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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guy Abandons His Family And Marries First Cousin

When Purity’s husband Francis brought his 23 year old cousin Rose to live with them in Nairobi, she thought nothing of it. Infact she was grateful. Being a nurse and sometimes working overnight shifts, she was glad there would be someone other than her house help to mind her 2 young kids when she was working at night. She was also secretly delighted because although she did not suspect anything yet, she always felt uneasy leaving Francis and the maid in the house whenever she went on night duty. Now she thought at least there would be someone to keep an eye on him. Rose on the other hand was coming to join a nearby college as a day scholar and Purity and her husband were more than willing to pay her fees.

Things worked out perfectly for over 2 years. Rose was the perfect visitor. She took care of Purity’s kids like they were her own and whenever she was not in college she was at home either doing her homework or helping out in the housework. She was always quiet and well behaved and did not engage in young girl activities like discos and clubs. She didn’t even seem to be dating anyone as far as Purity could tell.

What Purity did not know is that her husband and Rose, who were first cousins, had developed a thing for each other and were having sex at every opportunity. Whenever she went to work at night, they would wait until the kids and the maid had gone to bed and then Francis would sneak into Rose’s room. They would have sex for as long as they wanted and all they had to ensure is that he never dozed off in that bed. After doing their thing he would then tip toe back to his room. With time they got bolder and whenever Francis was home during the day, they would sneak in and have a quickie when the maid went maybe to the shops and the kids were busy playing. They were both such brilliant actors and when they were not alone, they managed to behave like there was absolutely nothing going on between them.

But their love for each other began to grow real deep and they could only hide it for so long. It was becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep it hidden - love is not easy to hide isPurity began to suspect them but then another voice told her they were first cousins and there’s no way they could be having an affair. Even when her own marriage to Francis began to deteriorate, she put it down to normal marital wear and tear. She was clearly in denial. The maid on the other hand had seen through their act a long time ago and tried to keep it to herself but she felt really bad for Purity. One day she decided to tell her everything. Purity immediately believed her story as it was just a confirmation of what she had been suspecting for some time. It blew up into quite a big case that involved the meeting of a council of elders from their native Nyeri District to try and sort out this case of clear incest. Faced by the council, Francis admitted everything.

By sheer coincidence, before the case came to a close Francis got an opportunity to go and work in the US. He did not even think twice on who to take with him. As soon as he was settled in the US, he began making arrangement for Rose to join him. After some time he managed and she joined him there. He abandoned Purity and their two kids here in Kenya. As far as this blogger knows, they’re still living together in the US to this day but are too afraid to come home.


Anonymous said...

People be careful those cousins and sisters to the wife that we love so much to invite into our houses. I pity Purity.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing strange. it's just bad that the guy was married and abandoned his family. i deflowered my first cousin. my mother and her mother are sisters.

Mcheku said...

Anonymous 2.29 are you serious? Isn't a first cousin like a sister? This world is bizarre!

Francis and Rose had no shame and to do it in Purity's house? Then run off together? Aii!

So those people I see loving their close relatives may not be so innocent? You are going to make me suspect everyone now! I know this friend of mine who is always with his sister, always hugging her and holding her all the time, they cant even sit down in a setting without him touching her! Everyone thinks their relationship is bizarre but I thought they were just close. Now, kumbe I may have been admiring how close they are and you guys are now making me think it may not be that innocent?

Kiki, you know I read when people have such liaisons they end up having deformed children, I think its just a punishment from God,do these runaways have any? They should be ashamed of themselves!

Sayra said...


Am also suspecting some pple i know ... lol.

I feel for Purity lakini.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Sayra and Mcheku hehehe. Who are you suspecting? Lol.

True Purity's case is so sad.

Mcheku those ones who are always holding hugging and touching, aiii watch them. Lol.

Anonymous said...

its strange that they did not legalize the marriage otherwise in the islamic law and sharia marrying a cousin is permissible. although these marriages of cousin are permitted , if it works well, then the bond of the families is strenghed , but if the marriage goes soar , then the problem is extended to the families,

Kiki said...

Mcheku true liaisons between very close relatives often ends up in deformed children. Some science thing - genes and everything. But it works well as a curse also ama? Lol.

David said...

I know of my pals &cuzos who are pushing,and some still are.REASON BIENG:-some cuzos are supa HOT,and u dont have 2 katia them,coz u are already so close,& it also happens that u often meet ua cuzos during family gatherings,wea folks are bussy cathing up,while intimate cuzo are buzy DOING....,so what i gather is that DOING a cuzo is easy than doing a randon chic from a clum.

Anonymous said...

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