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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Air force man and his “mzungu” woman fantasy

Kenyans woke up to black Sunday August 1st 1982 and to a horrible day that many who were around and old enough at the time will never forget. That was the day when the attempted coup led by the then Kenya Air force was carried out.

To this day many mysteries remain unanswered and a lot of information from that day is still in the territory of closely guarded secrets of the state.

However there was one sad, bizarre and unforgettable story that unfolded right in the center of town at the famous landmark called the Hilton Hotel.

People have all sorts of crazy fantasies they dream about fulfilling one day. Many of them are so bizarre that most folks would not dare share them with anybody.

Apparently this young Airforce officer’s fantasy was having sex with a white woman. Andit seemned that as the years went by, chances of that happening rapidly seemed to dwindle.

So as the coup unfolded on that Sunday morning and as Masais rushed to loot meat from butchers while ignoring other more valuable stuff and as slum dwellers looted colour TV sets only to remember when they got into their shacks that they did not have electricity, this air force man was not interested in all that. All that was on his mind was having white booty.

If truth be told, one of the reasons why the 1982 coup failed was the fact that the air force chaps had too much indiscipline in their ranks. So this officer who was obsessed with having sex with a mzungu left his colleagues patrolling the city streets and headed straight into the Hilton hotel. He was actually able to do anything he wished at the classy tourist hotel, because the terse announcement over the radio had declared the entire police force ordinary citizens. So there was no way that somebody at the hotel wouild have called the cops.

So this Air force chap took his pick in one of the rooms and at gun point raped some poor mzungu lady tourist to his fill. It is said that he went for several rounds in an ordeal that lasted hours.

Finally the air force officer emerged from the Hotel feeling very happy with himself only to walk right into the firing line of Maj general Mahmood Mohamed and his soldiers who had then just stormed the city centre and routed the Air force rebels in an operation that took several days and was dubbed operation maji machafu where the idea was to “clean out” the air force rebels.

Mercifully that air force officer was a little lucky because he had been gunned down just outside the Hilton Hotel, his body was disposed of quickly and dumped at the city mortuary. In other parts of the city it took days for rotting bodies to be collected.


Anonymous said...

Joan, were there color TVs in 1982?

sonko said...

who told the story? the poor mzungu lady or the military man? or there was a third person watching as the act went on? joan just cooking things up

Kiki said...

Sonko kwani the mzungu could not have told the story? infact i'm sure she did she cant just have kept quiet.

Joan said...

Anon @ 10:42; YES there were color TVs in 1982, although they were fairy new in the market. Even video recorders had arrived.

Sonko; Udaku is NOT a fiction site. Every story published here is TRUE. If u don't knw, please ask before you assume. One of the air force man's colleagues told the story to a relative who told me.


Kenyan said...

The 82 Coup was crazy, and i entirely agree that it failed coz of indiscipline among the ranks.
The Airforce soldiers went on rampage in Parklands, Westland area, raping women, so who attempted to rape indian chics would be told by the chics dad to rape the mom instead. Ati Vacha Watoto tomba mama, yeye sha zoea

Kiki said...

Kenyan surely did the chutes say that? The idea of a rape is not funny funny but I had to laugh! at yeye sha zoea hehehee.

Anonymous said...

The way you got the story is very interesting. Yaani, this KAF guy, after getting his "share" at Hilton and walking straight into General Mohammed, getting killed outside the Hilton.... was still able to tell the story to his colleague; who told a relative ; who then told you???? Please remember DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES! Wacha udaku! Unatudanganya bure !

Anonymous said...

Yenyewe Joan, If you are running out of content, hold off on publishing. It seems like one of those stories that you make up on the fly that you keep saying "and then"/"halafu".."and then."

Anonymous said...

Yenyewe Joan, hapa umetupa mbao. I've always thought your story telling was quite interesting, even if I doubted the truth content. Lakini hapa unatunyoa bila maji! And you said colour TVs were "fairy" new in 1982, huh?

Della said...

People should read this.