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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why men are the cruelest “animals”

They say that old habits die hard, even when they greatly offend others.

Stella was beautiful by any standards and the kind of woman who made a man’s heart race and body temperature climb considerably. This is despite the fact that she was in her mid-30s and had already given birth to two children with a man she was already separated from.She naturally enjoyed the effect she had on men and took full advantage of it.

One habit she could never resist was that of teasing men. She would go on dates and drink her expensive wine like a fish. All the time she would encourage her male host that all was well and that she was his for the night. Men are really fascinating creatures. When they are assured of a woman’s favors later in the night, the wallet usually opens wide and the cash flows like water from the Masinga Dam.

Stella would put up her show well and many are the times when she would even allow some of her dates to touch her a little. Men are obsessed with women’s breasts and this would cause some of them to literally drool in anticipation.

All this would happen and then as they made their way out of the joint to the car park, Stella would swiftly wave goodbye and as her date gaped, she would get a taxi and disappear leaving a very angry frustrated, turned on man behind.

It is one thing for a woman to play hard to get, but it is quite another for her to tease and lead men on when she knows very well that her real intentions are the very opposite of what she is portraying. And then many Kenyan women have read too many novels and assume that African men think like those men in the Mills and Boon romance tales. A vast majority of Kenyan men mostly want only one thing from a woman and everything else they do is pretence and play acting.

So after a while of putting up this kind of show, Stells accumulated a fairly large group of angry men in Mombasa. And somehow some of them got to know each other and started discussing this woman who treated men like trash and got them to spend their hard-earned cash on her for nothing.

And it seems that the more these men discussed Stella and her antics, the angrier they got. One thing led to another and soon they were planning sweet revenge. They wanted to teach the woman a lesson that she would never forget.

One of the men was used as the bait and a date was fixed for a Friday (Stella’s preferred day of the week for her antics). Stella knew the man as a previous “victim” but this did not raise any suspicion in her. Men did not like to give up and it amused her that quite often they came back for even more “punishment” believing that somehow they may be able to turn on the charm successfully, the second or even third time round.

Stella as usually ordered her expensive wine while the man stuck to beer. And as usual she ordered chicken and later on in the evening sandwiches. Still she could not help noticing that the man was oddly reserved and did not say too much. She knew how her dates usually started behaving after the third beer. But this guy just took sipped his drink quietly and did not say much. Even when she asked him upfront whether he would like “some action” later in return for his generosity and the great time he was showing her, he just laughed and said nothing. He was not even interested in holding her hand.

Stella concluded that here was a man who had finally learnt his lesson and that Mombasa would be a much better place if many more men learnt how to behave.

But Stella also noticed something else. The wine she was drinking tasted a little odd and the effect that it was having on her was even stranger. She seemed to be getting very drunk very quickly. She quickly decided that she would have to leave a little early because she sensed she was going to black out and she got up to leave only for the floor to quickly rush at her face. Luckily her date was alert and quick and held her before she fell. He then escorted her to a taxi and she was grateful that he did not get in with her but instead made sure that she was comfortable and then shut the door.

But unknown to Stella the taxi driver had already been paid handsomely and given careful instructions on exactly what to do. Then her date followed behind in another taxi. The taxi drove to some lodging near Kiembeni in the North Coast. By this time Stella was in a stupor and not in control at all.

She was helped into a room where the man shut the door and made a call on his cell phone. Within minutes 5 other men had arrived and crowded into the room. They took videos of her naked and even in the act. The six men then raped her several times to their fill.

At around 5 am they had all had enough fun and they left Stella in the room alone. However they also took her cell phone and all the cash she had inside her handbag.

It took more than 2 days for the effects of the drugs that had been put in her wine to wear off. Stella was angry and wanted to go to the police. After all she knew her date and even his telephone number. But something stopped her. Somebody sent her a crazy email warning her not to dare go to the police. Bu even crazier was the attachment to the email. They were photographs of her naked and even in the act. Her face was very clearly visible. One was even a crazy close up of her most private parts. Stella wondered how she had posed for such an obscene clip. She was told that the minute any cop was seen anywhere near her date, the video from which the still photos she had been extracted from would be distributed for free all over Mombasa, Nairobi and the country at large. Stella would be famous beyond her wildest dreams.

That stopped Stella dead in her tracks.

Today she no longer dates men. In fact she has a phobia for all men that will be difficult to ever cure. She did not imagine that these trouser-clad creatures can be such animals capable of doing things that are much crueler than even what the wildest animal at any national park in Kenya and beyond is capable of.


Anonymous said...

sex is back. mcheku udaku is sex.

Anonymous said...

I did not like the story at all, already am begining to develop the phobia for men.

Anonymous said...

Stella was a thug. A thief's days are 40. She only met her match. She was even more cruel to the men, robbing them every time and escaping untouched. Joan, were you expecting the men to keep losing their resources to this wild animal called Stella? 6:14 don't develope any phobia for men if you are not like stella. 4:08, Udaku is the place to heat people up. Ask Kiki, she confessed that she is always on heat and ready to be screwed whenever she reads Udaku. I also get very hot. I wish I could find Kiki and screw her up after reading Udaku. Udaku is very hot!!

Kiki said...

6.36 you must have read your own things. Confessed where?

6.14 no need for phobia. Human race is all evidence of men and women's nightly activities.

David said...

I think its true that kenyan women are so fantasy minded....,nd end up looking for soap.opera kinda relationships......,am currently thinking of tha famours lilian muli...

Anonymous said...

Kiki refer back to your comments on 'Those darn gym instructors' and you will find it published. Mbona unakataa sasa?

Anonymous said...

who wants to fuck kiki niceeeeeeeeeee i do

Anonymous said...

2.11 you're not very anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant 12.11 am.

Mcheku said...

Hii udaku siku hizi imeanza kuwa na commenters wa tabia! I dont think those comments are welcome here, you will chase away people.

Just read and comment on the story mambo za kuingilia other readers si poa.

Anonymous said...

Sawa Mcheku tumeacha.

Anonymous said...

i think stella was the fucking animal and it was about time she got tammed.