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Friday, June 13, 2008

Strange sex object that woman carried in her handbag

What grown men and women do in privacy is their own business and this crazy blog has no business revealing or even discussing it.

Whilst this is true. There are some excesses that need to be highlighted so that the rest of us can be a bit wearier.

It is common for men in offices to rush to the washroom when they see some hot girl in a micro mini gliding in front of them in the office. Or even some chic with a low-cut top that reveals a little too much of the breasts. Indeed there are those who believe that the deliberate strategy used by ladies who are short of assets that would turn heads is to reveal as much of their thighs as possible in all their glory. It matters little if the knees knock into each other as they walk because the men’s eyes will hardly travel downwards in that direction but will almost always race in the opposite direction.

But in recent times men seem to have become immune even to the most juicy and enticing thighs. The reason is the World Wide Web.

The Internet has made men’s washrooms extra busy for suspect activities. As work continues to pile up in the “in” tray, there are many overgrown boys who will still not be able to resist visiting a porn site or two. This can be quite funny when you see some fifty-something grandpa of a guy with their specs growing steamy and their eyes literally popping out as they visit some porn site with video clips complete with sound (personal earphones have often been purchased for this sole purpose). And all this is happening in some serious executive offices in the city in the sun or at some air-conditioned one in Mombasa. In fact you never know what is happening when that loans officer you are waiting to see tells you to give them a few minutes to finish off some other “urgent business.” If only you knew what that urgent business was, you may not be so enthusiastic to shake their hands (straight after the activity they have just been involved in) and flirt with them like so many ladies like to do to increase their chances of getting a loan approval.

After the porn sites these shameless men will then visit the company washrooms and come out some time later looking a little more relieved. Some will have a smile on their faces (the one’s whose conscience is long dead) while others will have a guilty look. Just be observant next to a washroom and the guy who comes out with a frown and looking like they are in deep though about something is most probably a culprit.

Women too will get turned on usually by talk or some lewd story by a colleague in the office of what they did (or was done to them) the night before. Occasionally some “hot” new guy in the office will prove to be too much and the nice polite lady will rush to the ladies for some relief. I know a lady who got extremely turned on by the way a certain man looked at her. The guy looked like he had not had sex for 20 years and was going to have her right there and then on the office carpet. She of course pretended to be angry but rushed to the washrooms soon after.

But in one extreme case this lady used to carry a carrot into the office with her for some serious action in the company washroom closet when things got a bit “hot” in the office. To make this case even more bizarre the woman in her early 30s was married. Women unlike men tend to talk to each other about everything. And the impression she gave to colleagues was that her man was extremely good at the game. So why carry the carrot to the office in her handbag? Did she not get enough of it at home. That one is a puzzle.

And carrots are hard and rough, wasn’t there a real danger that she would have injured herself badly?

It just goes to show you that nosy men who like looking inside women’s handbags should stop because chances are they will one day find stuff that will make them regret their actions sana.


David said...

Ai! Carrot Isnt gud,she can atleast try gettin a dildo.anyway, am totaly 4 men and women who have solo sex,coz at times u in tha office and realy turnd on,thus ruining ones consentration.

Kiki said...

A carrot? Which century are we talking about? She'd have been better carrying it's cousin the cucumber. Or nothing at all. If we're talking about the office, a lady can go at herself with just fingers. Then after she goes home she can complete the pictures with the carrots or test tubes or whatever else she fancies. I know someone who used to use her bedpost.

David said...

Ive heard that some chics hurt themselvs wen thy use fingerz,or ull find those who do &hav long nails,always hav one finger nail cut.....,bt bed post?

manu said...

Ati what, kiki? A bedpost? Yaani out of all the things to be found in a house, she uses the bedpost! Haogopi splinters?