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Friday, May 23, 2008

Flashers - Perverts Or Just Insecure In Themselves?

With full permission from Susan who’s funny adventure we featured on this blog just yesterday, we can now reveal what actually happened after the flashing incident. The business deal she and Timothy were discussing was at such a stage that they had to get back together and finish it. They were both going to benefit immensely from it and there’s no way they could let it go. So they arranged another meeting but this time Susan did not want to go to his office. They met at a restaurant where she was sure he would not flash her.

But by this time she was more than curious about the guy. The more she thought about what she saw in his office the more curious she got about him. If she was being honest with herself, she wanted to know him a little more. The whole idea of flashing was obviously quite new to her and she realized it was actually quite a turn on. So she was surprised and a little disappointed when this time at the restaurant he acted very cordial and behaved like nothing had ever happened. By the end of the meeting she could not keep her curiosity to herself any longer and she asked him innocently what the ‘other day’ was all about. As if on cue, he asked her whether they could go to a more private place to discuss it further.

She had no objection. The guy was very handsome, successful and appealing and judging from what she saw the other day, he was quite well equipped. She was having some real hots for him by now. They went to a hotel room and as expected there was no discussion. They both knew by now that they were going to have sex and they did. He was not a sick mind who can only get it up by flashing at unsuspecting ladies. He was fully functional in bed and did not disappoint. But she noticed his need to have his manhood described over and over again. Now how do you describe someone’s manhood? Is it big? Is it nice? Did you feel it? Those are the kinds of questions he kept asking. He did not admit it but it seems despite all his success he’s rather insecure in himself. She tried to find out why he flashes but he seemed rather uncomfortable with that topic so she dropped it.

Susan says he need not be insecure because when it comes to sex, he delivers.


Anonymous said...

Now Kiki, you see?? It is the way I told you!! Susan had to flash hers also and the business was complete. That 'ng'au' was just some stimulating oral. Susan didn't even have to be persuaded or begged. I think it is a very good strategy!! It seems to work!! I will try it on some nice cute chick!! May be we won't have to discuss anything before I get deep deep very deep inside her!!

Anonymous said...

go ahead and try anon. you'll end up either deep inside or at the doctors office with a twisted or bitten something.