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Monday, May 12, 2008

Girls’ Creative Goodbye As She Dumps Boyfriend

I still remember the events of that fateful day as if it was yesterday. And yet it happened a long time ago.

If there was ever a woman I was in love with, then it was Jackie. We had met at a party at a friends house, danced the whole night together and hurriedly exchanged telephone numbers in the morning.

When she called the very next morning I was more than surprised. She said that she had been bored and had decided to call. We chatted for over an hour. General stuff, just getting to know each other. I must have been pretty slow in those days because I did not pick on the numerous hints right away. It took a Christmas card about 2 weeks later, that came in through the mail to change the direction of this relationship.

She confessed her love for me. After that things moved pretty fast and before I knew it, I was head over heels in love with this girl. Make no mistake about it, she was a beauty. Okay her legs were not really that sexy, but then who is perfect?

When I met her she was a virgin. Actually we had just completed our A-levels. Now the strange thing was that our relationship continued for a long time (over a year) without me breaking her hymen. I know this sounds crazy and maybe I need to see a psychiatrist, but it is the truth. We tried once and it was painful for her and I stopped.

But there was no question about our love for each other. Especially my love for her. We would meet and spend the whole weekend alone together in a room and kiss and do everything else but no sexual intercourse ever took place and she remained a virgin.

Meanwhile she got a job in Mombasa in one of the government ministries and left me in Nairobi as she went to take it up. She stayed with her brother in Mombasa. She would come to Nairobi frequently to see me on weekends and once I went down to the Coast for a weekend not to be forgotten.

Several times she mentioned this guy who was pursuing her at the Coast. Some rich older fellow and she would reassure me that he was not her type and that she was totally in love and committed to me.

One June day she came on her usual visits and as we kissed, I soon discovered that she wanted more than a kiss on this day and shockingly she had even come with some condoms. I had very little experience with women in those days but I figured that it was going to be very painful for her. But to my surprise I penetrated very easily, there was no pain at all. The “barrier” was no longer there. It had gone.

It is difficult to describe in English words what I felt at that moment. Can you imagine cold butter being sliced by a red hot knife? That is how my heart felt, my heart being the cold butter. She had gone and had somebody else do the job for her. I immediately withdrew without going any further with the act. She tried to console me as I turned away but I was inconsolable.

All this happened on Sunday night and on Monday morning we dressed and silently rode in a bus together into town.

She bade me goodbye just at the gate of my workplace. Her last words were very strange indeed. She wished me a happy birthday. And yet she knew my birthday was over 4 months away.

Later I was to piece everything together. She had slept with that rich guy she always talked about. And she had come to give me a goodbye “birthday present” in the form of sex. It was meant to be both an early birthday present and also a goodbye present. The whole concept made me sick, just thinking about it. But then I know many men who would have gladly accepted “the gift” and then asked questions later. Sadly it seems, I am not that type.

She’s married now and so am I.

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Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Na babu yangu kweli
Zubaa Zubaa utapata mwana so wako

Ever heard such a song?

Sayra said...

Woishee ....

Taabu said...

Please STOP SPOLING under 16s PLEASE PLEASE. This X-rated, ushindwe.

Sayra said...

Aishhh Taabu,

Relax man, since when did an A level graduate became an under 16 ... my guess these 'lovers' were somewhere around 20yrs.

Anonymous said...

But under 16s read this hot blog too!!!

Anonymous said...

3.59 are you under 16?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 9:34. And you shouldn't tell me to stop reading. You should instead stop writing!!

Amkeni Ndugu Zetu! said...

"Joan"... I thought you were a mama? Lakini lemme read on I see...

Mcheku said...

amkeni ndugu zetu! I thought Joan also publishes guest posts, ama?

Anonymous said...

Mcheku yea me too i thought some of Joans posts are guest posts.