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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Puzzle of the woman who loves to fear her violent boyfriend

Judy is a puzzle to her mother and many other people who know her story.

She had fallen in love with an AP (Administration Policeman) based at Embakassi in Nairobi, called Zuberi who regularly uses her as a punching bag. Judy has run away from the violent man many times, only to secretly return to him and their come-we-stay arrangement.

Had she been a wife who had already had several children with the man, it would probably have been understandable. But this is not the case with Judy who has a single child, a girl from a previous liaison who lives with her mother in Waithaka, Nairobi.

And nobody would accuse Judy for being with the man because of his money. The salary structure for AP corporals is well known and many times Judy has given Zuberi the little cash that she earns from doing odd jobs here and there.

So what is it about this Zuberi man? What hold does this man have over Judy that is so strong? Some people have been quick to suggest that the man is using witchcraft on her and indeed many people who know this saga have settled on that as the only plausible explanation for Judy’s behaviour.

However the answer is much more complex than that and is to be found in their sex life.

According to what Judy confided to a close friend. Many times after a quarrel that leads to her to being beaten up seriously, they then usually make up with some wild sex that Judy always finds very fulfilling.

Judy told her friend that Zuberi was a real man, the “most real man” she has ever met.

The sick answer to this puzzle includes the fact that Judy seems to derive some sort of sexual pleasure from receiving a beating just like some women like to be whipped thoroughly with some whip for sexual fulfillment.

There is also evidence that the fear she has for Zuberi greatly adds to her sexual excitement. Especially when he orders her around to do sexual things, like to get into bed immediately and wait for him there for some wild sex.

The whole thing is extremely sickening and probably stranger than fiction.

Some people have told this writer that it is hardly surprising in our world of today which is full of wimps and weaklings walking around in trousers and pretending to be men.

From this passionate but dangerous love affair, Judy has ended up so far with a seriously sprained ankle, a seriously sprained wrist and scars all over her body. It is a miracle that she has not fractured anything yet. Interestingly the trained policeman even in his moments of greatest anger never hits her on the face, only in all other parts of her body.


David said...

I guese serious beating 4 judy during sex is equivalent 2 spanking during sex to most ladies.(eh! That cop guy must b energetic,he can afford to go to work & kill people,then enter tha house and kik tha wife's butt + bang her seriously)_this is energy wrongly channel'd.

Anonymous said...

Wacha matusi Joan. How many men have you sampled to conclude that the world is 'full of wimps and weaklings walking around in trousers and pretending to be men'.
And who told you that the women in trousers (not skirts nowadays) are anymore satisfying?? Men could also complain of wimps and weaklings, yeah.