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Friday, May 2, 2008

Nairobi woman paid man to sire a child for her…

But something went terribly wrong along the way

Agnes had everything. A dream job that paid her well, property in the right neighborhoods, you name it she had it. Although she was not exactly a beauty queen she had a good personality and was a joy to be with. Especially on those serious drinking sprees Nairobians have always enjoyed so much.

There was only one little problem. She had not yet met Mr Right. In fact it seemed that her success intimidated men and kept them well away.

At the same time her biological clock was ticking away and the alarm bells were ringing loud and clear. The years were not standing still and time was running out for her to have a child. Actually Agnes did not mind never getting married but she would not be able to live without having a child of her very own.

Not that Agnes's social life was dull. Far from it, her weekends were usually packed with activity and she had a number of men friends. They all loved to drink with her and spend a lot of time doing all sorts of activities but it seemed that love was furthest from their minds, let alone marriage.

So Agnes decided to take charge of the situation just as she had done in so many other areas of her life from as far back as she could remember. She talked to a lawyer friend and a water tight contract was drawn up. Suddenly the men who had previously shown no interest in getting intimate with her were very interested indeed.

The contract was simple. She was looking for a man who would sire a child with her. All he had to do was make her pregnant and then get lost. He would have no claim to the child and would be paid handsomely for "the job". Agnes was ready to pay Kshs 100,000 (quite a princely sum in those days—late 1980s).

Agnes really enjoyed interviewing the 3 men that she had short listed for "the job" who all went for a major medical check up. Agnes was not taking any chances.

Finally she chose Jeff. A well built and very good looking Luhya man who had lost his job some months back as the marketing manager of an office equipment company in the city and needed the money. There was only one small ugly detail about Jeff which he had omitted to mention during his interview. Later he was to argue that the terms of the contract, which he had carefully gone through had not said anything about the candidate not being married man.

This did not deter Agnes when she found out this "small detail" later and she decided to go ahead with her plan. She had made up her mind. She and Jeff would make a wonderful baby. And after all she was not marrying him, so there was no big deal.

The contract called for copulation to take place for as long as it took for Agnes to get pregnant. But something which Agnes had not bargained on happening happened as she made love to Jeff every weekend in a desperate effort to get pregnant. She slowly started falling in love with this man as he poured the seed she had paid fro in her. At first she brushed away the feelings but they just got stronger and stronger. Jeff was a strong stud and within no time Agnes was pregnant. But she continued sleeping with him (pretending that she was not yet pregnant) for a few months. After all men were so easy to fool. She went on until the swelling on her stomach was clearly visible and could not be hidden any more, then she reluctantly stopped.

She gave birth to bouncing baby girl and she could not have been happier. Agnes spared no expense on the child and she grew quickly as the months flew past. Soon the child was old enough to be left with a house help as Agnes returned to her old haunts.

She went looking for Jeff who had already been paid off and if truth be told had really not done anything much with the money and virtually drunk all of it. Some people said he was scared of showing his wife the money because she would insist on knowing where it had come from. Naturally Jeff had never told her about the contract he signed with Agnes and her lawyers.

When Jeff saw Agnes back on the social scene, his first thought was another Kshs 100,000 for a second contract. But he soon realized that Agnes was not in a hurry to go through the strains and pressures of bringing another a new life to this world. What she wanted was companionship and his skillful lovemaking.

What followed was a shameful chasing game. Jeff even considered getting a restraining order against Agnes but his friends assured him that he would be the laughing stock of the city in the sun if he ever did such a silly un-African thing.

Our informant had to move out of the country at the height of this strange saga and has no idea how it ended.


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

The things people do! Let me guess what happened in the end. She finally managed to get him to sleep with her. Without a contract this time.

Knoppix! said...

Wanjiku i read mischief in your comment but............. hehehehehheeeeeeeeeee!No offence meant but what would the likes of Caroline Mutoko,Ciku,Cass and the likes do with such foregoing high standards!

I dont find it unusual.if farmers buy A.I services from Kabete why wouldn't one hire the sirer??
Nice Post though Joan!!!We need an update on how that mzungu and Jaluo lady are fairing,she might consider hiring me as a side dish besides the Dj or she has a penchant for Dee Jays?

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Knoppix I've re-read the story of the mzungu and the lady. I seem to have missed the lady's tribe. I don't see any indication that she's from those sides of the lake. (These days we don't say Jaluo). Is the Nakuru version different? heheheheheh.

Tough luck bro, to me she seems to be in a very happy marriage - complete with permission to step out kidogo. But another side dish?! I don't think so - but these things you never know.

And speaking of an update, that would be something actually Joan. An update.

Anonymous said...

I wish I were Jeff I could enjoy it to the end.