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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The terrible secrets in the rich Asian households of Nairobi

Kenyans of Asian origin living in the country do not mix much with Kenyans of other origins or races. They mostly keep their social interactions tightly amongst themselves. This is one of the reasons why some very dark secrets from the community have been hidden for many years.

Despite their abundant wealth, behind those high gates and secure compounds are some very sad and indeed shocking stories.

One of the major causes of trouble within the Asian community is the fact that most men are not able to perform in the bedroom and do not come anywhere neat satisfying their wives sexually. People give different reasons for this. Some people claim it is the food they eat while others say that the men are addicted to their businesses and are still thinking about them and working out business problems even when they are with their wives in bed.

This of course does NOT include Sikhs who in fact have a reputation with the ladies and there have been many cases where scandals have emerged of Sikhs moving around with the wives of a baninani (hindu) men.

Like the case of Mike whom I knew very well. He mostly lives in the UK but he came back to Kenya in 2002 to launch a new business. Mike at the time was about 55 years old and divorced to his wife who also lived in the UK.

Sandra (32) heard that Mike was coming back to Kenya. They had known each other when she was a mere school girl at a local secondary school in Parklands where Mike used to go give lectures about a career in business to the students. They had struck up a conversation because Mike knew Sandra’s father. In fact they were more or less age mates and had done business together. Sandra helped Mike find an apartment near Yaya centre before he even arrived. In their frequent telephone conversations they agreed that as soon as Mike landed in Kenya they would agree on what salary she would get paid as Mike’s personal assistant.

Sandra’s husband was happy because finally it looked like she had found something to keep her busy. It was definitely not for the money, because Sandra’s husband had plenty of that.

Mike finally arrived in Kenya towards the end of 2002 and Sandra picked him up at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and drove him straight to his apartment near Yaya Centre. They sat in the sitting room of the furnished apartment to have a drink for a few minutes which turned into 2 hours. Despite the age difference of 23 years Sandra found Mike easy to talk to in comparison to her husband whom they could not have a conversation for any length of time with. So it was not too difficult to figure out how she ended up in Mike’s bed that very first day.

After all Sandra was a woman and her husband was not coming anywhere near fulfilling her needs. Again it was hardly surprising that she immediately got addicted to Mike. She started spending long hours in his apartment and all the time Sandra’s husband thought that she was working. One day things got out of hand in the bedroom and she even called her husband to say that she was working overnight. Her did not find that strange it seems.

The salary that Mike had promised her was paid in kind rather than in cash, although it is also true to say that Sandra after years of not knowing fulfillment in her marital bed overdrew her salary many times over with her almost insatiable appetite.

The last I heard of this saga is that Mike had gone back to the UK after his business here had failed to work. Sadly he also left debts all over the place (but that is not a story for Udaku). I keep wondering what became of Sandra.

Then there is the evben sicker story of an Asian woman in Parklands who insisted on employing houseboys only from the Kamba community. After the children had gone to school in the morning and her husband had gone to the factory in Industrial area, she would call the houseboy and ask him to clean under her bed while she lay on the same bed. As the man would bend over to obey instructions, she would start caressing him and would then order him to do “some work on her” on her marital bed warning that if he did not do a “good job” he would get fired.

The Kamba houseboy kept his job for years and although he was always paid a very low salary, he never complained and always seemed to be happy which is what aroused people’s suspicion as to what was really going on.

Aii, the terrible secrets behind those high fences of stinking rich Asians!!!


Lilac said...

Chute males are also the number 1 clients for call girls. They don't go to pubs looking for them and they don't go to hotel rooms. They just park their car somewhere, the gals already know what is happening and they hop in. They go to secluded areas and do their thing in the car.

Anonymous said...

Lilac that is so common in naii kwanza.....huko Parklands na Westy. I have seen with my own two eyes.

Lilac said...

Anon parklands i know is full of chutes. these guys have lots of dirty secrets they're keeping. Chute ladies and their drivers, gardeners, cooks, houseboys, name it.

Anonymous said...

dumb miros!

acolyte said...

Yup, them Indians love to sleep with black folk even though in public they treat them like crap!

Anonymous said...

they actually even follow up married miro women very shamelessly

Anonymous said...

Mmmmhhhh more secrets please.

Mcheku said...

Excuse me, what is a miro?

kumekucha said...

If u can find an older generation campusarian they can tell u wat a Miro is.

It is an indigenous black African.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anon group sex? In Kenya?

me said...

Anon, details please on the group sex

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:37 and 4:05...only if you pay me for my story. Group sex is rife in Kenya! I am hoping to sell my story to a UK columnist as majority of them comes from there. But many middle class Kenyans (Africans) are right in the thick of it.

Anonymous said...

4.14 how do you suggest we pay? You didn't leave any contacts.

Anonymous said...

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