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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Teacher Flies To South Africa Abandoning His Family.

In the eyes of the ordinary man, Donald was a successful guy by all standards. He had a beautiful wife and two very handsome and bright kids. Just what lots of people wish for. They lived in a nice house in the leafy suburbs of town which they had got through a mortgage and were still paying monthly premiums. The first born boy was in a top of the range school where the fees was quite high. In short they were living quite the good life.

Donald was a teacher by profession and some time back he quit teaching and opened a very successful college in town that never at any one time lacked students. Big corporations would send their staff members for refresher courses in that college and pay big bucks. His wife operated a kiosk within the college compound and that too gave them quite some good income. They seemed so perfect whenever they were together. Whenever Donald was not in class teaching, he would be at the kiosk helping his wife to sell. They were always looking close and they talked a lot. They were always chit chatting. The first time you saw them, the first impression you got was that now that’s a peaceful couple.

Then Donald decided to look for greener pastures in South Africa. His wife was to stay behind and take care of their young sons and the house and property as a whole while he would be sending money every month. But the college they agreed they’d sell and he was to leave some cash with the wife to cushion her before he got their finances in order in SA.

But after successfully selling the college for a very large amount of money, Donald got greedy. He did not give his wife a single penny from the sale and kept lying to her that he had not yet been paid. Eventually he left for South Africa with all the money. Luckily his wife had some little money of her own that kept her going for some time. Her husband cut all communication with her. In short he had left her and her two boys to fend for themselves. The kiosk that the wife operated was sold along with the college so she had no business to generate more cash. There was a mortgage and a child in a high cost school. Her savings ran out very fast.

But never underestimate the strength of a woman.

To be continued tomorrow.

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Sayra said...

Lol ... of coz Kiki, to be continued ...