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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Honeymoon night shock for eager widow

Lydia had been a widow for over 20 years and in all that time had been a serious churchgoer. She was sure that it would otherwise have been impossible for her to have survived and brought up her children successfully without the support and love of the church.

But you can be sure that life always has many twists and turns and even when she was a grandmother in her mid-50s it seemed that she could still turn heads. Still it was real big surprise to her when a man younger than her by about two years who had lost his wife 5 years earlier approached her for marriage.

Lydia’s first reaction was to laugh the whole thing off. But it seemed that the man, whom we shall call Gilbert was very serious. Soon the pastor of the church was being involved in very talks and negotiations. She was called and asked about the matter and if she would be agreeable to the idea of getting married to Gilbert. Lydia was still in a daze and she asked for some time to go and think about the issue.

Since her husband had died over 20 years previously, Lydia had never had sex. Yet she was human and despite her age she still felt the desire on some lonely cold nights. And so despite the fact that Gilbert was not really her type, she thought that it was possible for her to learn to love him as he was.

The other concern was her children who were all grown now with the last born, a girl being 23 years old. Lydia called all of them for a meeting dreading the whole thing and preparing lengthy arguments for her case. But to her surprise her children were all very supportive and wanted their mother to be happy.

So Lydia happily went back to the pastor and informed him that she had no objection to being married off to Gilbert.

The wedding was quickly organized and Lydia prepared herself for the day. She had hoped that before then she would get a chance to get to know Gilbert better, however that was not to be because he seemed so busy with the arrangements (or was he eliberately avoiding her?). He had a very large family with scores of grandchildren and he wanted all of them to attend, he told Lydia.

Time flew and the wedding day arrived.

The ceremony was memorable and was of great encouragement to all those girls who were getting older but were still yet to be married. If a grandmotjer close to 55 years old could get married, then surely it was possible for anybody to get married. The honeymoon had been planned for a beautiful beach hotel in South Coast, Mombasa and Lydia could hardly wait.

They got there and went straight to the room where Gilbert promptly started his stories. At first Lydia assumed that the wily old man was teasing and creating a little excitement for what she knew was to follow. But as the minutes turned into 2 hours, Lydia started being suspicious that the man could be stalling.

Finally she decided to move things along quicker and announced that she was exhausted and would like to rest. She went into the bathroom to undress and change into her sexy nightdress which she had chosen very carefully for just this night. In her view it was the kind of nightdress that would awaken the long dead. She was sure that if this did not work then Gilbert was surely not a man.

Sure enough when she walked back into the room she could tell that Gilbert’s eyes lit up appreciatively. She got into the bed where Gilbert soon joined her.

But nothing happened. The man just hugged her and kissed her gently on the forehead but did not go further.

Lydia was now angry. What sort of creep and weirdo had she married, she wondered?

Sadly she was soon to discover that the man for some strange reason did not function, at least not to the level where he could do what husbands are supposed to do a lot of during honeymoons.

Lydia tried to help Gilbert by getting various medications for him and even booked an appointment for both of them to see the pastor. Gilbert missed that appointment and appeared not to be interested in solving the problem or even talking about it.

So why had he married Lydia, surely?

That is one mystery that will clearly never be solved because after only 2 years of a “strange” marriage where they mostly stayed apart, Gilbert passed on suddenly and went to the grave with his secrets.

Folks have come up with various theories more so because where Gilbert came from, was considered a serious witchcraft country. Others even said he had previously been a homosexual. There are those who believe that men who become “female” homosexuals quickly lose their ability to rise to the occasion. But all those are speculative theories and it is clear that this is one puzzle that will never be resolved.


Kiki said...

Ouch Ouch that's the worst thing a man can do to a woman. Especially one who has stayed 20 years without!!

David said...

EH! Lydia..., all hope is not lost(i think thats why they invented TOYS)

David said...

Oh and by tha way kiki....,manze either u ar a serious blogger,,,hav mob time with net,,,or u ar a serious blogger....(ok, najaribu ku.ku.katia)-my email adress-geetaoh@yahoo/"cant hate a brother 4 tryin"

Kiki said...

brother david who are you katiaring? who is kiki? Lydia go easy on the toys.

blogging is my life David.

Anonymous said...

heheheheheh or she can become a suger mumy...coz we young guyz will fuck anything that moves and has a pussy only if u show us the money....... nice

David said...

....."who is kiki?"......:-KIKI IS THA CHIC WHO GETS TURNED ON,AFTER SHE SOMAS -UDAKU-(atleast that's wot runs my mind when am readin"oohh!!! KIKI must be "turned on" by this post") .oh and lol 2 anon @11:25pm.

wonderland said...

david this is cyber. joan and kiki could be jamaas.

David said...

Hahaha wounderland....,by tha way ive bin thru' that road...,bt ill take ma chance with kiki....

Anonymous said...

Kiki is ALL woman. I KNOW. Trust me.

Actually I know her. Hot. Mwoto ya kuotea mbali sana.