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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Petite married woman falls for huge guy at the office Part 2

When Lily and Oyugi got back to the office late in the evening, there were one or two members of staff who had hung around deliberately to hear exactly what had happened. They were disappointed.

Lily looked tired and was in no mood to talk. This made people even more curious. Had something gone wrong? Of course nobody expected Oyugi to say anything and he didn’t.

The wait was killing but over the next few days details of what had transpired in Kisumu emerged slowly by slowly until folks were able to form some sort of picture of what had trasnpired.

One clue that was very evident in the office is that the two people were a little more shy of each other. A sure sign that they had had sex.

Apparently the two married people had been very excited and when they landed in Kisumu they had worked well as a team to quickly dispense of the work that they had been sent there to do and finished everything in record time. They had then had an early lunch together at about 11 am.

Kisumu was Oyugi’s home town and he had therefore been able to find a clean lodging room fairly quickly.

Initially there had been the problem of nervousness. A crazy anti-climax after all the waiting and anticipation. Was it the guilt that both married people felt? Or was it the fact that too much anticipation of something sometimes spoilt the actual event when it finally arrived? It was difficult to tell because lust is a strange thing and this is what this was all about.

So much so that Oyugi had been forced to fetch some hot drinks. The drinks worked magic and saved the day and the action soon began. Lily told her colleagues that the sex was the best she had ever had. Initially she had been a little concerned because Oyugi had ended up being fairly big down there and she had been overwhelmed with fear at the condom moment at the sight of the huge bulging veins tool. She had been sure that she would not be able to take him and would probably end up injured. What would she have told her husband had happened? As it tuned out her fears were unfounded and what she found amazing was that she reached her first climax as he was slowly penetrating. Oyugi was skillful and knew exactly what to do.

The big problem was that time flew so fast and they had hardly had enough of each other when it was time to catch the evening flight back to Nairobi.

One of the workmates really found it disgusting that Lily went back to her home and her husband that night so innocently after the events of Kisumu and shamelessly giving herself to somebody else. He even imagined her telling her husband that she had a headache when he requested for what was rightfully his and NOT Oyugi’s. I laughed at this thinking and asked them why they did not want to think of the man in the same way.

In the coming weeks I will reveal other equally strange stories of how married people behave so badly in Nairobi and Mombasa offices.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to promise. Just reveal.

David said...

I bet lilly was in trouble....,tha husband should have noticed tha wideness of her wife's canal,as a result of uyugi's unclogging......,
anon@4:19pm are u trying 2 get tips on how to......,and now u eager and cant wait.....,

Anonymous said...

u guyz are funny hahahahahah.... bana thats life and its only sex and they always go back to hazis and there wife so and thats marrage always wanting what u cant have or be with