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Monday, June 16, 2008

Teacher Flies To South Africa Abandoning His Family - Continuation

But never underestimate the strength of a woman.

The little money she had saved ran out rather fast. She spent it knowing that her husband would soon be sending money home. And that the sale of the college was still in the cards. Little did she know that the college was long sold and her husband had indeed abandoned her and her little boys and was not going to send any money home.

She fell behind on mortgage payments and she had to pull her son out of the high cost school where he was doing the British Curriculum and enroll him in a normal 8-4-4 school. Things got so bad that she and her children eventually had to live with relatives. She was living on handouts from friends.

She did fall into depression for close to 2 years. All the changed style of living and above all the realization began to dawn on her that she had been abandoned. Donald did not as much as even give her a call – in these days of mobile phones he had no excuse. She still loved him and that is what made her even more depressed. The betrayal was too much for her to bear. But all the while she remained very close and loving to her children and did the best for them.

Then one day something snapped and she made a complete turn around. With money borrowed from well wishers, she started buying and selling secondhand clothes. Then she graduated into first hand clothes but still small time. After just 3 years of nurturing her business, during which her husband was still quiet, she was able to afford her own clothes shop in the heart of town. She was a blessed lady and soon she had a second shop in a different side of town. Now she’s a rich lady and back to her usual radiance.

For Donald things were not looking too good. He had squandered all the money he had made from the sale of the college and job wise things were not working out as he had hoped in SA. By the time he decided to come back to Kenya, he was a broken man with lots of regrets for what he did to his family. But the wife could not take him back. He’s now a far cry from the rich man he used to be. No money no family. He got a job as a teacher though.


David said...

Why on earth did tha dude do that?

Anonymous said...

you could ask that again. men do the strangest things and expect pardon when they realize they lost!!!

Sayra said...

Reminds me of certain neighbours when i was a kid who had everything going on for them. Lakini the man one day discovered that he needs more than one woman for a wife and got a 2nd wife. But the 1st wife could not accept that and since she was doing a bit well for herself she moved out with her kids and the man brought in the 2nd wife. They later moved to coast where things did not go so well for them and they broke-up, and the man got himself a 3rd wife.
On this other side, the 1st wife struggle to take the kids to school and feed them, and it looked like life was kidogo harsh on her.

But as Kiki says, Never underestimate the strength of a woman ... and i also add Behind every successful woman is herself. She quickly got over the love she had for the husband and ....

To be continued tomorrow ...

Kiki said...

hehehehh Sayra you're learning very fast Lol. Now you better continue that story tomorrow.

These jamaas have to get their act together. These are not the days when women were hopeless without them.

David said...

Let me guese SAYRA,:- tha 1st wife bought second hand clothes-thn graduated 2 first hand clad...!

Anonymous said...

david niceee one n/way what goes around comes around that life

Sayra said...

... continuation.

She quickly got over the love she had for the husband and put most of her energies in improving her career. In a span of about two years, things were going so well that she could afford a house of her own, take her kids to a better schools, have a family car and at least took her three kids for a nice holiday to coast. Right now i can tell you here she is one of the most respected and very rich lawyers in the country.

On the other side, the 3rd wife of this guy also left him and till leo he's bila a wife. He is not doing well. He has tried getting pardon from the 1st wife but she does not even want to see him. More so when she remembers how he was arrogant and rude with her just before he left ... and worse, he even hit her. She once in a while gives the kids cash to go see the dad when they ask, but they have to sleep in a hotel since he cant accommodate them.

Its important in life to always treat people right ... always treat people right. Even when you feeling the worst for them, it does not cost you much to be kind and leave them alone. Things do always have a way of coming around.

The End.

Anonymous said...

This should be a lesson to Chris, the Kumekucha guy, who also went to graze on some greener pastures abroad leaving his family (wife, his two children and his grandchild) behind hoping that they can make their living on the subscription fees ($ 15) to have access to his socalled Raw Notes. You see, the story of this Kenyan man going to SA, sounds quite familiar. At least it should give our Kumekucha-Chris the lesson how things could turn out also for him.

Kiki said...

Sayra thanks for the story. And for learning the splitting business so fast.

12.48 you're not being very fair and you know that. How would you know what Kumekucha and his wife and family have planned? All the couples that go abroad it's very common for one spouse to go first, set things up like housing and stuff and then come for the family. and mostly it's the guy who goes first.

Most likely thats what they're doing also. and why would you even bring his story here?