit.

Then one day she and her friends went on a girl’s night out and ended up in an exclusive club in Nairobi City. Whereas she used to see women decently and not so decently clothed in the streets, this time she came face to face with them dancing on tables with hardly any clothing at all. The sight of them gyrating inches away from her face awakened in her feelings so strong she was shocked.

She was so turned on she could not think rationally any more. Looking around at her friends and other patrons, she also noticed that a few of them were toying around with other ladies in the club. She spotted one of her friends in a dark corner kissing one of the dancers. She told herself that a little experiment was no harm. All she wanted was to know what it felt like to play around with another woman’s boobs and no more.

She never drank much. She was only slightly tipsy so she could not blame any of the actions that followed on alcohol. But being her first time, she did not want to do much in the club where her friends could see her. She gathered all her guts and drew one woman aside and asked her whether she could leave with her. They agreed on a price and left to a nearby hotel where Koli paid 3,000 for a single room.

Once in the room Koli realized that she was dealing with a pro. Before she could protest the woman was teaching her things she had never dreamed she could do. She realized she was having a lot of fun actually. She decided to let herself go and learn everything there was to be learnt. She went into the room to simply explore her curiosity further and ended up going all the way with a woman she hardly knew. She does not regret the experience or the money she paid for it. It was well worth it and every once in a while, she and her friends visit the club for a repeat of that night. Her husband has never suspected a thing since whenever she’s out she’s in the company of her girlfriends.

After they were done they chatted a little bit and the woman told her that although she served male clients if they came by, she preferred woman much more than men. Koli was shocked to learn that a lady can pick another lady for paid sex. This takes the idea of unfaithfulness to a whole new level. If as a husband you found your wife sitting sipping coffee with a lady friend, can you start accusing her of being unfaithful? Ladies are always going for coffee together these days and you can’t tell which ones are just friends and which ones are more.


Mcheku said...

Sijui ntasemaje, otherwise am happy Udaku is early.

Anonymous said...

DETAILS!!!!! Kiki details!!!

'the woman was teaching her things she had never dreamed she could do'

What things? Details!!

Anonymous said...

get creative anonymouse....surely u dont expect it in black and white!!!!!!!!!!

David said...

Ill agree wit anon@10:53,details next time,.and i got turnd on, i wounder what details would hav done....,wah! Tha idea of lesbian/FF sex, is super erotic.,and if i was a husband 2 a bisexual wife, HEH!, i wouldnt mind.

Anonymous said...

You are all so crazy in your comments, David. Come back to your senses!!!

Kiki said...

11.18 you know what? You're right. It cant be in black and white. Kwingine unajaza.

David it seems hubbies who are still stuck in the last century are in trouble ama?

Mcheku Lol. You're allowed to appreciate silently. Some of these things are so shocking hakuna la kusema.

Anonymous said...

Kiki if you are bisexual then be David's wife, he'll be happy.

David said...

U can say that again anon@5:15

Kiki said...

5.15 Kiki here is not available. Already taken.

Anonymous said...

Kiki, you have broken David's heart. He thought he has got a bisexual wife for himself.

David said...