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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The High Price For Being A Drunkard

Like many other marriages, Kim and Lilly’s started out well. They both had well paying jobs and life was looking good. They tied the knot in a lavish ceremony and later took a cruise trip for their honeymoon. They were the envy of all their friends and acquaintances.

Two years and one kid down the line, the cracks began to appear in their idyllic relationship. For Kim who always had a wandering eye, that had been the longest he had stuck to one woman. He soon started straying. Lilly on the other hand immersed herself in her work in an attempt to mask the problems that were developing in what she thought was a perfect marriage.

She was getting used to the routine of being alone with her young one and the house girl as her husband went out with the boys every night. Then one Friday night or is it Saturday morning at around 4.00 am, she woke up with a start and felt an overwhelming urge to call Kim. And call she did. The phone was picked by someone else who informed her that Kim had had an accident with his buddies and was unconscious in hospital. She called a taxi immediately and rushed to hospital. Luckily, other than a few hard knocks here and there, he did not have any serious injuries and was discharged in just three days. One of his friends who was with him in the car was not so lucky. He passed away while undergoing treatment.

The accident rocked Kim back to his senses and he realized that he was hurting his family. He was spending too much money and missing his daughter’s development - all in the name of alcohol. They had a very emotional reunion of sorts when he came back home from hospital. They promised each other to go back to the days when they first started out.

Unfortunately his resolve did no last and it was only a matter of months before he went back to his old lifestyle. By this time Lilly was expecting their second baby. During pregnancy when she needed him most, he got even worse and sometimes came home in the morning. When time came for her to give birth, she was taken to hospital by a neighbor at night. She could not trace her husband on phone. When he learnt of his new baby the next day, he brought a contingent of drunken friends straight from the bar to see her. Despite all what he had put her through over the years, Lilly had never felt so betrayed in her life like this time. She felt this time it was too much. He had stooped too low.

When the baby was just 4 months old, and in circumstances eerily similar to those of the previous accident, she got a call from Kim’s friend at around 3.00 am in the night. He had been involved in another accident. This time it was much more serious and he had been rushed to ICU with severe head, neck and chest injuries. Worse still, as Lilly was to learn later in the day, this time he was with a woman in the car. They were heading to her place outside town when they smashed into an oncoming lorry. The other woman was admitted in the female wing of the same hospital but her condition was not bad. She was out of hospital after just one day.

In light of all what was happening, something snapped in Lilly. She left hospital with one mission. To go home and pack. She was done. She was leaving Kim and the fact that he was in hospital was not going to stop her. After all there was another woman who could take care of him when he left hospital. It did not take her long to find herself and her daughter a place to stay.

Kim left hospital two months after the accident to go to an empty house. The woman he had had the accident with was nowhere to be seen and Lilly could hear nothing of getting back together with him. Even she was surprised at herself for being so hard hearted but she stuck her guns. Kim had to get relatives to come and stay with him during recovery. He never recovered completely and is confined to a wheelchair to this day. Needless to say, his drinking buddies were nowhere to be seen. He relocated to his rural home where he operates a small kiosk in the compound. His life is a far cry from what it used to be in the City.


David said...

Hey kiki;..,anyway,i feel sad when i read such stories,coz ive been a victim of alcohol,through my parent's drinkin habit....,i think drinkin should b done by folks who are over 40yrs,coz alcohol stagnates all kind of development:-financial;career;relationship.etc

Kiki said...

David pole for that. both your parents or your dad? if both then that is even more sad.
even over 40s should not drink so much they should moderate. Better still just don't drink at all. Just think of all the money people use to drink it's like money down the drain.

Sasa wewe I hope you're careful about booze then ama?

David said...

Nah,it was dad.actualy mom used 2 pray 4 dad.but he doesnt drink now..,thank GOD.BUT tha painful bit he drank all tha MILLIONS OF CASH,that could hav benefited tha family.othawise i dont drink...pombe ishindwe!!