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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do men ever fall in love? Part 2

Read Part 1 of this true story

Beth sat there looking terrified and wondering what Donald would do next. Was this the end of their precious friendship? That was what scared Beth most, what would she possibly do without Donald in her life?

“Now this is what I want you to do.” Donald said so calmly that a chill went up Beth’s spine. “I want you to get up from the bed and wrap yourself with the blanket and go and sit in the couch there.”

Beth got up still feeling very scared and as she obeyed Donald looked the other way as she wrapped herself with the blanket.

“Would you like to take a shower first or eat breakfast?” Donald asked.

“”Shower..” she blurted out knowing in her heart that this was the last shower she was ever going to have in this nice cosy bed-sitter that had been her refuge from Simon for so long.

When she had showered and put on Donald’s dressing gown which he had given her. She settled for breakfast as Donald went into the bathroom. He soaked the sheets in Omo and Jik and as he was in the bathroom Beth could see that the mattress too was stained. How had this happened, she asked herself again for the umpteenth time?

Donald came and wiped the mattress with a wet cloth and then turned it over to hide the big stain.

Finally he came and settled into a chair opposite the couch.

“You haven’t touched your breakfast…”

“I’m sorry Donald.”

“For what?”

“I-I really..”

“Don’t even think about it. You did nothing. It was an accident. It’s taken care of.”

Donald did his best to cheer her up, but Beth was inconsolable that day. She felt guilty, ashamed and terrible over what had happened.

She sneaked into her place to fetch a few clothes the next day. The reason why she always fled to Donald’s place was because Simon naturally knew where she lived and she did not want to see the brute just yet.

He also knew where she worked. But that could be controlled more effectively because she would just refuse to take his calls or see him when he came calling personally.

She always enjoyed her stay at Donald’s place. He was the perfect gentleman and knew exactly when to stay out of her way and when to strike up a conversation. Beth often thought that if a woman needed a perfect husband, then it would have to be Donald. But she felt absolutely nothing more for him than warm friendship. How long was this going to continue she often wondered?

On Wednesday evening Beth made a decision. This man was too good to her. She asked Donald to join her in bed. He was shocked.

“I’m feeling scared,” she lied. “You’ll go back to the couch when I fall asleep.”

The minute he joined her on his bed, Donald discovered that Beth was completely naked under the still slightly stained sheets (although he had done a good job with plenty of Jik.) Usually her periods were very heavy but took only 3 days so by Wednesday she was fine for the passionate love-making that followed. Donald cried out several times in ecstasy that night but Beth felt nothing like what she usually felt with Simon. She just lay there and put on a potentially Oscar award winning performance even managing a smile when Donald asked her how it was. Not that he was un-skilled in his love-making. In fact he did all the right things. But he just did not light up any sparks in her. She was puzzled and totally blamed herself. There had to be something terribly wrong with her.

Beth returned to her place after about a week. She broke up with Simon and is today happily married. But not to Donald. She got married to this nice tall accountant called Fred and they have two children. She recently met Donald in town and they said hi and laughed on the streets of Nairobi briefly about the good old days. She hears that he’s now married but could not bring herself to ask about his wife. The reason why she gave Udaku this story is that a friend advised her that it is good therapy to talk about such things, even if it is to thousands of strangers while remaining anonymous, as she has done here. Beth still feels very guilty about the whole affair more so because the man she ended up marrying is nothing like Simon was in bed. Yet Donald invested so much and got so little in return.


Anonymous said...

Joan, thanks for the post. I am a new member (this is my first time to post a comment but I have been reading and enjoying your posts). What I don't understand the relevance of the heading to the story. Donald loved Beth, but Beth did not return the Love. Maybe the heading should have been: "Do women ever fall in Love?" Ama ninyi huko nje mwasemaje?


Anonymous said...

Surely, women are basically heartless beasts who are mostly cruel to men. They are insensitive and at best will only pretend to care for a man. They are easy to read because their big mission in life is to get into a man’s pockets, everything else does not matter. And true to form, after they have gotten what they want, they are ready for the next man.
This is a fairly accurate description of ALL women. And generalization is never unfair in this case and you will always find NO exceptions to even the most admirable women!!. The rule remains an accurate general rule.

Anonymous said...

At Anon 6.47, I tend to agree with you to some extent. Mostly, whenever a woman finds a hardworking man, and a perfect gentleman (Donald in this case), they'll try and squeeze as much as possible from him, emotionally, mentally and FINANCIALLY). Thereafter, they'll run away to the next man. On the other hand, beautiful women tend to stick with the "I don't care" type of men. Even when they are beaten and mistreated, they'll rarely walk away. To her, the man's pocket is nothing! This, I don't know why. Maybe a psychologist can explain.


David said...

Atleast donald got some.

Mcheku said...

I can assure you Joan, I did not expect this story to end like this. Chief, I am also puzzled! Women are weird creatures I tell you, Donald was so nice and my, what a gentleman!

I wonder whether Donald married coz he was in love or because he was heartbroken. Gosh! What a sad ending. I hope he's happy wherever he is.

Anonymous said...

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