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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hilarious Baba Dennis saga

Strange things happen in Kenyan homes and sometimes the guilty are caught in the most amazing and unexpected way as the hilarious joke at the end of this story clearly illustrates.

But first, let us focus for a minute on that humble house help in the house. Many wives just give away their husbands to the house help with their two hands and then when things go wrong blame it on everybody else but themselves.

Imagine a situation whereby when the husband comes home late, the wife can't get out of bed. It is the maid who gets up to warm the food and serve it. Now what do you expect to happen with a man who is most likely drunk being in the sitting room alone with the house help? It really does not matter how unsophisticated your house help is. The fact that she does not use deodorant is really very irrelevant here.

While it is true that the modern woman can be extremely busy and is surely not expected to do so much stuff for the husband, the key thing here is that one has to be careful.

Take the case of Baba Jimmy who used to live somewhere in Buru Buru. The wife had a permanent scowl on her face which was there the whole way to work every morning. The minute she was dropped by Baba Jimmy at her workplace, her countenance was transformed and she was all laughter and joy with her workmates. It was like that until she got home in the evening. Sometimes she would laugh a little with the children but that was about it. After all there was no way she could relax and be herself infront of the maid. That was out of question. How else would she be respected?

And the bedroom? Don't even go there. Baba Jimmy was reduced to a beggar and not a successful one at that.

The conversation in the bedroom at that critical moment would go something like this;

Baba Jimmy (clearing his throat nervously): Mama Jimmy you know I was just wondering if it is possible for.. you know what. You see we have stayed for long and...

Mama Jimmy (rudely interrupting him and shouting): Baba Jimmy!!! What is wrong with you? Are you a school boy or what!! Can you not see the obvious. I am tired. Don't disturb me.

And that would be the end of the story.

Mama Jimmy was a graduate of course. But in the house was a short pot bellied house help who had never in her lifetime seen how the inside of a standard 8 classroom looks like. She smiled a lot and was very jovial and obedient. She had a lot of respect for both Mama Jimmy and Baba Jimmy.

To cut a long story short. Baba Jimmy ended up marrying that "round" maid who never went beyond standard seven. They still live together and run a very successful private school together in one of the smaller town in Kenya.

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House help joke

A wife had misplaced her panties and thought the househelp had been stealing them, the wife accused the househelp in front of the husband and the househelp came out protesting and shouted infront of everyone...."baba dennis si unajua mi sivaangi suruali"

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Anonymous said...

So was it Baba Dennis or Baba Jimmy?

Anonymous said...

Hata mimi niko na hiyo sida!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It really does not matter because if it happened in Kenya it could be baba o(a)nyango, kamau/njeri, kirui/cheptoo, mambo/waridi, nafula/wanjala or anything else since they all want to have their cake and eat it. You come home after a long day of working (which by the way is expected of you) and you get into the bedroom and u r expected to behave as if your day is just beginning. The only day to not go pale pale is the one he does not feel like. Wacha marriage ikae, so that i can be in charge of my time table.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you are allowed to stay at home and wait for him to provide, you complain. If you work (now that you feel you want to be equal) you still complain as if he doesn't get tired too. Who knows if somebody has scratched for you and you need no more?? What's wrong with Anon 2:55??